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Actor/Comedian Tommy Davidson

Jan 18, 2013|

Actor/Comedian Tommy Davidson

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. -- -- -- -- I'd really like that hat I -- yeah I tweeted a picture earlier. To follow me on Twitter -- he'll W. You wanna see what in. What Tommy Davidson. Formerly of in living color now the funniest in the United States America what what he's wearing he's got the hat on that your honor -- you. And the scarf. Like com here in in Boston in January. What in and it did I tell -- that the background as it is you know I'll be you know he's seizing -- area. The job that the background as a black -- that you know background that we're Libya -- The bachelorette. Architecture offspring doesn't I don't have any. Like I'm better in general you does it alarm you at the dentist that when they're doing the answering and they put that big for -- other big -- -- to -- -- -- -- -- And then the person runs as far away as possible and yeah X -- amenities he had to get out of the room the guys I mean it's going to be doing it appeared like get Smart TM is old and one was -- never gets a look at markets market that that. The hat the hat. Was actually. Com did the idea derived. Yeah. From mommy watching happy great movie yeah. All the prisoners and Latin America. Great movie is. And as that's that's -- Steve McQueen and Steve McQueen and well. -- Even if it is a great movie and I heard from Will Smith has been -- that -- adding numbers. All black -- I just wish that made it far -- that would be down and that's on Bravo. And even bill and the most interesting of all. Would be -- Like dynamite act amendment cartoon on. Yeah in my car to your car or call your card when we did a personalized -- in the -- can make about me. You see -- win. I don't have those who had just noticed you guys graphics for you station soared recently. -- -- mean WW -- but yet they extended stay in the black instead -- saying the deal to. Announced its final blow to Anthony -- don't WW EU SFC young players you guys these aren't senator what do you know. This kind of trouble. Zealanders that's. It. On the air what's what's the initial from a terrorist picture there are out there aren't any -- I have -- special -- show me a -- -- It's appropriate to do that it doesn't do anything for for what was that that was an inside thing bringing down he's does he really is all got to step we can do right -- -- -- -- definitely can blow one little p.'s information. Up a national scale listen -- and stop them I guess frustration -- it's just radio and are you showed you pictures. Everybody and it's -- and have them. Tyler and I think George -- is still -- -- and let's. Tommie Liddell complimentary text. For you yeah. Favors my favor bombing and over my favorite scene in a movie all time is Tommy wrapped in Saran -- -- Benito and I. I think you'd think all of stocks -- cheap way to the camera here. Clinton delegate camera or film and you know and yet so I'm and that's about the break get wall you know none of you know the reality -- it's my turn to him. A political tool that I used in English with that let him know it's real time you know in the if you wanna tax the WA AF excellence 97 I don't know how to. Seven on -- yeah yeah. As opposed to us delay delayed for a delay your real time. On our -- are you living in California I'm living account so does the cold body when he got married -- -- very -- yesterday yes. It's like and you know it's it's common. Like I hadn't had -- this is my first shows of the year these last couple weeks -- and I haven't had to suffer the cold yet. So I went to San a went -- -- -- Ontario which is for hunter California's forty minutes from. LA and then my next thing was in Miami so I was getting away with it yeah. And images were okay well that's over now. Rally Plymouth Rock film. That. Well I'm glad you. And Tommy's at though Wilbert tonight -- -- think it's on will bird dot com the -- right in town. He -- yes. -- and the city again and I saw posters of light. I'm I'm doing good because that's not have a it's coming out as -- yet that's what these organisms that says the media playing the same writers amber that's pretty -- -- -- white -- you know man that's re not a right mightily tick yet. -- Here is attacks wanting to know. If you watched -- Jennifer Lopez on American Idol that watch drama. Yeah -- -- I hear what she. Living she was really really sweet she was the day she was very -- anything happened. Sexual we don't know now knows your -- is really being being penalized. I mean I know I'm going to be like really like you didn't like. What -- -- like there are a thing I answer. Say you lots it's likely yeah and then you know they have the area that hang like thirty badgers -- -- come out of happening at -- Yeah he'll be banter transform them -- you but you. But I do and be retrieved were maybe after the game at city as a favorite actor director and that's -- pragmatic does not go to air. -- -- -- and other -- the tenacity of the monetary value to yes that but that's what I mean it can be mean you know and that's how big it is a good fit comfortably even with -- -- you know their attitude. Yeah how is California when it comes to is it's still economically and in and nightmare scenario or his his deal as -- -- as I think it's too late draw that it's been made. Gonna pay -- place so. I don't pay much attention on -- sort of like Batman. And if we -- you know you do apparently isolated from and are away from it all now I come down to the cleaners and grocery store. And