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Actor Mark Wahlberg: Broken City

Jan 15, 2013|

Mark Wahlberg: Mark talks about is new movie "Broken City"

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAA -- dot com. -- get by Lyndon byers here on today's Hill Man Morning Show fellow thespian Mark Wahlberg. Mark you had a good LB say you're on the way to the airport so we don't wanna keep you for too long. -- actually right about to go on The Today Show right now I'm glad. To a -- threatening or canoe coming off their. I'll excellent story well broken city looks good. Yes great movie. You know. Greater action packed five -- How was I was Russell proto work with because sometimes people say negative stuff bower who of them. You know what I heard two. -- ultimate professional you know he showed up we -- -- -- shooting a movie or five weeks you can email link -- You know -- -- you really need a formidable opponent Mike Carriker -- rubble and plays a charismatic there. Who you know I decided to examine -- that is Iraq. What is your favorite cop movie of all time. All mentally Serpico march connections she loves Serpico. And the -- up there. We mark the typical Leo let me ask you -- yeah yeah yeah yeah. Hey what was the deal I saw you you know Golden Globes it was we -- What was did you end up going to. -- -- My wife went in the immigrant elements. There's no I take my eye on at a basketball game some electrical game that we had been friends for a long time where business together so. While so we just you know -- started work -- a -- catch up and talk about our stuff coming up in the near future. I was I was really inflicted because I -- board -- but by a guy like homeland tunes so I know you know tough loss there are good I'm going to show. You know what I've never seen that I just don't want the competition I don't watch other networks but I. I've heard good things about the shall we won our first here are. So hopefully we'll will be there anymore here. All right mr. bishop he's incredible he's he's just he's such a great guy and nine people killed. -- -- he's address that was I was sing its praises I got the chance to talk to him just to tell how much I appreciate it work you know finally. You know -- well deserve every show showcases the ability we that we now. Mark Wahlberg he's our guest is it is this the last season boardwalk coming up. No I don't know and many more -- to do about eight or nine and then laps where they are. -- what alcohol at the height of his. It's not -- career. I'll be -- now since people around here complaining because you did something for the Atlanta Falcons are just wanna give you chance to defend yourself mark. -- and I know them or dial our pitchers there. It would be nice to see the falcons get to the super ball just whoever goes delegates -- yeah yeah yeah. Well this I don't know I'd listen I just took my -- -- -- pages and -- the Monday night game against detect them. Where they killed and forty fortitude of it was fourteen my son that's in the Brady Belichick in the -- all the -- They'll go all out all agents sent. You say is a movie the had to go pro ball mark. They absolutely didn't feel good about promoting. The department had left at an. Age. -- that black. Number. -- resort to all of -- just -- The movie was the most news -- by the studio and advocates are right and but I would agree or expert -- -- -- attempt -- some -- it was was capable watch. We got you so much stuff coming out here next few months I watched the game and gain trailer the end today. That movie looks great as it is it it seems like kind of you're playing their particular type but dumb guy character in this is that is that tough created him. And part of you might think you know it's is it's -- that movie it's sick it's based on the true story. These are controlled body builders basically went in Spain -- -- and people get you know side over their lives now but. Lot on the work Michael -- that such a culture that came about that movie and it's Hillary's reaction that we do you know. And -- and speaking of transformers. Went when he is when he doing transformers four when he started Thelma. Didn't and the -- I think. -- And have fun and -- a recent series were there is there's still a blue skewed flying around that I discounted that the last transformers. And I mean that they were flying all over the place and they're all right around. Yeah we absolutely have to make and -- Comfortable with the greens and so. -- He's on our show every Thursday -- give us a review of the show on Norton's performance in -- that we could share with him when he's on and there's that. Yeah you know what he actually as a pro. Are comfortable camera to. You know you get -- old -- in my practice I will act on. -- real real team player. And they've -- got a future Hollywood. Now tied to do is definitely happening. Okay. Yeah sure okay and and I know that you you're you're shooting a couple documentary series while you're here in Boston team though -- about those. Yeah actually it was started filming