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Hill-Mail 1-17-13

Jan 17, 2013|

Hill-Mail 1-17-13

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now each -- you to -- talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents deal made out. Read a bit ritual that is on radio show. Some big narrative -- will pick -- out of the suspect. On WPA. And the earth. -- gonna do any euros out. Dancer -- he's gonna stick with the dancing around -- not gonna work in a restaurant near the ease of fast his. Mother's boyfriend works and arrest market guy but that's only talks voters don't know dad you really good job would be if you worked in arrested. That's not -- -- -- he's going to be here. Looking up to the line -- -- and I got to. Does and I don't know I'm just what you're gonna learn as -- 16 AM infuriate I am I getting that he had a great job and mix in the the hamburger -- you -- -- to you know can you do the lasagna and happy birthday you know Joseph Biden -- -- expert -- -- -- you violent. Maybe he could become a celebrity shelf ones you know I feel any sort of -- tap dancing -- wow where I mean me and I remember now. And the possibilities are and address. And media jobs release and it's. He's gonna create. The -- Vote nuggets ever -- and someday -- it's they're gonna ask him they're gonna say. Where'd you where your love of cooking come from and he's gonna say well used to be when my dad would put fake nuggets. And I McDonald's I'm -- -- box and tell me that they were legit. -- nuggets all day every day. On average sick and -- And the hottest thing since Bobby -- the -- is crazy -- whatever it doesn't. Love anybody. That the import Beers. Here the best -- mail messages of the last 24 hours. 6:31. PM it. Evidence -- that followed the debate -- -- -- in the. -- -- -- -- -- You know and little controversy. Over. Size of the subway put on whether it's only eleven inches and some subway eaters are set ideas the biggest amount that I could find. Almost as big as me. About nine inches -- -- for. Think seventeen -- -- Ali. Maybe an article about -- plan so all of the corporate upper ilk. You people -- up -- extra vote. And -- is Ameritech's put in outbreaks at all it's a joke. That that when Mayor Menino yesterday. Says gives his big patriot stock and then missed pronounces Vince Wilfork and and Crocs and I mean is that -- believes just the laughing and everybody insiders he just that out of touch with the world news. Ports we have Tom Brady. We have to you live Tom Brady yet. This -- in Ridley and a great guy. -- -- Well -- well welcome more -- We'll follow that -- war. And it is true grit your resistance. Bob has lost her but. We are very defensive -- together. And yet we'll -- and a very very practical joke gone as well here we are an email at Notre Dame laughing their balls off. Gunk. On him and Vince will -- -- lost her drugs. Hurt announcer Tom Brady Tom Brady Tom Brady -- checked up on Hernandez UN Internet -- oleander and desperate -- -- -- I thought his bunker. And -- crime it's it's really trigger and it is an ominous unbelievable. Wind -- 5:43. PM. Oh my god. They got the -- EUK. A week ago. It was not you know -- next level that it now attacks -- asked earlier. Do you what are the odds that a college football player who has a girlfriend that he -- on line. Has cents -- girlfriend nude photos and therefore. What are the odds that whoever was pretending to be said girlfriend is now in possession of new voters that he revealed today -- advanced night. You think that's what's nine -- -- thing and into it's really an amazing story. Think 32 AM. -- will that broke out here. No after the expect their pledge to promote recently broke up with I think. And then there is Vince well god we'll try again on the show this morning. At home and Wilcox yes ranks right now -- an online series Republican lunch. Thinks he can turn old old. It won't be intraday. Like -- and to our Roland guy. Into the. Another example. I am -- -- -- -- did he beat up in high school. I'm attitudes get get them bags trying to learn miscarried before the draft. It's really I mean do you think this hurts him when it comes to I am now drops really guarantee it. It up big time humanity but it means a mental case that we ultimate rookies on the team really. Not a Stallworth for a and I don't call them. I thought I. I wanna go through the laundry list of my child mortality dropped a smoking -- TERRELL -- you committed suicide watch the Seahawks brought him to training innocent pot is like -- whatever thing it's like whatever -- -- got -- at this -- a mental case who thinks fictional people are real on your -- your -- your -- Terrell Owens tried to -- I'm twice and the Seattle -- took him -- training camp -- I just think it's great guys from -- Nationalists are saying it's it's a -- -- -- -- -- In the draft because now it's not going to be on a crappy team because someone like the niners or the patriots are gonna pick -- -- at the end and at the end of the first -- them that there is no egos. That's a lot of energy to put in -- era in the drug culture lets you know what we're not planeload when he says that says it later and you believe him because -- -- sports guy. And you can think it's such a hundred bucks but I'm not hundred bucks says he doesn't -- of Archie he used