that's it you go back and and then -- you know. I shined the logo you know when you're coming you know all were over a place like being down. You know blow Angelou out of renewed -- -- -- -- clarity and aren't as bad management and. And so yeah that was. Really can't. I was really fast -- Man. -- I don't know if he beat I didn't know he was -- -- Yeah. Apparently because I love -- reform. And that's. What it was not a corn -- and though he is our man that's hard when. -- milk is a rise in -- I listen out of market. Out of hundred sounds as my favorite. With that game I -- -- on his right. That one of those new age guys know he's -- He's he seems Latin music Spanish I ask you guys Alejandro signs as DMZ that one of the biggest -- in the world. And -- it -- was born. When African -- known on. But he's in the book the blind guy he's awesome. Packed drama to it's easy later in the Jolie gamblers and then all -- -- -- gain regulatory our -- in Spanish -- -- You don't. You know it's almost always always European know this guy is like -- Latino. You know. I'm I'm waiting I do it again and -- I think he struck the system. Okay yeah. Get -- taco -- not gonna is. And he got a real -- -- at a patent dispute you know -- -- -- commercial engines that has outsourced the -- But glad to be a big big big big Boston weekend. Out Sunday be -- Mean being in the Indians. That's yet again right now -- top -- it. -- This is asked us. I don't know it's just not just it. I'm just -- he's smarter it was -- who is your team and a balanced pack do we have to via. Mommy -- the Minnesota Vikings so that it. -- it is definitely anti big man I don't really talk about them. I mean abound that to talk about them until they were in the fourth quarter last five minutes of the fourth quarter the -- yeah. Then I'm gonna I'm -- might happen in job and it's not a matter yeah. You know but liking them at one time. Was really cool yeah because look at an old logo of the east. In which they would do with the guy you know -- you now when they really -- without entering years updated their youth and nobody thought that the tables would have returned except longer than they being good yeah I can always get that yet and my vikings were like in four Super Bowl area you know early in which can print ads very -- -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And threw for sixty yards in the fourth quarter from -- that's a picnic and it. And that Larry the bull ring in the center of layers on causing -- served as a veteran magazine gave the purple people -- you do just in the last five minutes in the fourth quarter. That -- But. It got. I have yeah I have he's cool guy yeah Yang he's really cool. Blessed here like -- -- you cross him at a club or something well I listen like -- you -- -- preach it. I comes all the way across the Rumania and I would appreciate the net and you know and he's -- like 1212 becomes a -- introduce received through. Man -- can't all do then. And yeah. You know -- -- and -- anytime I'm the song was being definitely yeah. It means there's tiger. Boom boom boom we -- time because of money on your little like she's convinced music I am a backpack that. One last moment for a shooting. -- Last hour and a half point white suits were cool -- last again that's greasy. Bob agree but think maybe you're in your football fan and so -- and I am a football fan is it what you like EPU Ray Lewis okay I think it's a tad bit suspicious what happens. -- couple people died. Couple of his buddies he knocked our ga -- -- suits me air yeah I'm. Is is it weird that now we have the praise being heaped on him all over the place as he gets ready for. What will be his final game or -- nowadays everybody loves a winner you know that Dana. You know I mean yeah we look at look at. Look at down let's say Andrew Jackson. The Indian -- DCC he gets he's elected cool as president ever and I don't hear people say we want like he always went out. -- civil rights yeah the air next Louisiana and you managed. You know. In Louisiana. You know but he -- years saying yeah absolutely right and all I got via Maria. So we're there yet and killed you know we just level with the big deal -- we always. Level where people bring out so like 20001. -- 30000 maybe 50000 Indians died. We got Louisiana he wouldn't want to sort of like yeah they say they raid was okay and somebody instead. That's a ball you don't is like to say about it. Right. And -- got this right is his leg. Yet but -- -- available right you know but you know that's it. Used to judge who they were they use to vote for presidents if -- kill people rant rant like and I you know. Billion I was kind of in Canada at the time. Now they don't vote for you -- you don't use -- -- things with a -- rank exact place Iran. You know Lebanon and -- I would you know I -- and I would be well the weird because -- got to -- When he when he and an orderly there not me that you're employing against each other and it's now. I got a miss from point blank range but often -- gonna get some road win it's like what dollars and you mostly it's like who's gonna recover. Yeah it was gonna pull through and don't have that -- you know -- get -- and older about you know what. Whose medical staff answer me. It in the old days of right and -- applause you -- -- -- injury right exactly you want to -- right here is that who got the fastest ambulance worse -- Good ridicule about how -- is the best of 7 morning who's got the -- Right and they. A course that got. A who went. I think. The way they settle things and now it was like you know there was no backing