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Can-Man Karaoke: Mike "The Can-Man" sings the hits

Jan 16, 2013|

Can-Man Karaoke: Mike "The Can-Man" sings the hits

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now get. The Hill Man Morning Show presents you know. -- -- -- Okay and I. Call. -- man and care -- die. Trapped in miserable bumper to bumper total another white out conditions traffic this morning and I think this'll take your mind off it Michael -- on the most prolific. Bicycle riding can collect -- in the New England area is here with some karaoke selections this morning if you win. You get a -- tickets to go see Tenacious D at the house of blues on Saturday. March the second I love Wednesdays simply because. Can't man karaoke. On the go and order here Jackie. What's happening -- where you right now where are you I am right. Okay data. And that are not so bad auto white out conditions don't -- and I said well you know and -- what you would you do for work. 83. Straight out of a lot about them all right that. Well are you ready for your in the Ontario -- election this morning. And I listen. And you did I see you soon -- -- I would talk to you room to. I have to tell you just don't I'd -- oh I look you know we would've done a long way. I don't look I didn't may -- -- -- -- -- I would tell you again and it's all out loud what. I don't know. I don't know the song or he's trying to make it his own and I am making is making any loan agreement are Arizona what does that is going out is also not. Are right -- what's that what's argues and man karaoke eating there and if that's award. Yeah or not I got to thank perhaps I must say Beastie Boys. -- I had no idea. You pretty -- from the -- You guys are it's. The great staying in the police. Blogs. -- -- CNN. Had to put up some bad -- News. Yeah. Commenting on it. Every dad come on -- right there he brings it. -- Hello and happy I'm I'm -- Our -- you this morning. You are an aria axle -- are you are you ready for your -- in karaoke selection are. What do you do Mickey. I -- have been going on aquarium and cool cool. Have to take take a listen this is the son from the eighties. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now you've got AD. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I doubt that -- -- slow day. When there's -- -- and karaoke inspire black level and gets just and let them but what is. There it is not. Our money. Knowing your brain today and -- -- -- understand this tough line that I was on the beat is pretty. In the earlier years because foolish yeah that's the familiar eighties music. And. -- -- -- -- did not. I'd be glad he. Had -- -- Days. -- Return tonight from Tim and I have one final selection left this morning and it. It is. Who has been hanging on in the total and under white -- conditions today hello I. Where you from. Into where are you right now on the he is 7-Eleven and graft and bad bad conditions there is everything all right. News sixty -- -- -- that they've been so I think that's still legal in the state penalties in their development amount. I don't get it Natalie you know. My mom are you ready to play in man karaoke. All right and here is today's final selection. On the golf. Well you know what I think I'm like oh I've got inducted into the body and not -- -- -- but it's -- but I'm when I'm not commit the Olympic. And I got there. You have got to have -- Cleveland clinic and it makes me. Brief moment I didn't know how to quit and -- I. Could like get -- female I don't pay that -- and I don't think I'm glad that I don't make it different. Read that they'll adopt -- negatively. You act but -- what they do believe what I don't know. You -- -- but I understand it it's got a deep love about them back religion tonight. -- time there and wow I was busy eagle mountain do very very difficult. Yeah it is an if you're ninth -- if it for a rap does not come now tonight you won't get them. -- And it's. I'm like what are they throw. I'm happy about that and though that that many Texans are getting baker act because they love this idea the idealist that is that. Topic -- all you know what did -- -- I think it's it's going to be public enemy. And not in. Owns an extra dead diaries is in essence that is and the only animal eight. Do you have any of scrambling. And it. I'll. I can't remember not public yet. In Egypt and not lately that happened in the cities is cesium in the end and then. You can't do that well. -- -- -- -- you got the answer -- Problem. Replay. A lot of what people really. And I don't vs fuel line. Indeed it. Indeed. Yeah it -- cloth. The -- -- it's by law could deliver it in the real -- and I don't diagonal would have putting content knock on the demo. I'm going to see if I don't mean I would it would like you've got my ticket might Philip. And if I don't -- -- -- I don't want to market it happened real well what I don't like it but I. I piceance. I feel so bad it really is so you and -- polo match. Matt do you know the answer there. There -- problem but yeah. I mean. Once and that goes the nation the Mike at night I'd probably have to get dictate it pretty. I iPods and a big game wind. I'm -- to depict a lot. Did you -- -- of the Baptist diamond. -- at night I'd probably that it was good today. Angering -- yeah. Yeah yeah. So. Let me play the beginning this argument I couldn't play can ads. The hook and yeah but it's putts and -- the moment. And back with -- -- got an apology about. This man. -- gangster. And I apologize to -- yeah.