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Co-Ed Cage Match from Today's Hill-Man Morning Show

Jan 15, 2013|

Co-Ed Cage Match from Today's Hill-Man Morning Show

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. And now talking to -- man and it's a convenient and that's the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians out of -- people didn't go ahead cage match. -- not -- on the. Right now. As a courtesy as as a welcome to Boston -- -- welcome back to Boston we take to. Beautiful co -- who attend our local universities and put them in the cage. To do battle with -- each other on the Hill Man Morning Show and if you are today's winner during college cage match you get a pair of tickets to go see Tenacious D. At the house of blues on Saturday march 2 and today's competitor. Is hawk. -- -- lot of talks remain you get an action in every room of the house. That's that's what we need to girls we Sarah from the U mass Boston but first this morning. My name's Barack body -- I stand. Amount on a Monday night drinking and partying like a college student -- dorms are because I have to deal a -- we do there and guardian -- apart man sack and -- stuff. When you're out partying on a Monday night would you typically drinking. -- doll like in -- Florida and now -- -- worked in -- but her drinking on a budget. The -- enough that is extremely popular. With the youngsters who really is. Not must be -- have no responsibilities out on Monday night and an act Ripa and no family members want to driving people back and forth the sporting events on the regular. All right and let's so that's Sarah from UMass Boston. A hint of her name ends and imagine and let -- -- who goes to Suffolk University. My name's Katie I'm a student at Suffolk University -- major and site in marketing and give my friends is much the bar preempt the Celtics game. Go crazy -- came back here students and post game drink and celebrating. What do you typically drink on a Monday night. Right now are doing the pitchers of beer that they offer -- pretty good it's like up. Very happy here's a picture for five bucks up. -- like -- a lot was used to play the -- to experiment with sellers I killed dry it got me a little tipsy. There. Will be yours it's yours -- quickness of a liquor -- -- -- -- and slicker quicker I'd have some of the cores and drink and -- does pay -- you accusing as the -- Sarah record the UMass Boston dared to eighty from suffered. It's lets the says it does during -- cage match according to a new survey men think. They're more attractive funnier and better in bed when they want. When they're drying them and trying to pulls up -- like -- it's a grant guest movement. Not not. China he said the -- -- -- yes. What types of fifty shades of gray stuff for UN to. Oh and -- and stayed in the books around very interesting but. I just personally. The guy being in charge bunker on the islands do months. That being. And I'm just more -- some analysts say it essence music -- -- again or whatever it is the. The terms but as you know -- don't like -- and she got on right yes it's though about. Drinking according to a study about bacteria in our belly buttons there are 2368. Types there. What is the most common type of bacteria in our belly and. That's that's really -- does seem any of them coming bacterium and 99. -- -- -- -- figure out front end zone not a wrap it up so they do Apollo meant that. And I have got girls are definitely on the -- seem -- -- -- mind. If I was -- -- culture right now we would find some in your belly button now you wouldn't find any in my village you couldn't -- -- it -- might. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It'll be familiar but no word you know its own right and around and I -- too -- so. -- two years away from -- and on collagen. I'm not enough time the answer is doubtful -- -- couple of public artists. In cultures and defend itself from bad June not semen and new study found that two thirds of people checked FaceBook. Before going on a date with someone. What is the number one reason people saying no to a date after looking on FaceBook. It's definitely a turn off when I see a guy and a picture of the girl and I announcement on these Democrat on -- -- sloppy seconds like that sound. Definitely abuse and on someone an -- looks like he has been. Do you typically check out social networks before you go on a day with someone. I'll high differs that I've faced a cream lineman Andy on and off I even -- -- and someone I looked up. Who their friends -- -- they do on there like that free time I Zion surprises and actually nine Damon. Have you ever hooked up on tender. I actually had the app for about a week in those kind I was talking to someone didn't get any on my numbers but I'm not -- -- did of the app and I did have a few conversations. Some people. Answer is that that profile it. Think you should have hindered her right there on the spot I was that's why I asked -- that I Montenegro's -- -- -- -- you have a boyfriend sorry but it was -- -- -- one theory is -- Sarah from UMass Boston -- -- Katie from Suffolk University does during college cage match according to a new experiment. Two out of three people would do -- to a person if they knew that person was clearly drunk. -- person I think it is your outlook the -- and now a lot of friends they're bright light passes out on their base out despair -- let them take advantage on where you mean by taking advantage of IA I may not physically but -- ballot on Latin and stuff have you ever taken advantage of I mean you knew it was -- Not person had athletes on -- -- face -- not as. Have you ever been any situation where man has tried to take advantage of -- Yeah definitely got the creepy especially drinking guys which. They pick Edwards are all gathered on for that. There is help them to their car -- know. Guess I'll colleges are still drying on each other enough I had excellent excellent test -- -- you've been dropped on on before now it never no never never look up with a. I drew much but he Schneider's face on the way home from Greece to repair it. It's nice brownstone on the plane on the oil from Greece I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- exercise that -- sounds like Tiki -- she does exist tiny she's yes she does that sounds better Empresa. Since 2006. Point viewers have watched one point two million years of porn. The average person spends how much time watching porn -- viewing session. I sing anywhere from twenty to thirty minutes just because maybe now they're gonna find the right clip on exactly are looking for -- -- and see stuff like that. In you really have viewed porn watcher. I'm not actually have you ever viewed one. I have an -- -- but not it's not a consistent thing -- do a lot. And if you are watching pornography what is your fever to watch I like god. Girl got action and a cyclist in suffer like -- stuff and like that the asked penetration -- Just -- uncomfortable laughs that's fastest creeping her out for America and I though it is it's something that is a little bit of tomboy she should read Tom voyage and she's Q. Man than me being the answer is eleven minutes that is the -- and -- as minutes and you study found that the larger man's junk is. The less likely he is to watch. Think he's less likely -- gentlemen may be a little more cocky pun intended you know just try as hard as Jerry knows he has led to world -- out. Definitely more -- and that sent a bank and have you ever had a rough experience with the larger man. Yeah have definitely. It's not -- up in her battle with someone like largely four Oxley and you'll tighter it's like that so I could hurt us it's always gotta live it up. -- -- president would like to know if that was Jodie Foster it and that's exactly like -- the answer is use a condom.