out it was again there's no attorneys no angle and it was like he is still Witten and gonna do would do you know now I'm -- the top hadn't comments. I'm you know means that class and I like me you know the options daggers swords and a non primary. And up and walk out thinking why top hat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They couldn't real stiff you know me dread it look cool wow. Mr. -- Aaron Aaron if you can give me wounded. I. Think. Duel over that you know his new Bieber Hamilton. Duel over -- -- like John it was something about Hilton was the first secretary treasury and -- had to do with the money had not yet yeah all the money system you lock down the bank's board to banks like you asked the month by national bank -- and and the on the Hamilton convinced haven't convinced. That country to. Pay for the revolutionary war. -- extra -- to an exchange for take in exchange for taking -- capital. To me to swamp. In Virginia Virginia which turned into Washington DC and -- in -- now because he wanted to hold government. And the banking systems to be in the same place I can't it was ahead of the game because Hamilton knew that. New York Manhattan itself. Was the world trading trade said -- Yeah he wanted to split government. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Additionally the only became the big assured this certainly is an odorless and that it came this year he only -- sugar trade -- to order a giant had it locked down with the spice trade. Now that -- it was way before -- that again as before Europeans got into the whole world market yeah yet. Sees them out there Killen there's suitable chance somebody is that they're learning something -- yeah. And I need. Anything. He's a pretty good -- them yeah. Just you know we put out of the -- don't it's not just. It's you know that you can see it at the -- now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes it'll all I'm just trying to be like the Internet like okay -- like -- Which -- -- new English. We to college I have student loans that all that's yeah like please please. Just get me to be great in this and it would go hey what what what what school did you go to the equivalent. That MIT -- I don't let -- start hold up because they can't because you're black you wouldn't -- brat right right now that conversation doesn't go very well my man I want them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But we the we have the Irish course here there are other guys are selective Super Bowl winners of like survivors whose country dude yeah. I -- all the news of course then later on because they -- they -- and again Saturday and I got that Davis. And -- particularly different president in in in in in America. You know and we're going to be number one movie makers. One -- land -- threat Atlanta armed that. Broke with. Like channel and I'm like totally political party in. You know when. Exercise I would have called this -- news programs and I was just gonna say Tom Davidson's our guest. And it exercise looks like gas sounds like you have a lot more time to read books in your built up fortress. Well he'll tell us what you make me my mommy thing bombs over Baghdad. I'm over Baghdad. To do about it do you believe the ball to -- the bottom of -- -- Baghdad that is -- and this is drowning in white guilt right now -- It and it. That is a closet racist and a half I. I'm not out of the closet I. I am defender of the African American community on the program because we don't have -- African Americans on the show on the show so I stick figure represents that I try to yeah that. Subculture I'm on the practice radio personality was as it is they. -- -- sort of does but he has a three inch penis that's the only and you know that now. -- -- -- I'm kids ask him he's earned. A month and I'm just answered your radios and don't really know he's he's prop plane apparently quite frankly. And you don't need him to stick stick up for unity but it's not it's it's not -- -- that -- legitimized. I mean we go. No I eight feet. The size is did not whenever. You're giving that -- -- to behold there right now. And actually it its policy in our side now she's gonna be like when you say that -- Good. And right now they're going to be stated he's -- term yeah. You know if he's David she's from and how you know. -- not -- A I am the exact moment. Let -- -- someone as it sounds like he's my only pain when you see that she's likes -- do. -- All about it go smartly guys aren't aware that nonchalantly it's. Definitely ultimately rightly know Doug Doug. Yes like please resist it -- wanted to know what is -- -- -- Jindal unchanged. Oh yes I actually didn't see you can see I haven't seen it yeah bomb. I haven't seen it so that's. You know because it's what our parents you know makes moving. -- and ward grant her the body you were to Macs are out is that it and the matter and ultimately -- that bad this is -- -- and yeah anyone anywhere that I didn't create I don't feel good. During yeah artists but but is it OK if it's Tarantino's it's a white guy making the move I think -- early likely spread. -- what do you think is likely I think he's okay Yahoo! -- is Smart guy is a Smart guy here because like it yeah I mean he doesn't have liked. You know the whole you know half I think woody Allen's. Career grass I was -- -- -- anything about me out of California there we're we're here -- take your minority -- -- glasses on the did not want it to the Malaysian drug advanced class. -- -- and debit as the only reason why he's a Smart dude yeah he's margin he makes movies truck but it's