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Hill-Mail 1-16-13

Jan 16, 2013|

Hill-Mail 1-16-13

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now each -- returned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show resilience -- man. -- Hill Man Morning Show. Rumored to have been good for the -- he's been zero dark thirty. On WOK. Okay yeah. Actually. There is already sequel -- -- coming out that was made him replied it's called zero dark Turkey. About the -- black cops found a vicious Turkey killed cock and joining me. Are huge for the Turkey vigil and we are gonna have after the Brookline police. The guys who was. Who was them roaming about three random through backyards attacking people yesterday they they killed the thing. At that point Q&A plan calling. Police brutality on the death of the Caribbean Brooklyn yeah pretty random and I wanna vigil on the show maybe Friday morning. I want candles out I want you I want you want a Turkey cost him and I want those little candles -- like covering on them. I -- -- -- -- and nine. Friday morning I want a vigil I wanna see if anybody you'll join me. As we pay tribute to the Turkey who needlessly. Lost is his or her life in Brookline yesterday hello Roger. What can I do for you Roger. It was we're talking about the the -- beating -- Yes about the card that she ends. Breast beating each other's kids from the right from their -- BA no -- -- on your -- as I had a German shepherd that title of it popped up. And after the -- what and we got a kick that would go over -- go off the dogs now. Steve that's so cute. Yeah Darren law. I need that three. He's men's ruling the judge I'm having instinct. Facing -- -- things everybody's just about the governor of Florida and is now know how. He adopted a dog a -- election time and that was that bad big huge news event because he had I thought -- The running for election me -- that after the election he return in the dust shock and yes that definitely. And all the time I applaud his simple and Colin hello over your -- people are now a near the cramping rule it. That was not a -- ever home for that -- -- Is any here's a wildlife question. I'm taxed on the text line at 97107. Is a Turkey a conglomerate animal house you know -- Have been a Turkey. Man and have any idea if this -- particular Turkey was shocked in its Khalifa. And and it sucked. I'm glad it animal coming to elaborate any big animals can -- an animal. Turkey vigil. Coffee and styrofoam cups at the Turkey vigil Friday morning. Plastic bags plus the grieving. Plastic bottle water Google that -- Georgia -- -- Kitna. We're gonna bring the Prius -- out there. There are hers. And hers is able to carry that they're deal way -- let's get to move further and all mail messages. Thanks for each school or any. I could put -- in the World -- days. It won't we -- -- to -- -- particularly popular purebred from that I don't feel purely. Paper that local cable news. On the left and Jerry staying away G Wednesday. It is fantastic. What did you on. Gary Cooper. Thanks 49 Ian. Got a -- -- I wrote that they got it to like our. Opt Barack all of until. -- and I dealt with -- this morning it was the roads are only wet I mean it was like an interest Nolan at like eight diminishes snow on the ground. And a guy in front of me in the pickup truck is going to seven miles an hour per million. Just get out of the way I am in a you know if you -- As he might scare off the road. That's 55. But I mean and god. 558. And he had. It what good. Bad weather Evan comment it. Oh yeah they get about it aren't good and who pitched. -- was and they'll help now Campbell is that Kevin that's Jeff maybe it's slow probably slow because of the weather. -- -- -- -- -- It's good bullpen pretty cute and put. It -- completely I don't think it would compete. -- -- you an excuse. News -- has. Lady in Belgium. Was going pick up her friend. The bus station and you will as I think it was. Was sick forty miles away is yes yes yes. So she's put an energy PS. And she drove. She followed the GPS obviously. To an erroneous destination that was 900 miles in Croatia in a different country. She went to road signs that were of a different -- branch register and Snead did you McCain didn't pick up on the fact -- on the side of the road and fall asleep this woman several times man and than. You know. All 6767. Years old an 800 miles out of the way. Following her GPS. And she doesn't stop -- as anybody hear them get on the cellphone maker caller. Trying to figure out whether GPS is accurate. Thanks 23 older. -- -- -- -- And that message. Movements that island was that the -- is saying yeah. You know weapons it take 21 and older. If you want to treat. You don't know if they don't you know. But we can. Handle that. It was the cop who led the euthanize the thing why do you think they sent the to a proper. I gave it a proper