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Hill-Mail 1-22-13

Jan 22, 2013|

Hill-Mail 1-22-13

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now each -- you to do talk. As they Hill Man Morning Show resilience hill -- On W hey -- Is it possible. Many months I'm I'm -- I I have to for the niners because there is not to. A more despicable group. Of bug individuals than the Baltimore Ravens that I never encountered -- -- yes I'm I'm mad at the moment it's I can't stand up Ray Lewis is comical to me. -- Flacco he's OK but the rest of -- insufferable bunch of thugs. Angry turns it into criminal thugs there. On -- for the nine and ready for the niners in the horrible. On and you know. They'll be seen this or not it. Parents. No they're gonna floor didn't -- I'm getting an iron. You're gonna boy. What -- of caller. -- -- -- As like one day into it and sickening. By your helmet on message is this morning brought to you by -- store looking to reduce IT costs. Become more efficient and keep your data protected and available call echo -- today. 508. 5441313. Or visit them on line at -- store that's easy H. Oh as he OR dot com that's -- store dot com 720. Million. And elk or only look at things I think are in secret -- -- -- and -- -- your thing. All I couldn't quite a while total. A three -- because I might have. And now. It. -- Brokered interview when he and a handshake from Joseph Biden. Is that I'm sure you have alienated. Oh me cold running and they make him stand there and yell at the president try to get him right over right and the the guy doesn't come over. But he acknowledges that you're the guy is the language though. Like if the president and he could see Al Roker there. Yeah man. You know Al Roker is acknowledging screaming yeah. Girl and and and you'd like what the like why would you go because it's it's a security risk to where you can't stop. Earlier and earlier he let me -- You never know somebody behind Al -- could be Al Roker was. He was asking him what the weather isn't and the residents and cloudy with a chance of charting -- there. A couple of weapons. -- yet you're going to move you admit that. I'm pretty I don't DN. Content right now we. There -- many Oakmont ordered. And just now it's. And I realized down on this you know it's absolutely meadows is this is gonna blow them. Regardless. The other there. I mean you're here calling. The ravens a bunch are quite. The teachers are bunch of people exterior one not not only Brady sliding underground trying to kick every. At 62 away and all that can have artillery and anger. And then the raven -- the balcony referee who they are doing it. Like news walked out on of course. Rock and always argued that dynasty we got to dynasty -- -- it. And -- and in a couple more and yes I think that's a ride and I. It is amazing to me how little people care about about being in the NFC championship being one of four teams left. It's not often it's not good -- not good but his boy crazy fans or its fans that you're -- well there's some cities where there and make the playoffs. And it's the biggest you know it's a momentous occasion we'll look at that we're -- in Dallas has to retire like. Deck that you're never never never play in a playoff game yeah yeah and anymore and he's not he's not supposed to chairs the fact that nobody got a touchdown -- The NFC championship game. He's just a bomb bomb -- us -- the us and our mom mallet time maybe full ballot did now. -- you aroused when -- in the game for the course I was thirty seconds I was excited on the Allen Mike. Well. Who want to. And I have. And. Might use is my hello my. The lord not an Ohio are of course not devoid of we'll lie debris along the Secret Service -- and they realize never washed his hands. Yeah I -- happy birthday guys that it and fans -- -- happy birthday love doing it. Hello Kelsey. Duplicate. Honestly it and it sucked out of the republic if they did it -- it -- and I think the patriots will wait too much and that big inning that gave me -- -- apple -- -- -- Yet. To play awful and even the -- updated the point that there was -- program and how are dark. Wait I mean I think I -- -- -- -- -- -- act for the it will all outside you'd think they carpet that because that is -- it -- -- flat and. -- I am confident it has nothing to do that they've played -- -- they were there with a much better football team on Sunday night nobody. Nobody is denying that nobody is. Nobody is saying anything negative about they came in here. And they beat the wanted new England Patriots offense help them to thirteen point that great incredible offense. And they think all the oral. Doesn't mean I'll like them it doesn't mean I am rooting for -- does and -- and India and you know. I agree with mrs. walker man criminal yes the man that was -- was -- -- fictionalized for kids. Definitely on -- ride these and he. And the lovely myth is Welker. Being abused by the media for some FaceBook comments leave her alone. Leave her alone hello Jeremy. AL and what's not that lets -- That's my job. -- on Thursday that it -- being comic bad guys it would end of the cabinet people are valid and -- very. They. This is my. -- -- -- -- -- guy is doing you know. Why department and a -- yeah. -- happens it'll work yet calls -- -- go to our. Pastor Lawrence's shall lead to -- scratched. It stressed because it -- -- that it is in the underwear which would invite him back. Yeah I haven't been invited back assets are written nudist pool like some I don't know what was LT and did you know that was off don't ever -- -- -- -- -- -- does that. It was disturbing you know I -- AA graciously trying to have