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Former New England Patriot Matt Light

Jan 15, 2013|

Former New England Patriot Matt Light: Matt previews The AFC Championship Game

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. I am somewhere in Las Vegas this morning I believe that like former New England Patriots joins us -- -- delight. -- -- you live for the -- hello hello hello. What's going out there. We're getting crazy men you know Vegas were just you know -- -- got done going somewhere you you know we. Yeah I mean it's -- -- -- the only one there were so large amount of racial there and then and look at -- complete no object but that's okay yeah I can regularly except everybody under. Here ear facial hair grow I ended up CN Matt Friday night for a delicious dinner and has there is and it's out of control YE a that you might. Are you telling you keep that going. I don't know I mean look when you're not big and personal grooming who can hear you -- look at Amir did though it's horrible but by the way I have -- him to come on here and I feel your old times. But play like we're back collect her weekly deal is there any way to ensure famous producer status has that intro that we used to do. What the leading up. I don't think we have the old man like -- -- intro I think we've I mean you know what -- If your mind in retirement on a regular basis what created in -- for me to believe that it. But today it that's how quickly it happens every week you we will lose an -- back quickly -- He should know I mean as the president was wearing in number that's. You know and now you give him a warm little opening now in and I love -- and it's it's it's like people running around in Seoul there's the best guy I've ever played the position that's -- that they forget about you clicked on day. You're right that that's what happened here and it's just it's inevitable that they're having. It pretty much ever been called a long time ago hormonal I gave up -- -- the kids and let them out for me I mean it's usually tango. What are you what it what did you think of that game Sunday. -- absolute phenomenal yeah. I mean look the night before I actually found myself hanging out watching football which. I mean you know me well -- -- -- listeners due to program against Israel watching but there's a playoff animate them and were ordered about. You know this epic battle and then -- you didn't see how that plays out of like court smokes we have a chance go to their future richer game. And in an have a right to your delay it again -- didn't get -- better than somebody. The -- you know some are saying that there's no way -- on -- should have been playing in that game can you dispel that from a player point of view. All of them and look you can't poll certainly got a lot of spiel. -- -- voters many a time popular said that about me in my career all want to by the guys played around but -- the personal decision. They award you couldn't stop a guy like him who is competitive is years. From being out there being a vet and being a part of some that you workers' pay a walk. For a long time to do you know and it's unfortunate. How it happened and in those. But I mean there. The other gonna have your your career and he got up to work hard to get back out there -- -- -- fame he'll be back -- incredible quarter. Yeah. Obviously. Ravens good football team more rematch here you view you've played them last year -- you get good perspective on that what do you think on Sunday. Yes -- up close and personal madam the bubble that's about what you're doing your point across from pro sudden glut. Given given that I will say that you know this is obviously going to be a dog fight all the way through elementary. And the storyline he's got room lips to you know not offense in the weapons that they have a ministerial distribute all -- starts and that's for sure. Can I can -- storyline now overcome. You know like if you're not the better team I mean is. I guess what I'm asking is is the Ray Lewis the pursuit of the final destiny -- yes it's destiny and the lord are they enough to will -- team with the with less talent to a victory. No I don't actually just thinking about that this morning I'm like you know what if you go out there to talk about how the pats are going to be you know apartments. You know these ready bitterness is gonna rule and of course missiles -- which you know what. -- today -- guys generating. Obvious now what he hasn't done that thing's been around prolonged -- -- And by the way but that's a look at night that you're good you have those but you'll be restored distrust -- hate it when you go and watch these movies -- like that would take take someone seriously every now -- the the -- -- weapons. And in this case is not the bad guys the team -- better and then and it'll build civil order so. That's why I know you agree with me the greatest film of all time. Is Brian's on the clock that is a good case and -- days. Yeah it'll he had I did not I didn't want to beat them group and I did not -- them -- -- I don't wanna be a bribe -- on hater but there was a part of me that felt like I should have been holding your hand while watching that you hate. Brian piccolo -- mean in the mean had cancer and you hate him that's what I don't. Yeah that's about I don't understand that's what I don't get. I'm an I'm an angry man okay Greg I'm an angry man. I'd still like to know if the story line can overcome relates. -- That -- hey Matt what do you make of the you know Lance Armstrong and. Good to have a nearby where you know -- Tokyo literate he's actually come out and say that he did all of this all these years. Yes he's it -- inmate in a tearful interview -- -- which will air Thursday night. He admits that he did it all and lied about it and apologizes yeah. What what what what do you do this cycle it underhanded -- I'm curious. Are you argue like injecting yourself or you amused to produce -- personal or gain a forward looking in the -- mean what are you -- -- we're adding that the well let's -- you're -- that would. Do -- back in the days cyclists they take take a pint of blood out. And they put it in the in the freezer your body makes that blood back and then before before race they inject you with that pint of blood again. And you have extra. Blood cells carry oxygen through your system. They call holy book critical blood doping. Look if it is vote if the pinching of the knapsack wasn't bad enough on the -- bit with the ultimate reason why I don't ever -- -- liberal lion area we're never gonna see you on a bicycle remember remember -- -- -- -- what's the biggest name that you hold off. Really doing -- mistakes later. And now tell you what it is cool freezing cold in Vegas right now now the fine freezing. It's cold it's cold winter -- at night until there's a guy. Yeah I got off the airport -- -- -- airport earlier record lows just absolutely shocked. I've -- -- perturbed -- here for a shot sure you know work. You know drumming up some business for the shoot out and everything also reduced to a foundation have ruled on the same time of you know some guys have been seeing for -- you know could Macgregor burns go Ellison I. Know you're doing play a little raffle for the game on Sunday correct for your foundation. Are okay. We get an orderly yet dead people go to the game -- view is that the deal here. Yet Soviet era Gregory member actually departed the bowl leave -- they might not like it if they wanna kick me out and I'll do -- -- but. The cool thing is don't look. Number one it's hard to duplicate so we got four tickets that are in the club and guess who -- and probably took -- -- guests. If there's one teammate the big -- as big as years. Who who gave me my -- that the future of -- Number twelve. I it's might save -- ten cents and big men. Logan Mankins. Do you need to hold on a case Martin grounder. Gronkowski. And in your backyard -- go through like misery right now. Instead look like taker my million Needham beautiful a foundation he's always been a big supporter of foundations so. Big show up McGraw are -- -- -- for club tickets and -- go with them so I got myself there. What is the thing is he is that he's not playing as some of the hundred tickets that he had for the buffalo family members have freed up a little bit. -- As a mayor that's here that probably a lot of friend Richard thank you -- -- beyond this much so early in the sport figures together you know for the event but you know we're gonna go. We we got to hotel rooms. And Oregon told -- respect your right there at preacher placed nice parking of them included with the Mets as well or what to look cool -- that -- elder bill. And then. All -- that about Rios he threw in an incredible bitter. Ordered to go Obama go pick him up at the hotel. Walking down a -- Rios were to have a great meal -- of the game at three gamer I hang out Mittal. We're the players all come out so it is the really cool opportunity here to vote sparked. Anybody can you don't have like we talk about the past and how we operate a lot of money for the foundation mr. -- that. For forty bark you get ten and -- warning at Nomura draw Mon Friday sort of get a few days leading up to it. If you've got a friend -- -- -- remember somebody out there alone look that's you wanna give me an opportunity through pretty cool way to do size audience. Net grappled dot org okay console wars. -- -- -- I'm on it and and hopefully gonna make -- another few winter -- 250000. -- are visual -- or virtual so. Worked hard about -- -- -- that's awesome. Please don't bring up that's admirable. Kind. And our people on a lot of people moaning here about that Brady and Brady threw behind -- book on talking about like taking his shirt off advancing a lot of people. People don't wanna be -- Don't know highlighted -- -- and that was done -- wasn't dancing used to pirated. A lot of people don't wanna admit that you know there's a giant meat about it Matt and by the -- let's yeah flat. You can go back and look it feels so we commercial what ray and I and you could see did you order to prime athletes you know you can see which one had the better -- yeah that's I mean if you are alias yeah incidents. Seen commercials it. -- well and remember what sure looked forward. One pilot that's what you got now a retired shameless plugs her success at this event is it my records broken -- do it all day long. And I will give me a score before you go I want you to enjoy Vegas but give me a score -- her Sunday before you go. I've just put them all -- -- gold -- record holder brook there were invited. But at least seven I -- say there -- win by ten and that's all you can you know. Okay win by. All right well listen great to talk to have fun out there in Vegas be careful about trash any rental cars please I -- the problem. The big problem of the when you travel plans that don't return the rental cars five inches high or whatever happened last time all right. You guerrilla Europe came out here in Vegas I'm greatly -- Yeah yeah it's a lot of fun events mostly when he gets back I look Detroit yet.