in the first round. But he's gonna go to weight when I say you want so he's he's had dry. Yeah yeah. Some major statement by supposed to go top five easy going in the second round is gonna get picked up by the 49ers of the patriots in the first. I just honestly -- -- -- -- you'd be multimillionaire. Object that having a lot of chances that your your girlfriend that you girlfriend actually did in did not a couple of mallet knows somebody on line depending. To be met and those of us after seeing this let's not give. And at to ruin my fitness that address that. Thinks he teach you any. To get out looking better in order imaginary girl could end. -- always -- -- reason there's three women with the two of us a little -- to -- to be messing them. Thinks -- England -- I'll play the way -- -- -- college art -- glued to do great stuff like that cargo under would be. They let -- lawyer will we. It Lindsay Lohan as she girl. Usually you leave it where into the -- and her dad I mean. I'd be right there a couple of grand 25 times she's desperate for money is coming to Boston and you know guys it was a shot that -- -- -- 800000 dollars to spend New Year's Eve with some dude just just for the sake. Like saying the unit's activities probably pay ten and to me Anders out of percent of the photo -- -- thinks there's eighteen Guillen. Nobody left and there are great error but I think Bloomberg that he. Writes those frustrating. Eight ideas we were talking about serving sizes because the the subway controversy in. I was -- about the movie theater in the fact that this is hardly any candy in the big box candy from you anymore. And I don't know if it's a government regulation thing here it's that's just being cheap. The granting. Ripping you lot but I mean you look at that thing in the little glass case. Elect -- get substantial amount making it gets loaded and butter for five of us. When he thirty pieces of candy in -- no -- you're reaching your hand way that held out there -- -- finding nothing writes -- -- And accurately though the alarming. -- 24 all and. -- -- were talking cricket or talking about you're wrecking your credit. Good basketball and the boutiques and with that circumference of the -- -- -- -- -- but it. It's very boring -- at the swamp and there -- formal DN. And that they're not 99 dating web site and don't haven't gotten one day. We got into. Message well. I mean he has had some response when it comes to tender. Cup yeah a couple of girls massive welcome ladies interest that I tell -- what subject media the other day and I almost been on and I didn't respond CI. Said that she wanted to have babies with me she's like I definitely wanna have sex I wanna make babies -- you yeah. I didn't buy what kind of I. The joke I I throat you know what you babies -- mustaches. And I never gotten your thoughts -- cute babies and I really thought the -- exit the field and out the short real. -- -- -- -- -- -- Everybody in the everybody listening by speaking in the on the way to move I -- -- -- and I knew you -- you have to now now you know outside booted him. That's not allowed to -- it's quite -- corporate battle cape -- -- you -- be breaking the law and dynamite kid and I think some of them are -- him and I and that's definitely he's the real story can't -- not happening there it's it's like the blues here of course I mean as a blow warranted glasses and her in her purse in the industry -- -- -- -- says in an appearance here in any industry it's called. Down to counting. They keep the price the same and drop -- amount of food. Texas has depleted chip bags that are above through a bunch of like me at corners -- like took careful Air Canada 9%. The ships are certain. Doesn't matter how -- -- treasury nine bucks what's your admin what is your favorite flavor of these illegal salt vinegar I've been on salt vinegar hook when I. Thrilling to the dill pickle flavored -- yeah I always does yes I -- favorite ketchup to answer to everything out of senate's and and son chip is -- I -- so what are the ones that give you uncontrollable diarrhea the big plays is that the lousy unless I -- -- and that's that at the sour cream and Matt cheddar bay blazes. And then I give him that in real sour cream -- so that so anything you made up for on the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Admitted that he equals out easily in the hands of ketchup -- agree when you know orders are remake a sandwich -- tournaments they're trying to commercialize our. You hello Dan. You know what detailed -- didn't release that instead of all but he thought at a much more me a relationship. And then you'll ever. I can't stop that no range. So it's. Daniel an accident button who's Daniels says times on -- relationship -- now we know very aren't -- -- hello Patrick. -- don't what's happening. Got a problem. But people are quick to -- -- too quiet for now are over measure that it would ought to Wichita court this. It yeah now at its electoral issue right there this thing quite honestly it's on the front page of the New York Post like people are relieved that I've put it. I mean. It's possible that when you're -- like what's supposed to be twelve -- the role of red -- just within the baking process he can't guarantee that it's gonna. XP and with the east and everything to twelve inches locally