pretty it's art equipment and you know making art we have to assume that he's not being racist -- gag yet I don't think he is an. He just knows enemy people who got. They hit the crap beat Adam fielded I mean remember the Nazi movie. -- area. Is covered with bunkers yet what the one known that was. Now in Bab Al you don't operate -- area that was boundary not this one was you know now is like Nazi squad you non -- -- master laureate and yeah I like it didn't happen for a while there were like a group of people that to go you know that we're able to beat the Nazis or when it took. Like you know of seven years -- believed to be -- bank. You know one group of guys and -- and what we're gonna go get you know I mean good classmate get that and I'm sure that that made that group of people. Where victims and feel really really good. You know I -- -- I think that was the same same kind of -- -- -- it you know trying to appeal. To your so he's basically made a movie like these a movie in which. Mostly goes rattles a bunch of -- exactly these these are you asking people feel good rat race are complaining because the word yeah he takes four years of losing in two to two hours of women. And again and yet. It's. Just -- forward real. Commitment. Hi there Jennifer again -- all over the place -- GPS I. Fireman's. He's looking -- to you again that -- -- as you always look really good -- not really she has been so she she shares a new hairdo which racial ways actually the man who's who do you do -- else. I think Jim is a good friend of mine. Or around you see that conveniently beyond that works is he would live he weird now though or not he's cool he's got a weird yeah. Is that every school I mean I was at a house would -- newer. Yeah yeah yeah I was with them -- he -- square -- is Jim -- I would -- games and Alba isn't it was -- houses you know we're gonna show -- -- Osama for so it's like my house is nicknamed the -- you know I want to know -- houses -- -- -- my -- I would think that he's -- in this teams -- -- I have to put those. I have a yard so Jim carry these things in pass from James James as he's an -- and a bomb at a dark. Because he's a big -- Jimmy Stewart fan and at some point Jimmy Stewart changes aimed ultimately at the same things that he's like yeah story with you was -- if you wanna Tweeter -- whatever you on the spot that you brought that company. Plaque that start to act and play that. Article is the camera -- it is and I guess it hasn't met its General Magic okay. And it. Please give his opinion on blazing saddles the techsters lately that blazing so great movie great ray movies this year is in near patents like the sheriff is in year. But then once and while he's got a grew -- an outcast. And yet it got to share -- common and -- town has never seen this year before now. You know some reason and every so the guys on the horse see in the share approach and down this year plant they don't know yeah we -- -- -- -- -- And then this bill goes off and the sheriff is in error -- -- -- Anyway and that's anti gay mother continent inside and that's V inside the biggest -- in the -- he is now. You -- What now -- May be OK okay. Guys that we can put a consensus that it's going to be great radio we can -- where -- read everybody like two weeks. And his who's right you don't mean India and -- -- and for the most is that the -- is its access to Atlanta first -- blazing first degree. First reader between the opportunity to go to Richard leading nowhere -- -- gadgets the first week to go play and that -- and we haven't. What that's not bad brier island pretty well just go to it was a black -- these kind of. And -- -- in -- a Mac Pro linebacker in club and wait. Thanks to -- in -- power forward in club. And wait for the falloff. In just that is like lobster. Exactly yeah. -- -- -- Wow yeah. But I -- that -- got you don't want to erase an athlete is now director physically not a -- isn't very tricky. You're sneaky he would use guys to get into the events she likes that Vince Wilcox yeah. And -- it was that. Our -- here we'll call me. Our mayor -- pronounced as the names of the players and some call Vince Wilfork and we'll he -- -- -- -- -- -- -- us it was on sport is sometimes -- -- -- -- -- it was he's the laughingstock of the -- you -- -- Stephen -- Smith. Use in words yes. What is funny is that you what he got the funny thing in the White House. But that's a beautiful thing because why guys use it way we rock -- So I did them that was not been out of the ordinary them so can we just I mean -- you can you can try and I don't know my show and I'll be right now and we anonymous yeah. Look around and take a look at the derivatives debt that is where the word to run for yeah -- where were where it gets her down Portuguese. Villa when they went down in two. In -- African Americans to start the slave trade. They called that and -- grow. Narrow -- grown man soak it in Joost team. And that's where that word even negro came from -- it came from. No and neverland yeah like the land of them. Yeah so negro and that was an outgrowth of the -- and paid the people here back here for the black man. Yeah but it became like. In -- -- -- -- is gonna Jeremy gallon spam or what it does and -- man that he is it just raises huge let down. Yeah better re assimilate the -- to feel comfortable. -- that she used that it's bout was thinking theme park. -- -- Yeah I know just go to Atlanta -- Yeah. I was funny guy got. It's awesome to the united -- you guys -- the best policy Tommy Davidson died though Wilbert and IE get your -- to -- -- he will -- Dot com.