the the pilot -- Walt -- the theories about building a family business. In the coming into the event tonight now we'll be on the air and then also about. -- -- -- growing up then Austin that are trying to you know turn their lives around and you know very compelling stories you know very compelling characters we're not. Started doing it managers short thing we wanted to you know give people real opportunity. Just to change their lives better lives. Do you get to vote Oscar wise. Yet what what will be your vote for best picture. You know and it's kind of it's it's also the link in the -- The zero dark thirty. I admit that you like. I like I like. But you know what I like about it. Is that you know because we have lone survivor coming up next here would. On it wasn't really about the navy seal that was real budget for the testing character kind of you know tracking in -- That allotted and you know the he'll go -- like ten minutes so we gets its other you know -- that really intimate. Movies are about the -- of. That we just got -- -- a couple calls and texts about the lone survivor movie people are really looking forward that. All -- it's going to be also I mean it was very difficult. Shoot they don't wanna trademark retro. When you say it was difficult just because what you had to do. Yeah obviously it was very difficult physically and emotionally you know to. You know it just to think about it reenact what happens marker what those guys went for. Tea text -- wants to know while you were just on The Today Show did Al Roker put his pants. But I know what is. Here that he was a polite to stand and I he went to walk down all way to beat him and and -- any Sheridan had to go through his -- -- While outlawed group that's separate. And -- -- -- -- -- this and you know that's. Kind of the situation when -- yeah -- or. Course you know my my youngest son -- And it says. You know where it's too. So. I hated it start with a circle. Tomorrow cleaning it up. Since you've done a movie who is that Lance Armstrong is not I need to ask you how. If you have any act of a man die and what's happening in him in the fact that he does admit on in within -- -- Oprah that he participated blood doping. You know I commend them for coming. And so Richard you know I know I actually saw him over the holiday in the Hawaii had -- order. He he's an amazing athlete -- the they were all doing it. -- so it in the Internet world that you live in and you know bigger network elements of the necessary in order audit trail so. You know I support them you know coming out sound truth you know I think. In an inspiration to a lot of people hopefully he can you know repair his image and continue to do great work for cancer research. All the other stuff that it does but -- on the guidance had made a lot of things you believe that suggests there. Trading after its people so you know I'm proud of the program you. Was it tough to get. In shape for pain and -- I mean -- All manner and great equipment got down 21165. The direct sort of -- is an awfully lot or one night. Like down two 165. Days that it went up just -- well. A game I would not adapt brokered city. I came up and that -- lose 35 pounds of that did you -- the movement then now. And then make -- and Iowa and I awaited deal trading two weeks later one the debris in the year. That's unbelievable. -- lots of broken city your that you do in a premiere tonight here right. -- we're doing a premiere at 9 AM benefiting that you foundation and you know being nicer to people suspend their friends which you wore a bunch of people coming out. From the pages of these there's summer abroad. You know it's good to just come back almost everybody in. -- texture mark while worries are against the Texas says by mistakes you mean funky bunch right. No actually oh yeah that it got to start somewhere. It was. My career and -- was apparently -- was. I was I was. -- -- -- What about the Whitey Bulger found out what's last time here on you made news when he talked about lighting anything -- anything going on that. No you know I am so busy with everything else. Somebody make a movie about it. Don't -- just for the record I don't think anybody or are what he did it I think you know obviously you know we. You know most suspects or victims. Of those things crimes and so -- people were little upset think that your and so network -- Al Gore fight and what he did and that's certainly the case. Yeah I mean it was that it was kind of where people complain because he said on the show and I didn't I mean you know he just said he thought it would make an interest in moving and I think everybody thinks that. Now line I -- I thought you took some abuse that was. -- Hey you know what it's all that I don't I don't think it's art you know. -- well yeah it was broken wooten was broken in the opener at the theaters this weekend brokered -- Friday. -- -- On Friday. And then all this stuff via the kind of movies come so it's I really appreciate the call back. -- that Martin -- good luck with everything we'll see you soon.