send for its ups and how they did it. -- -- the graft and assembly and like does the law -- -- Turkey is violent for you to go ahead and make the decision to euthanize I mean most of the broken wing on the sale of violent that the -- -- during the chase. It's not off -- and and validate tasted Turkey. Well the police. About that move into its long. Was it the anti gang unit yes that took down the -- back there once and now. Turkey down. Thing was just trying to apply away. You didn't know it couldn't fly. Where -- -- supposed to -- smacked into the side of the building you build a giant Condo complex and it's nice little area let me guess the thing fell down the stairs and was being booked. That's out there. I felt like I but I. Six thirty and older. Okay. Yeah well the end get quote I don't call the Merrill upright. They can probably depict air that kept -- now that. And just let it. -- analyzed it even. I'll be you know everything there is an elbow. Just settles an airline you notice -- some -- Become flying through first Mac to smear their -- mommy yeah animate dead. Here is that text there were -- Emergency services 911 operations in Brookline. Two turkeys and called in now missing Branson's three fourths and -- think FF that's when the -- is that black 35. You know anything about I don't know Texas says there's there's there's -- -- This is WAA. And WAA FHD one west robust that W area. And WK FHD. One Brockton Boston. More than twelve -- Linda Armstrong were able to Richard -- -- -- in the ball into now. Again I you know this the whole cancer -- You know the regular classes blossoming bottom line and then there like I can't have cancer maybe Ryan. We don't while he might -- What -- he still has the ball there I want that relief well I'm going to show -- would have alerted everybody one million dollars to charity if he can prove. But he only has one not maybe just. I don't like where this is now I need. That's going to be asked how the receding. Not the one that just goes underhanded so that he's saying isn't -- -- -- think it's a fraud if you're so in other words you're saying he would lie about cancer because he lied. About winning seven you're -- millions of people out of millions of dollars -- -- -- and I the -- people like seven -- what's the difference between them -- out of if you do try now under prod somebody he's -- he's going to be united isn't down now he's going to be broke -- five years the problem is. Number -- remember they say that that he's human disease -- -- to maybe pop -- somewhere in the hundred to 250. Million. To the end of all the endorsement people back. A city of Arabia on our. I don't know that well so yeah. It's like 1%. Of what the principle the Postal Service operates surprised the ability. -- I don't with me. And every single debate and vote troops are there any one particular school or other an appetite school. -- architecture -- some opened on the block a market -- across the street beat everyday. -- it setup up where. That's an -- right now. Yeah yeah I think that. -- or having -- vigil. We'll go away just like -- was honored in Colorado. We're gonna have a vigil this Turkey that was meet who is easily used that and I. By the officials in Brookline that's. Imagine if I were able to I have to investigate measure that he suffocated that they with a plastic. Can -- matter -- that it would have to clarify on top of the. That's -- at that you got to speak stuck in the book in a styrofoam. Can you imagine. When you are the. This man -- ways it. -- It helped it battery didn't. Go. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It can't -- it in and he lied about an urgent and. Yes that's. Their -- you Anderson it was you would you allow vendors food to impregnate you just economic and you're right now and whether I was gonna go to and there are a day they -- pregnant man now but c'mon it. Hello -- right it means. Made the call with. Do you. That you're say a million dollar to see. I'm trying not yet. Okay I'll make sure that I. I heard that yeah but it was a Donald Trump joke. That is the you know the whole joke about our game million dollars. To see if Donald Trump cards if you read Israel and well I'll pay to see if he actually has two -- and hello Steve. I guess I got a way to legitimately say the Postal Service yeah. Start each other well and that's sure are you get magazines prepared this year which can sign up first production yeah. You take a -- played a big blocks. -- slapped that's separate some tape is -- that they are very ship it back to -- the Postal Service gets all the money from the shipping costs. Separate issue is limited but. It repeatedly it actually broke serve regular. -- elements that might work and novel idea. Why are you wouldn't want you back. That's very. Mike you -- me here and probably earlier. Well probably if you have an idea of per game which I think