a little party for the the the -- and how -- -- I didn't -- use any and all old barbecue and I look at pocket announcements Basil is that this you know disgusting 300 John down. He had like. Old man -- go to hair. And he's the Nile brings up on the diving board -- yeah definitely never venison. Good kids -- -- anything. It was is disgusting. You really are in main enemies you just an animal I feel like a leader on the loose if that's a little good he does things. Forty -- But they know where he are you more Welker happened to be a bit. So good that he's here I don't want to go a lot. Of -- -- Welcome quoted. And I. It's true it. It's been a rough one and and it. We're back where the second half adjustment. It's. When you when you're you know you're gone for -- that you kind of forget how things work groups it's not like getting -- -- -- now like the -- you're telling me that the guy at the box factory shows up this morning and knows exactly where to put the -- oh yeah I remember the fifth minute remember what I put -- parks and truck -- little box on a -- -- -- -- -- -- Ray Lewis is a murderer but Donte' Stallworth is and you guys are such homers now I agree I sent them for -- and it was I think that and that's where I faced ours is not a move your guy we. Yes -- inmate drunk driving accident I don't know if that's I mean against do you call that murder. I don't know I think the same thing though he until the guy paid off the gambling I was back in the league six months later. And he here but so it's fun. That's not -- derail -- -- patriots. It would be fine. The problem isn't that is the problem is done diesel or if it isn't he running around. The city of Boston chanting god I love god -- -- -- -- You know thanks Scott for any -- destiny yeah. -- later date. 0:9. AM. I can't wait it 49ers. Smoke grave and the global. Purely with one more. -- -- -- Like the warm ups -- -- warmups suitable implements the crying and of course these. It's the drama the fake drama. On the lead. And offered to take it hello Tommy. -- Greg Ray Lewis president and it'll probably still want to hear all the word. But I will promise or a stop blog. I think my -- bought. -- -- you haven't -- that. That got it eight -- -- -- -- it ought to go look at the people all well it's a -- up for the middle. -- -- and overall. -- created. A bakery. Plants that I guess. Sheryl Crowe knew about the whole thing and everybody is calling her out now. She was there one time when and she was at the house one time when he was trying to get one of his teammates the lies you garlic -- and tell us. And that are saying FitzGerald -- is that she's she's in adversity -- and -- Lance I'm still a cyclist. She was. -- aided in the cover up. Hello -- Kevin. Good morning guys hold on now under a -- at future and -- I'm tired. Delivered suspect about the age on extremely grateful to have witnessed what we witnessed -- while your your electric. I mean. -- That means we want to beat he great and that. We've gone and it's a ball -- to think about it. Yes if you take the if you take the years. -- did that Brady had the neat thing in and council was in. He's -- under the symbol 50%. The years that he insane that's that is not good enough. And doctor enough what we only championship like and you -- -- a series pointing out that. Stallworth was not murder murder. Again there is -- manslaughter not murder either write my. It's right for exactly. My. Links to -- App that happy about what. -- daughter -- -- anyway but there aren't tracked now. And now in. Its shadow. At probably make maybe I'll go just that totally throw it here today. I think maybe -- to -- yeah. And I understand that -- Is there a child that -- -- -- -- -- in your mind now can imagine what what could go on mother and does he -- section. Greece Greece and all these beads on it it's just -- movie now man. I mean. Something that's a nice you can do for -- or thirteen. That's amazing and now they give urban street with a whole levee tell me. I'm moving its. I am not. And I'm looking to you fair currently for poor parenting advice not on this. Not on this particular topped with -- woods movie and it vodka on on this topic hello dale. That -- what's going on -- -- like taxes stole my under. But America might actually go where they do it in the region killing someone and murder someone. Of course there is there is a difference. Of course there is spend any hand in hand GM. No wonder that you know I'm playing that well aren't -- pretty -- -- the stock. It would put on what we're both caught on golf and black I. -- there there is. A lot of things that went wrong and I you know I don't know where you began we were talking earlier about Chico -- I'm not run and about flee and he play football your whole life you know. To get out of bounds there. The Welker drop was -- man he made the bunch of other great plays and no one plays a defining guy's career. And Tom Brady I mean you know when it comes to game management that the clock management is nobody's better. I don't know why doesn't call time out there and you know Alan and. You know he's sees -- -- as well as an artist and yeah and I don't that's another team out there that tries everything in their power bigoted just combined related that's called the group. The good you can even doesn't. Even push a button -- I don't I'm not. I'm not Tom Brady yeah -- stating this. And -- it but it certainly. You what's -- and yet the Ryan mallet of rating hey beautiful once the game you could you do you don't do it. You have some malady and yet a lot of local authorities on me. When I -- -- I -- -- the -- that that instant -- words let's blow