it's like big thing with like hamburgers like you know. For hooking yeah I definitely think subway sitting around and going. We can say we could reap what you become profitable we save ourselves and -- -- -- yeah I'm sure guys like I'm sure you're -- that's all I read body and Odyssey -- a lot of you're not eating and now but when I start to -- sub -- and you know it or -- story note Tuesday -- and -- last ditch talks -- says thank -- LB and no health issues keep plugging away on those chips by now I wanted to presents us -- Now -- likely LB gets the jets in the vending machine to be disappointed and -- set them down with a look at it like. It got bigger -- such and such flavor of these -- him like now he's like I don't think that any -- seat. -- honestly there. LB opens the whole -- option yeah I've noticed some people open them and and reach and LB by the -- brings on the table here and then he just opens the whole -- quickly on air time I was. Yeah break me in there yeah -- delete their -- rushed up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He you say something sheets -- news here is that. Magnus hello Magnus. Its happening. You know well -- thing. You know now up there to come down to where they're gonna about this the -- after it spread under. May not actually be tolerances or whatever you don't look -- they do on. This -- rock -- you know made me extremely hot but you know go. Now by the award and really put a warning panic is somebody bitch or got -- -- -- you said that they did you do that you that would burgers shorted out and cook and waitress yet. A -- Yeah what's up. They -- -- made a comment about twelve ounces before -- yeah pretty damn big market. I -- area and every now began. Tickets ahead and as well as -- what is the average burgers size would -- six I think this is six ounces the announcement is a big ESP NN's bank. Yeah. And fourteen -- -- -- -- of course they had little piece battle group. Absolutely -- that the cabaret in Peabody this FaceBook. -- traffic. Because the public debut of chicken -- all day at thirteen -- -- watered down -- However that that would not happy. Which is which reflected their daughter that is what what was left but look what effect if the revenue -- -- -- -- that -- -- -- -- The -- political tactic yet. And let it -- -- chicken it's LB said earlier the cabaret has unbelievable food -- It's right up there -- pizza -- Lives you know it's not very three best restaurants in in the in Massachusetts. Olives radius and the cabaret is as -- is trying to understand. -- -- -- -- maverick the only guy. Policy -- says that's can't afford a real blt silly things that chips is exactly. -- -- Yeah BOT's. That's great now how much he's out with this text is right now how much he sounds like lumbered when he says what's happened. LA -- you know you science program but no it was a year ago. Have the go ahead man's -- that the men. Saturday -- as. We have to call you on Saturday morning that's -- and home town and Sunday and ask you begin -- -- work. 720. -- he had. They break I love object of our coverage do we know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you find out and it would be that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now to pull tab tickets and I know I -- I'll start to have a specific -- if it's often I get bigger than any other way go to the -- It was just corrected that area of Washington just below Vancouver we that's we seduce kids drive over the border. Because you go to the bars and you sit there and play the pulled the gamble on the what is that what is all about what is the quality that the fighting in any enemy -- like a lottery ticket where it. Well opener has it's like. Lakers oranges apples like -- Somalia conflicts like ghastly example of it's like a slot machine exactly and they don't want money. Let's get you -- Apple's join me on about seeing you guys had your license and used when you were twelve and I can't -- As a boy Bobby. Morning guys -- LB yeah met someone and about -- out there why. -- and -- -- -- one has not believable it's wide but it certainly value and are you inclined. -- -- among those arrogant American prostitution. Mom all the mr. read do read those that tasted like a big Mac -- thirteen -- Those are those ethnic attacks there's -- they are we have the -- why -- we continue an -- I was so frustrating to me. Maybe unreal. I mean possible that they. If everybody loves them why what it was I know I read an article that was the reason why -- didn't -- that when I was it was an historic -- -- -- CBS he's -- with -- and maybe that's why -- you know me. A yeah I am adding that survives time the tax food. Maybe McDonald's was this or something on Thursday. College it should have been I am no -- Dave. Eric Margaret -- -- you copycat. You know he's got a little concerned you've been doing really well we're. Your career road closure or not you're throwing a 18. All the talk culture here and Jon both you cannot factor multiple -- Our customers. I senator I hate us and -- was -- by McDonald's as a supplement group on the cyanide I yanked a Louis does nothing to worry so. -- -- -- Back and OnStar on -- blue in there for a and he knows us and they put freshly I'd wait onions on the -- -- now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --