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Hill-Mail 1-15-13

Jan 15, 2013|

Hill-Mail 1-15-13

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now each -- returned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents hill man. It's helped a lot better Saturday in this particular case but don't worry interlocking individual -- -- here. On WAA. Yeah well for Manning will be back right -- bay Denver Broncos back Manning still win the MVP nothing anything not have any effect monitor he did this knowing he wins the NBP really. Give anyone a playoff game yeah. No and only way I know that cost us a couple class but they do. Tom Brady was phenomenal this no acting way. Listen if they're gonna if you -- -- cup playoffs Adrian Peterson should be the MVP. All period -- and passing out because he came back from an -- now in an -- you haven't rushed for 2000 gods aren't going to be everywhere and assets 200 points it's the other that you wouldn't even made the playoffs was suffering abuse but it's just gonna come down to the quarterback -- -- -- Brady. Past the go to -- and I don't -- me go to Tom Brady just dying to talk about this because you really pisses me off. Denver won the division last year. Within SE crap. Quarterback. That quarterback actually won a playoff team -- so they didn't do anything different building different yet they won a few more games and but nothing different same result and what they wanted they wanted -- vision. It Tebow actually won a playoff game. And make him appointment of Tom Brady makes it -- was -- -- AFC championship and we really MVP by it's Dow Jones the president what then if it goes Adrian Peterson I'm fine if it goes if it goes to Peyton Manning that outage would Russell Wilson. Half a candidate who are not a particularly bad band. About RG for me not -- today no he's not gonna get it it's let's and it's between Tom Brady major Peta sent them -- Peyton Manning gets it that's BS felt -- -- races. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's up -- -- and mr. Rendell -- the last about spats or stake out good about -- -- left -- mom and dad going back to the Justin Timberlake song I totally agree I eat. What an -- put. At the office on it being -- literally stock. What -- even more it would -- you -- -- -- -- crap you are good. Ozzy hang up seeking to -- any network it's Sox. You probably did -- -- -- secular Fatah does it help behind the original how many pieces of preppy production do you have -- of the. -- whole -- John. Good morning what's up John. Nothing much -- special microphone off of me and -- -- creative spark plug should be up talking football. -- I did wrong that was a classic how do you do wrong on grooming her room it's no no it's about tax to it's a little bit more difficult in a -- I don't know another console like a -- is that -- cylinder coils and I didn't -- the cylinder coil up properly. So beat the pistons weren't firing so I couldn't get my anjouan soccer's all four -- that the this Olympic Orioles went on a did you go to Napa and you're spark plugs. I didn't actually get I shake your own oil. I do that's not code by the way -- that I've never change spark plugs and -- are so I tried doing it myself. I couldn't figure it out and to get my car towed and I think got to get the actual service from -- Toyota science guys well let us get now -- -- -- hill mail messages the best film -- messages of the last 24 hours while we await Mark Wahlberg. Who isn't scheduled to be on the show in fifteen minutes and 815. -- -- -- It was a long after the holidays with some little left out. I'll be with the -- that it would drug could go out. You really don't know what he didn't hear it make -- thank you. Not that go on media. Capital and Alec Ogletree. We open with them -- Without kids. I'm sorry -- I kind of explained that the forward pass out. A New England wherever I want to -- an hour ago. And -- -- LB predicted. Earlier this morning he predicted he would not menace. A single day of work. Throughout the entire year 2002013. He's going on seven -- right now. And a little bit a tad bit over overconfident I think you know I -- now. I'm happy that your seven Rollins and you go for go for the entire hour. Jewish now I got action on as a hundred boxes. If I gotta think if I take -- event on Saturday night and I want that underdog on an -- annual event. Something. That you have to do something on the showed -- -- money that bad are definitely good job change. I AF if they'll be -- -- and the -- via the change Ottawa against attacking Hillary estimates. An upgrade for -- and Hillary -- -- just Wear costumes yeah it's something like that he gets it on remote where cost. When he when LB make six months in -- role of perfect attendance I'm calling for a blood doping investment on. Whoever won at the Sonoma. -- 08. -- don't be -- -- but I don't bring you. -- -- And the message. -- is very disappointing. That you would show up in your do you like addition to get on these shows and boom you get a chick with how well. How much is that it's it's fraudulent it's well it's what it's fraudulent. I mean do you think that the natural where producers the casting people should reject those who. Who line right you don't -- on -- there is hurting somebody nation ain't broke in. Prize when your -- to -- they did you like a boat with an engine that doesn't work now now. They don't you don't get how one door and Hamas and the it. Anywhere. Any win that big and you go. What I'd do things I mean it's going to be hard for the bachelor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is to be like you know like an odd didn't it didn't intend you have a grown up on -- -- -- cannot meet the artist -- nothing it's. Purple people it's just it's. I wanna have a life again in 2013. They prefer that term that term when out of the armed disfigured people. I don't think it's awesome it's joke you know if you're not what somebody in capitalism and that's such stock with. But you don't win or relationships I had -- -- -- can't -- -- -- to -- hurts my I went man and it's now -- It's not exactly. How shallow. This pick you it will shoot six all the time in the motion -- -- a human being in the world -- land. Taped it entered -- dying apparently really not that that's true. The problem was that I like to I got to admit this and I'm -- it's fine if I'm not a man down I like to watch that show to identify. The bat that's crazy girl who goes on their thinking she's given in marriage and then I find a lot of entertainment that so I -- the problem because I tweeted about the girl with the one arm. And that made stats do mean does he never watches it do you do you watch. And. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean you know this is call by the way the can be victims become the criticism is from a guy as -- pressure points out -- -- wandering -- and a giant -- my life is already difficult like honest and being me is it difficult I wanna add more. In typical semi frequent like I have eggs and push around our normal white era when asked. I. 617. He had. Migraine headache are. Usually -- in the modern life. And flow problems it takes more than just the day stuck it out there and tell Dick Clark. And just let myself I mean she was in my office she was crying -- anymore -- it has to be the bad migraine and the people who get bad migraines that are down for the count me out for a -- that I've never seen anything like. Common people I experienced guys I have no problem whatsoever I. Had my first migraine in my life there are one it was like. Four months ago five months to whatever -- and it was insane I couldn't even function I was like in the fetal position just waiting for it to go away I -- I. I -- normal. Like your normal ticket for you know. About how to you know like -- you know I haven't heard -- it couldn't respond to him at a time -- at the oh Danielle left she was here this morning but. Bit about she was dying bad migraine and Boise she overdid it I don't outran -- -- and -- -- you have to have an excuse to lead them you know. Q I I can't explain 200 is in full launch is not just like you know -- you don't Greg she was. Crying as if women indictment says that women are permanent about Jesus lost the -- women are different than manner. Thinks he -- me all. I'm amber -- -- -- -- I object Perry. And the message. I mean look the guy in the league he created Lidstrom on the certainly. Has raised 100 million dollars millions and millions of dollars insert -- news is any of that. Any any of that good deed on done by the fact that he is Lance Armstrong is a fraud and that and that. And then he lied. You lied to everybody. A year after year after year inquiry after inquiry after inquiries he lost I'm mortified when you watch -- I just I don't. My life and as it doesn't it just because of bothered he's gonna spend the better part of the next ten years in court. Well I mean for lying under -- right of course I mean -- in the state backed the libel judgment that the London times got again and he's gonna have to pay back. You know I think probably a lot of his like won't every single person who paid -- every company that paid endorsement feeding him. While that money because Iran ideally I want my column on those with -- -- that he's got the name again at the pay millions fraud that it was not live big debts LB stronger stance. Let's. -- up and applauded for you to have a -- it's OK you're right they're not big. Pizza truck at -- polite hello Joseph. Mr. club or. Are now persons who -- -- -- -- all -- is -- out on -- not the decorated Vietnam veteran all. I might not help -- all at -- capable of it. Out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Obama and I want conversely if I want to. I. -- -- -- -- Others still alive down my father is a high five goes. -- I'm and that was in an era at this guy out there what happened on the wants on rough there and I'm eyebrows went up there there and a half bomb to prove to people -- -- center is unbelievable. My name is fast and I challenged big handicap. Is it done now. -- 2000 text there on the text line which is 9717. Points on you mr. real opportunity should have offered to drive Daniel home this morning. Now would have been no it was very ironic that Roger cry it was a -- I love it I just went girls cry turns me on and I know it's just weird thing with me and I love when women cry and love to see women in pain suffered this. -- -- -- -- Note perfect in order to walk through that so they're trying to portrait of that -- I liked reading about it okay very. And just let it back and forth on the Celtics this year and -- a six and -- I mean I mean someone into it now I get distracted I was distracted by the bachelor admitted. Man you know what wouldn't want to see somebody get sucked in so he's -- news shows now and I wanted to see if he had the mats that are reject the -- you know when -- drove to produce. Arrest me and she's gonna I'm gonna try to get this check on the -- we are I'll do my best as we have to -- there. Think that until -- -- And let him a standing at that man's sad. Calling in from the can and the string that he -- strung together -- -- -- -- idea but he said and I'm sure on the phone with the windows there over there it's funny hello Bobby. Yeah good morning Greg -- -- -- Al was right so I would -- -- this morning it's. Metal -- earned all. The. Here there authorities is a series of her. And -- -- any child -- -- New. Media arts or collect call -- are -- -- our total support. I got that good. And then -- Britain Canada. I mean I guess if you cry with -- Oprah that probably goes a long way toward. Read by analyzing your image I mean he's on there apologizing to everybody Thursday night is -- that simple things -- bad -- club on his part -- -- you know you should never admitted it is that right basically and didn't hear her name -- just -- why he's you know he was doing so good so much good for everybody -- one of those things here