to team up game over now you know I mean -- only need -- -- to steal this -- now Aaron Hernandez -- ninety yards OB three -- this is western Hungary. -- went seventeen and it's one chance to last. They need to fix the secondary which objectives needed to fix for the last. 22 years anyway. And as I only to sell out if he says if he signs to lead the EU EU just called your home my home in your case if he signs here all mean targets them you moved there -- whatever. According. -- as President Obama on a team that features -- raises homey I'm. And they -- -- -- began a big top receivers I -- that you know they they needed deep threat to the and a program to be twice as -- minister redundancies and no Brady -- -- -- -- -- What's up -- You know -- get this through your head. We have not won a championship. As soon -- then. It's -- it's nice to. Hearing that we have won once and -- Nine cents. -- that weighs on Belichick and all leaving it does. There they need to win one without outposts spy gate in you. Could -- Already yesterday it was not exactly a bit there ye here -- its year crushed. You know and now he's got to start working and tested to get back to -- to this seems. Space next year the room. Yeah I'm sick. Guys one of the guys the best this is now called net. Well guess what it. They you know you guys -- reference that it might Brady's more mallet actually like Brian Hoyer put it past your car food like adults. Like this -- team QB -- he's on he's like some easily some random. Cornerback. Please -- team is that Tony in his career. On the same par threes in the same line you know trajectories Tony's atlas. I had at least them in the game. Let's see what annoyed me we had a Jersey on I. Luckily -- these yeah idea yeah. He is the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- him down and get a dialogue Wes Welker to these these that there -- deals I don't think -- and in do you think you're a fan out there. Okay. -- can't name is live now. On. I don't think now. He was transparency about what's there's Texas as they needed a giant Condo or to -- touchdown impact. Me you know. Have been helpful. I'm coming up in just a few moments don't go anywhere and in just two minutes three minutes. Danielle says something in Spanish that sounds dirty but he isn't hello hey Jeff. What's happening guys what's happening. They're sure reference. To our earlier debate it also -- It's you know the other leg. And will hand -- he had. -- -- I assure you collected data that might put it in -- day not an Arctic but some people and not others and it never know who works I would not but I can tell you -- struck a patriot all you're in today. Yeah yeah I. And now. You hear an accurate. And at the matter. And -- eight and 0:8. PM. -- Record that -- could comment the other good yeah I think they're doing a parade route retirement party you don't know what I'm gonna. I don't know I'm here. And just let it identify the deal to put those billboards up. That was that was pretty brilliant right Wednesday other. Parties -- that when ray got the -- detailed look at the at the retirement billboards or. -- count -- clock meetings as far as getting to the ravens fired up in knotted on him now well and -- -- -- now. Re probably put -- up -- Arrogance and called 9:44. PM. I -- Obama. It cool you know -- great excitement partly I think network out. Well I wondered could all go through and I'm sure you went green on -- local pick it. Well I got the car or maybe caught we are. Don't get it right into your. And that. Ads that are the Steelers that his team was in India play elsewhere than what. And what's the future for the Steelers. Out. And missed them in the plans 703. Million. Well promoted -- And Derrick Brown to make from anybody do -- deploy. Bill Belichick might have local the Derrick has no job. -- -- -- -- Backward average gas in the matter that on pretty highly successful indoor football if for the -- -- dairy and on and children who won he had. -- -- So -- -- try throughout the coordinated you know go out. Interconnected. Unnoticed parents don't. I think a spot where you know loyalty -- way to -- -- What have you done on me lately. It was. He was walking or it was a tad bit kinky is that the word they used. After that hit. I -- -- hit -- good to see him out there and play it was. Back to Haiti to try to play again I don't want to. It's funny how he does he gets absolutely rock the line nine -- man is now he's the best in the game what does. That I mean look -- that that -- -- -- -- at a bad time in aperture and it simply did change at the moment in of them actually coming into the public that's the call on the patriot killer yes and I and a and again the guys that I'm talking about that I'm talking about. One talking about Welker dropping it waiting for Pollard did all right Tom. But you know that recently thing I mean look some people think the ball ought to be blown dead money guys and conscience -- I don't know how if you about that and it comes out of your hands because you aren't conflicts in -- -- and that's us. As a government about -- -- the big -- sports could that could be changed. On routine all. Greg Craig what are item to booklet and I diluted triggered -- -- -- -- Yeah well. I'm. Not into it. -- twenty old. But it is not welcome -- all about -- yeah. And while the ball. And that keeps. You fired up by. The spamming -- me and him. -- instructed to take those comments down an apology by him. Somebody drops out -- -- -- review the winds -- -- of this drought the chronicle plays. Nineteen Ian. -- you can't look I don't him. -- -- -- Interconnect each -- And on in Spain and blew them. --