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Hill-Mail 1-18-13

Jan 18, 2013|

Hill-Mail 1-18-13

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAA -- dot com. Now each you to -- talk. As they Hill Man Morning Show resilience -- man. Those -- I don't. -- called me as we're the world if you take -- we're. On WA eight and a half. Harrison knows that somebody who has. Very upset they were taking a holiday up on Monday that that did everybody is you just had four weeks off in December would. Don't say -- -- for weeks in December eyewitnesses the force holiday and I'd. I can't comment on my Luther king day going to be it's not it's not right. Audit everything. That's drachmas. Here are the best they'll mail messages of the past 24 hours. There's only 5:20. PM. I think -- I don't fully know week. I wish I would have thought of that earlier that they can weigh it up we get a lot of all black hope -- Golden -- blog not a that would build economic help I. Please don't call me agency. -- the name of the -- I am. Ticket Gary or any jinx we've we've we've had no New England Patriots on the show today. This week even if so therefore it. Not not on me. Ladies and gentlemen it's up to them to win that game on Sunday. 308. Ian. Don't feel that bad comic performance enhancing drugs -- Michael and -- can't -- have a future in corn. And Internet he didn't. So. He admitted it kinda he's -- -- cells that. None now he admitted it and they let them go back in two. Cycling and to do trip to come at a competitive triathlon there's some things that would yet enacted into stuff. Yeah me and you give us that he'll have to pay a few million like this cost him like twenty million. I think it happens not to settle -- via Postal Service that -- of forty million dollar subtle subtle you know announced. They have the those civil lawsuit the -- -- and -- a reporter from the London newspaper what I was like 900 grab as many as. There's -- there's another one -- five million dollars. All the people whose lives he ruined when you're no room. While somebody there's a couple -- a married couple on TV the guy I was. Working forum and the guy dared to say that he would under like when he was asked to -- -- investigators that he had used and -- done only ruin the guys like sure. I mean basically I mean I have great. Israel lawyer wants that -- ten million dollars -- -- -- Meanwhile the do you get all the way up but I kept pop -- ordered out of those are. Great oh yeah I would do you are. What got -- -- get bigger bucket I. And that -- We were talking earlier about you know you just wanna get a copy at a place is like Minnesota placed in somebody's ordering like. 23 sandwiches for everybody award and I'll have to be made rather frustrating at times. Think seventeen old man. I can I don't know -- god. That -- help you don't put all. Through. And now I mean it's gonna be called I got aware of the football -- all to the yes he did I or my paths in ninety. -- of grass. If you have one of those and he's devoted blank he's been reviewed that one -- -- -- -- -- Wear them on I'm right where that tournament. -- can and warmth and a luxury box and be like thirty degrees of outside and you know. You know -- -- kid ain't gonna wanna leave the gamer either now it doesn't matter they could be up by three touchdowns and he wants to stay for the whole darn good face time second watch your face in traffic is try to really -- -- an obvious look look I will I'll live that. I don't think he thinks. -- Are a week and it's going to be able to get up can't beat. I'll pull a liberal a couple of week except what you're that it got a car. Don't -- it. Yeah everybody gets one free oyster cracker. From the -- -- it's not -- it -- -- make and I -- the gave everybody three. Do you eat three instruments -- three vouchers for concessions they go to the game. So are you know on the paper food that's tonight is a nice way to welcome the fans back. Stick a little too old and you know really it will pop normal -- all that. Supports. -- Well we're all we're really I really hate lol but all at all. So that the Bible -- was the idea but I really hate it can -- I want. The end of that's there well. And there is an -- here's the text that says did you just request actions Shelby's from -- yes that's after being out how to live since selfish and tonight elections suffer promise that you some -- in the -- these. Seven code. Between 8 AM. Note if you really thought about it let up something. Will vote him magnate didn't give. Eight feet and on exports went out there. Talk. And the message. Hello Louis on this sponsorship get any money back them because they made money off. It it's served its purpose -- its purpose well I don't post office probably billions fraudulent serves on paper they truly cared about having a screenwriter they would they haven't tested -- Guys correction the post office has never known him and -- obligatory -- -- anybody said. Or check out the Toyota fronts I think all mail a letter to -- onto this weekend and I -- -- -- that learn to. Oh sweet he had early to try to do it. The credit before we let me get to watch the Bruins play a game. And didn't get very excited I cannot -- Rene is off fired up my insurance irony last year as he is fired. And it's tax time where -- at this hour and on the signature fist pull back move -- -- make -- -- -- -- be there on nine -- Sally of course it's. Luxury -- you. Guy to get out there before you get that look at your dad plays look. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An obvious who can possibly elements -- Well. -- hotel. Where ya from Ian and I when we did the lines. And that's where I'm Julian says -- LB was definitely easily. Have you. What -- -- -- that's. For -- -- is -- -- currently. In the current. Trends but to me around to me. It's it's 648. -- And now. -- Startling information today. Oftentimes -- -- the order in a restaurant is actually exit rectum cancel -- apparently it's called imitation Telemar. Restaurants passed -- off. Frequently as a real -- called upon when you think you're eating. Anything you're doing on the analysts that's account is on -- actually being -- and gas. In the -- the picnic spots I'm gonna look at this now. Right to 8 o'clock mark. -- -- you can win tickets to at tomorrow's Bruins homo right now. All you have to do is text the word Boston. Right now to 97107. To -- -- in 97107. -- ten minutes. And he will call you back in tan in Tokyo would Bruins tickets so. -- the code word Boston right now the 971 of seventh and we will Cuba since and you. Do tomorrow night's bruins' home opener reminder -- it to do would Mike Hsu and then at three and at four with -- To win more tickets it's Bruins to -- all day here at W the WAA FHD one west robust and WK yeah. And WK FB HD one Brockton -- -- 640. On old. He did -- -- Tyreke is -- yeah. Judge put a little lemon on it. Give them in the Marin are and then the last thing out of a little taste side. 613. And older. There are real good -- it -- -- -- basketball they don't like that.