now. If you live questions were never stopped while so I mean what does it matter you know basically you're -- basically that while they proved it in the the report that came -- I was hoping it's the evidence and already testified against the you know to be great I'd like him to test every cyclist aren't on the tour and anybody that's a pro right now so you think every 70% of body field -- it -- that make. Lance Armstrong kind of lived. An image that he was able to recover from the cancer you'd love -- is not. And that testicle over the popsicle determines that it is secular -- in line and that's he started the foundation kind of a little bit misleading toward people. I say I I just super -- so so so again with the GMC and to some drugs to make himself better and now they resize it now they decide those drugs there are banned it like get like you know I just I can't take anybody seriously. When. The week and -- rotate to drugs and it's it's fine but we have HGH to people that are out of fifty years and above because it extends her life to in years but god forbid Sony takes it adjustments to smoke a baseball through it -- -- be kind of like. Eighty million dollars annuity would you rather planet -- I don't know a box below Christine. Hey Christine. Hi. I'm gonna do you. Currently. No that was bad and parents are now yes who isn't but yes what. I. Look at it for you have to elaborate. You know people with disabilities make uprisings in other -- and you can't I mean he's more hearing. And I easily and got pregnant at that point me in. And I'm really infuriated right now. Understand that -- -- percentage of people in the country who if they were artists. They would probably say if their guy in there and rom we 25 beautiful women that they would not choose one who had. Something wrong with them is like if there was -- drop -- -- something I mean it's. I hate the titans on them and I you know -- that is it is what you call it on it's it's an -- on. If you put it better if -- -- very reluctantly took them to tender you. Yeah now I'm comfortable blocks. It he says now now now in Syrians and. I had 12 AM. -- could go to -- that continually do limit countries speak Spanish. Cause the blockade off the map and have a grand opening of the Wal-Mart in California. Gun and never ending bold move forward you will on which I had grown and gotten out there that do. And that. Tomorrow morning obviously goes back after the migraine. Will will attempt. Things that Danielle says it's been used to sound dirty but -- that's the game we played yesterday we'll play that again is -- deals that will do that they had 815 on tomorrow's show. Hello buddy. What's the actual cure. -- of migrant. And I would recommend it be of an. L record like LP predominantly. Maybe yes. There already somebody said that there is point on the foot that you can rub. The -- and now Matt metal also make the migrant no way. 7-Eleven. AM. And Greg. Network and I can't imagine they and they get the money that contact and I can get Julia remotely belly button. I'm just. It is alarming. What is going online at today's universities with college students and and their risky behavior. And -- terrifies me every day but what can you do. He can't walk away and there you are from 221 years ago. I mean I can't -- and they're gonna go to college they're going to be things and now. -- as a father ideas don't wanna know about it and your parents don't hey you don't have to trial to instill good. Good values that most do it happened but the belly button the substance that the that the college coed cage match -- guest -- in belly buttons was and I agree it was alarming for fathers everywhere. In nineteen older. Migrating my high IQ. Caught on the outer beauty -- the -- it is. This. In the home I mean you know -- probably in pain -- dark room lights. Doesn't want anyone or anything today could -- in the that a bad migraine. 707. Indian. Rather -- not all of our I can't afford it electoral didn't know whether you're a man who know what -- Olympic break it -- into messy. Wahlberg coming up in just a moment or two. This is LB he's yet. So -- mark will be calling us and days is -- the airport noise I'll point excellent premiere tonight locating him acts are they doing the premier broken city and town tonight hair and excellent and 7:14. AM. Hey hey good call apologize if you guys -- and -- here. Any help separate neighbors cover up -- book -- I'm not let up on the -- general. Employment message really I mean come poor woman -- has recognized here. -- you know if you sick. Kind of -- -- twenty pearl older. That -- ballot. Do you look close throughout but I would think that I would fitting that your. Life boyfriend -- college BB. This message you talked about obsessive. Feel like -- watching the Celtics game in the bar and and then to bring do you see your ex wife sitting. Mutiny on our side that I am to tax there for a to find out I mean that's that's -- a hero you have an issue that's on an issue I'm more and more steamed about and -- am. I I have to watch a game. And you're sitting courtside it. You don't see anything wrong -- that. Now what's that Iran that August and just pitch out to look at the first and it comes to mind is also. -- who bought those tickets chemistry nice -- time you gotta come -- and it out of yeah. But getting go find the truck I have to pay for an African -- -- -- Pilot that's what happens when your KG -- Nigeria league accords now. There and educate the KG didn't reject or at Arcadia. -- -- -- KD Lang is a -- about -- -- and the. More than 28 -- Maybe get out that there -- -- grand -- and ergo I am in London who pitched. -- -- not he would defend yourself you people are being cool. 6:20. PM. They get our military democratic. UAE LA nauert -- hit Apple's earlier -- Bob Bob. Or just let it -- is mind knots and America and alignments. But it. Find 24 PM there are Hill Man Morning Show. What good good good for the torture scene at zero dark thirty in the message.