we might start really nice and involves our vast musical. -- knowledge like it and so I think we. We may play a game. Ideally he would Mike Hsu we were talking about that the united the other day so but give me any hair and and he'll have over an hour of nonstop rock for you it happens every weekday and it's WA AF toward stable it's not an hour but over an hour. And it's completely commercial free and it's courtesy of mid state auto group. Tuesday 928. And he had. Yeah about what we're called but -- I felt great I -- the way that all the control though they're poor often. -- -- and -- great. The -- or you won't nation on my if you can. Will be petroleum cute she wants the -- we want to -- in Syria it will meet strict. It's -- here. And a good guy and -- enjoyed everything that he had to say yesterday in our program mark Mark Wahlberg. You go to the movie that's helping I did not do anything that does not deal with with my lawyer now my buddy Tony Drake go well the greatest immigration lawyer involved Tony -- He'd drag -- -- record of building a cop drama he's -- -- Wouldn't think you need a lawyer this time around here already have like just like the pre stamped divorce papers there. Listen this exists fill in the blank on the news but you can't leave any loose sand out there are one year old -- -- -- -- all the way I rural. The and I think right now when they hammered drop -- To date 5:28. PM. And who wouldn't patriotism like the quarterly and Biden couldn't railroad retirement ceremony -- You'll be held Sunday January 20 that the thirty and thought -- at Gillette Stadium auto -- -- her career there's still available. It's it's not. And that can't keep the Internet -- they want their men back. And have. Have seen that man is that we can't get things and then those crazy little hallmark card -- things that make their way around. Ray Lewis. I got to play LB what do you think I mean you have fully confident we darkened by a -- I download I thought I wouldn't be slam field goal otherwise I wouldn't be surprised if the patriots win by fourteen points and that's what's your expert opinion. But tell me and that the difference in the game is at a team to -- As you say his name I'm not sure by a team to -- believe yes because we actually have a shutdown corner now and hill beyond bold and the hole for the whole time were -- and I am physically active your -- -- I'm completely guys are announced and now it's it's the right get off Scot I was right it he's going to be on -- the time. -- safety that changed our whole but the biggest thing the patriots it was picked him up yeah it changed our defense. All the way to the suitable now no props just adjusted kids get inside your mind about when -- when he -- I've radio show and then somebody catches you off guard. You know does that mean. Like they have been alerted -- would notice that they're gonna ask a question of what the conversation is going to be about in the future that basically. You know little wrapped up a note -- -- gonna you gonna need an immediate -- won the human rights and Hillary camp a week and a -- on an album my analysis you just gave a score. I -- an analysis that said that the lead is going to be shut down reason he's going to be all the ball than. -- -- -- Did you know done -- I was announced that question I was you know most people say mean -- or you don't attract me -- come and what do you mean going to McCain and Romney has split along occasionally be trying to -- -- wrong information. -- in Ottawa Poland LB and trying to pass like and how did you know. That means. Get their -- -- there are 27. AM. -- -- -- -- I'm electorate figured breast feeding real quick. Glory you've finished well -- K yeah I'd say about it didn't let local ball. And that message. Were stolen pictures she -- -- and I'll never. Who knows who really 7 AM. -- bit ritual that is on radio show. Some pick out a double a lot of other suspect tried. And mental channel nine and been successful in every accuses the duo in nine I would not wish that on. I'm success on anyone his birthday tomorrow happy -- -- now peaking. Five. Miserable. News sports aid. This can I feel bad from that -- rock. We've written a paper. Putting them. A bigger stick -- I don't know kiwis don't abide. I not the where I text or hasten that work in the boxes kept the wildcard. Well like a box just was on the manifest when a box comes out of nowhere. Like you you know. They say they put a box and try that little box on a truck no you know what it is an intra. Every day you put boxes -- of dropped one of the guys as you mine and a box in my car wash. And. It's. Completely throw a sales manager if you're always just like on boxes on the truck and it's almost like you know go get a window right yeah yeah. Somebody that's your opinion on Simon polonium in my analysis and what's up man. And -- in Ottawa court but it'll be