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"Thursday's with Thorty": Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins

Jan 17, 2013|

"Thursday's with Thorty": Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins joins The Hill-Man Morning Show every Thursday at 8:15

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAA asp dot com. John Thornton of the Bruins appear. -- today -- -- city of Boston credit union John Jordan's only choice for his banking needs and by our -- at those door. Making new sheets of ice -- random with the authority. To make sure you check that India and Doherty joins us right now this morning hey pretty. A lot of aria what's going on but. Almost a -- and I victory over there is wonderful Wilmington. Forty driving cousin maybe some people sit down when they can be in the way of an. I have driving a lot the -- right now alas they are deployed had to drag some more real. I got I advice should say despite -- of their little choked I bought myself. Are they. And a loan me -- Or today. Naturally line stick -- expect that little tree you know it's killing me. I've been treated you know when I got an. Equipment and you're gonna only gonna have to bow down. There at your work r.s thirty. All right I've got get rid of that Straka have a Buick the Buick our pride that -- But it is better now. That this. There yet he also that very thing they can -- around Atlanta does. -- on the got to get that back in a dealership. Very if that was dot. What's your dream car do you have anything new price was an issue. As well should follow. Up question I don't know it. And applauding -- -- it started as Anaheim. They're nice but -- -- I knew I'd never be able to I want I got swallowed. Yeah yeah all right we'll have it well. So -- -- the only -- all the way on the line. -- was -- practice yesterday after the everybody was calling it a loss to the was coach a little harder and yes. What the punishment is just. Getting back you know they're the right things working battling. And you know he really simulate it here not playing games -- well. There was that the punishment but it is that we need to work on it is if practiced. What do you think you know 00 a week I mean gosh I would love it training camps to be a week every year but -- -- can you get to you getting games that we. I I I think all of that have been really good shape as it is the -- in the dining with the difficult part. -- -- the -- both -- in every game during the same thing so I wouldn't be surprised the first couple games where they are a little bit off the other guys. It really I think what next couple weeks that. I think that thought that we got to be ready decided to bring it in Brooklyn battery itself regular at all and the the cities like that we -- there's not want to get ready. My the way it looked at tad bit rusty there during that Donnybrook the other night. Usually -- an idea Donnybrook. That topic it was I don't think he expected that -- is looked upon by but there yeah I don't. I'm not sure it really got hit a spot but that's about it but it kind of felt the blast on yeah on yeah. -- -- subtle but yet it. I watched I watched a video multiple times they'd -- Dan Roberts threw three. Three writes -- all three rights and then now we want to throw in. Adam -- to throw right and slipped and fell down an embargo will play the way. I guy a guy was give me grief yesterday am like OK now -- -- Here I'm in forces that wears a shields. And and Sony Sony called secularism is that this DHL is mandatory have to Wear shields in the NHL but. Then I mentioned it it's NHL exhibition game. Which if he had some -- he can take him shoe box. I don't know what the rules were inside the organizational. But I had to play with which -- Fourteen games -- itself my last year doubt that article and -- it was torture. I mean. Like -- when you're sitting around and the guys are watching now on the bed and the bench. Do you expect that or is everybody like why. Like why is it we got a week of training camp will play in the black and gold game why is this happening right now. -- I got emotions got. All riled up a bit equator got knocked over by somebody he stood up to address so that I could apply in. I don't think anyone expected there -- be epic fights but you know what as profitable as the game so there. I liked it -- like -- -- the real employees here having a meeting and then as robbers of the suggestions about something that we. -- Sorry -- I haven't fighters it's still work during. All I'm happy to be back -- us as. Want to wake up but it did indeed ordered well. A little bit better to be -- probably I was a few months ago. I am in a good mood like Italy for the preconceptions on Saturday night. Think that's the 323. Votes and an alcoholic concessions some. Follow up getting did you guys are -- -- David I don't know that there. I wouldn't talk over there. But that's not like you were dry all off season. At sped up there about. -- -- Decides to talk about may be birdie as you guys call him sharing the see it will win that Chara is. Possibility. Brilliant thought. And I've got -- noble -- there but I. I don't know why I wouldn't see it -- except it -- Egypt or the opposite. Not able. The latter but luckily I should -- at the end of the big deal out it by. There are being out in Bergen avenue edit everyone respects. Those two guys demand but anyway it's so there really that would make -- -- what what's going -- what avengers it's more about the the person in the room so I have belt though I kept it much Purcell had I don't know. John -- is our guest he'll be on every Thursday during the NHL season it's about tickets for Stan. And we were -- Targeting a couple weeks ago about whether whether fans to come back whether gonna stay away but really tough to get -- and I do wanna mention. That our mutual pal John -- from -- store. It is giving away not only tickets for Monday but a ride on the echo stores Zamboni off. And it's pretty cool experience. Michael -- that -- -- boundaries have been -- puppet donated -- ride the ticket every year. All the feedback they get back if you know what -- usually did but that's a pretty good spirit driving around the garden. On the important that we about the people. Yes it is really cool and and you have to do. Is follow -- Stiller on Twitter. And they wanna get. Echo Zamboni. Trending so if you can hash tag. That goes Zamboni. An echo stories EC HS TO RUH oh what I wouldn't say easy HT CH IS TOR. School lab -- not my strong suit but -- EC. HO ST OR -- -- on Twitter and just -- Adam. Who is the hash tag that goes in Monique. And or maybe -- stores and you human hashed out for -- in there we'll we'll track it and they'll they'll select somebody provide guidance on a Monday self. Yeah a lot of its -- get me nervous Saturday night you have what about first based on the gonna go first faceoff right away to get their -- fired up -- I don't the other -- based off. I would pick Eric Marc cited I think about it saying it's been awhile I got -- one -- there's a couple of that but more excited to get -- then. -- -- -- -- Did you know it did you happen to catch Mark Wahlberg on our show on Tuesday review reviewing your performance in -- I thought I could not better -- it well yeah did you did your own stunt now. And on -- bloggers -- review that you probably won't probably be back for it to. All of what it. That -- brings some of them. It. Pretty funny that's diabetic period. It will -- all the guys if you got that out of my daily rate they got that outside. Probably you know that -- that commission who's -- you lose you lose your remain on the road. Or may have a problem -- Youth -- four years a lot to me that church in aideed since he left that I got my own -- being not all the old serial. -- -- -- And -- like America is doing through -- there color commentary for somebody right. Yeah that the dignity and in between the benches. Monday it -- syrup and -- the Winnipeg jets it worked and met with Vietnam and worked for the death so these guys are from -- how that's that's. It would give forum Willis and great doubt -- back and there's Eisenhower Bundy and Manson ended months of sentiment. Yes sir -- but we'll will talk to you next week. 09. Bogeys yet. But. -- -- anybody.