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Are You Smarter Than a Day Shifter 1-17-13

Jan 17, 2013|

Are You Smarter Than a Day Shifter 1-17-13

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Right now I've misrepresented what I -- -- stay Hill Man Morning Show resilience. That is your daughter's dress. -- -- -- Monday's in his day shift again it's only good for the bond scheme. Six. 179311. AA the number to call if you think you are smarter than today's day shift there. She works during the day at the cabaret. Pumped about Bonner -- how are you going to panic ever US was saving a legendary club in Massachusetts. It's the best. Probably -- right up there with a banana why it's. To weigh them that they that they they have a great kitchen and that's -- -- yes I I I completely appreciate a -- joint that understands that good for you know don't service crap just as yet naked and trim up there yeah we want some decent bills and have a good spot for now. What it's about like nuggets -- an area that oh yeah and like Bono public program like nuggets all day every day. Yeah -- the cabaret is where this girl works very -- Chicken and chicken nuggets all -- everyday -- realist and yes that -- So let me get a real advances during the day at the cabaret. My -- -- every and I -- when he three years so they work at the camera aimed in. And -- he I really say anything more than handfuls of ways. Yeah it -- pass petite little ground. And loved and seeing have been doing it for like four years -- really love dancing have always going to be. A dance there's so. This is -- the next best -- from a professional dance and -- -- like I can let my body are really well unknown as the booty shaking beauty and react fixing Massa really a lot of different ways. What's the most difficult thing about being a dancer. Probably you know -- -- bag customers that week that a lot of girls here like the older guys 'cause me you know. Treat us better that they. Obviously have more money the younger guys are kind. You know here for finding think it's a joke and the worst thing is definitely the guys too you know coming hearing treat us like origin as dolls they don't get no respect for and that's right the worst thing. She came on and losers aren't the answer me here I am very cute clothes hey you know besides the only -- and guarantees. And you know it's the ones with the small moves who always say. More than a handful as few months and noticed that she admitted last -- you look at -- is not the liberty upon all -- I had the same of course hello mock. -- pocket -- another pocket. -- things remained in Iraq. -- it is. It's good going into debt. -- Results from the national assessment of educational progress -- and a majority of eighth graders don't know. The word PDA. What does he mean a -- and I spelled that wrong it's permeated. It's not about -- again because it that's something with the U literally. Permanently like immediate. A permanent. -- Am. I -- You're not part of that that she does what does army mean. I I guess I'm in my category of people don't know that award means of my -- again as it's a -- mean a ground play you know away. Mold creamy on the line and that's what I guess I think it. A penis and meet them again I get there at extra. Fifty. Have you ran an expanse of giving a lap dance to a man where he permeated. The fact that other time that's my goal every time if you don't give them. You know then you don't succeed and picnic. That the that you know you again and Latvians and your pre special picnic at a. It's pervade. Growing like old. An -- -- hello Andrew. -- according to a new survey the average person spends most of their December nights doing what. I watch. Watching T. -- you're smarter than every Al. Who dances during the day at the camera day average person spends most of their December nights doing what. December nights it's cold outside you know. Get the fire denying he and lows probably in sigh again at nine putts that I do most December and I see no cut -- keeping more him. What is a sexual experience with they danced around like it's just. Affects beef industries. It's just expects that solid and -- get them -- actually care and look at you thinking. The place where you use the sex exact. Problem. To answer his party in the average person goes out sixteenth. Of the 31 nights in December that's about four nights her week -- Tom. How are you Tom. It in play -- right. Applied according to a survey by Adam and eve one in three people have what. With the more than one person. During the last 24 hours. OK let's see if you're smarter than today's. Asian one in three people have done wide. With more than one person in a 24 hour period. I would hate the thing that the in theory is having its -- more than one person and it's going for -- hour period. Maybe they sneaking -- -- Atlanta I think. Have you ever had sex with some with two different people in this and it. In the same day at the same time I mean -- considering two different people like get you know 1:8 o'clock in one. 3 o'clock and had sex with two people at the theme picked up three and it. And that. Yet -- -- and some. I'm pretty random threesome that sounds like me at Texas indeed the answer is this is in the hello Andy. What's happening. You know -- -- or 57%. Of employers say they give that special treatment through. Boom. -- let's see if you're smarter than today's station of their 57% of employers. Say they give special treatment to. Better looking women better looking men the you know the howdy guys more. You get. Unfortunately. Such that it that way but again the good looking people I want to be mean but you know the pros had four kids and a -- my -- Is obviously not make as much money in the that's when you when you all know kids think. Have you ever used your body for special treatment other than the strip club -- -- and I mean. Woman's body is like -- that weapon when they say. And the -- yet to affiliates use my by -- get you know as much as they can if you have the then year old allowed. It's -- of how -- equals bow Ers get the meaning that the power. So that's what Hillary Clinton is switches that -- -- PP pickles but I guess. And image and I won. -- that is -- That is the answer attractive beat Garcia did they get special treatment -- -- don't -- the -- collective -- hello Kevin. Don't know why you Kevin. GM habits. 16%. Of gym goers don't want to. -- shower after -- and working out let's see if you're smarter than Kia real 16% of gym goers don't. I I would think they don't shower -- Before going home in like being with their partner and some developing anti you know nice lady I just get out of the -- on glistening and and it's pretty that's -- I would say. Have you read the deal with the man who was sweating fat. Smelly. Might not yet playing. You know everybody -- that -- -- you today hands on your knees and you bend over and shake your ads against for -- islands who. Was so sad that mine at eight was touching his belly -- thankful that -- All the time and you know. Money money green. You know that's it's about and discriminate against that that smelly -- thing. I don't know how many green -- green. -- and you can spend money just like you can spend that money yet that you skinny mini -- was there though. -- the answer is disgusting only wash their clothes between work down 16% of -- what they're obviously not in the same intense work up an onion and al-Qaeda and I think. Well like a de -- and I guess when I get up that elliptical that it humble illusion I'm on like drenched. All right that's are you smarter than today's day shift neared.