no -- complete -- vegetable. All. And I'm not everybody sand Torrey Smith I'm not talking about -- -- I know he's had these receive about he's not the one I'm talking about -- eat these thieves you know teen people in England and -- Not -- -- Yeah all right sentinels. And the campaign -- -- -- lives. Making up words I I'm not -- out about exactly what would you name it come -- -- -- that -- used the word that's so fat she. Stop it's not gonna happen like I'm not be -- mania all he knows. What's. Coming out right is why I English slang you know aren't. And you know he knows that I don't and I have to do that guys like. Paid me if I get it won't be getting here I didn't get a heroin. I guess I don't when he did he get in there that I got a twenty for you if you ever used the word to ease. Off the money first yeah. My -- has had these car man. -- -- Who doesn't use the word to use your views or reduced out of it right it is -- as you -- -- do you know do you know when I view is that. When I describe. He's not right and I had to drive ride -- -- Never heard anybody say Ortiz -- that's these. Spell that for me yeah. I think he sees there Hebert there'd be a man who -- the lines of -- but but lately we don't give distant to know Joseph happy birthday I don't. If you -- Did you you -- you don't hallmark card and say Wal-Mart after at least one in right -- is we. That's why you read it does these Sonja Taylor so crave it LB -- Craig and David I admire. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't jokes about fat people funny and everybody uses -- -- -- You've got to be outraged by what happened support Turkey in Brookline police brutality right yeah -- -- on the ground there. Yeah yeah that's. That's that's that'd be cool right it is going to be a Friday and right right. Judge -- session I show up in decent clothes when I was -- -- peace Reggie decent. We would -- get so -- that Turkey just driving along mine in its own business are just just over just a file. Just a normal day in Brookline you know he was probably just you know walked on a walk across street. No -- can't even breathe. What do you and what it -- went. We still at 3200 on the these tickets. Yes Aaron yes -- please -- at the nose piece that's decent. The book is great it's a great -- well at the hello Andrew. -- what's happening. I'm acts as a politically erotica -- my week from so. That quirky. But Jimmy you also probably -- more recently Erica. -- -- -- Asked what I ask you what are the words that somebody likes -- -- -- 35 now I'm 34 but before he should not use that because he -- as one of them yeah. That we all over the other words that or -- anything and that older people should not be -- these is a good word. Yeah any kind of yellow related flying at Yankee in round and he's written I can't borrow a page in Iraq. Rock -- runoff roads that I'm -- she -- dig out like a pretty footed by -- guess what's -- problem. Then after a passenger -- on these. He hates. It I'm students and -- Pretty decent pull my. Good morning once I got a call a correction. -- its air and Quan Baldwin caught him on -- -- -- god you know you're at it more than they are not in water that it actually not the best receiver and it gave it got out of black I know looks just like oh yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a problem you COLT or Smith is if you knew anything about football. What you do -- you double team Torrey Smith and and you put the tall black -- -- and you put him against league who can stick with their second best fighters he does not worry about. What color that's supposed to. Come. Out like that just because a lot of people -- know and I realized that I know the player and a lack of this is seen as you watched last weekend's game well. Yes because Bolden has done so yeah go to help me copy book. Got off very -- -- you know that you -- about. Opt in and jobs. -- -- objections to me jobs the apparent. -- am a kitchen guys I think these detectives did not that is not that is worse than hearing and somebody over 35 years old today eight. I barrage. -- -- -- -- There puns you should never should -- funds for hundreds with a tiny little dot and it looks at. Me and I'm I'm. And and guys. It was and don't turn mark my the language -- me about him there deleted language also what's wrong with my team up with scooters. We team up with for not then -- -- play each. They'll be as bad whacked it. No matter -- one and -- Show. Right for a Coca. Yet. ETW. PMI. Fellow well decent at the end of the day UT's diet cola made Jeff. What's up those keys on net. And what I was so -- such -- bad man -- -- -- -- I think it he said dean if he is it -- Bernama. We've got to get through into the second. -- -- Latest opportunity to try to talk Danielle and sounding dirty -- Tom. It -- about what. Your good work a lot but my equipment forty something wearing -- Ecuador.