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Hill-Mail 1-8-13

Jan 8, 2013|

Hill-Mail 1-8-13

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now each -- returned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians deal made up. You know did you know police very very -- of and our guys back in the morning on W day. To be back back into the -- sure I agree you know I disagree bay. Vacationing or know of no days off as well. Is up until last Martin Luther King Day dinner -- my first is that there yes we do it's a federal -- on impact when it can't. I'm back -- the great. Civil rights pioneer Martin Luther getting. Is the man on the Panama Anthony is not confirmed -- so I don't have a positive and hopefully mayor on the month. Also a firm line this is WA AF and WA AF HD one less robust than WPA the WK SHD one product in Boston. And time now for your hill mail messages are daily segment. And which you offer up. Your commentary on now what is happening in the world all around us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Al Roker. Shocking America but -- that when he told the story and dateline Sunday night. The pumping his pants in the White House do to is. Stature -- gastric bypass surgery apparently that makes here. Your colon a little weak -- occasionally eat certain things in them. We have a bypass and you you know your bowels -- -- reconstructed. That you think you're pretty sick and I probably went off. What they need something what was supposed to. And as I'm walking into the -- room -- -- -- -- -- -- you know petrol -- -- and -- about myself who's -- -- -- little something extra came out. -- it I put my. Not horrible. But enough that I knew which is a common side activists are exactly and so. -- -- Was panic in Detroit got for the rest of the press room throughout the underwear you know and just went commando in telling you -- told me. I've got to be very vigilant. When -- I mean it shouldn't turn its mistake in -- about slide. Out. Network weatherman Al Roker. Just walking through the press room and as -- would say crop dusting on the regular. -- Just part. For. Perot I think what White House employee had to dispose of Al brokers underwear after that incident. The idea I mean you know -- -- -- for. -- -- -- OK I -- and Alberto broker or order it -- where you're fighting that third -- and pick up -- and I area. Harry up -- help -- I cannot separate column -- LB. And that may well -- did have that incident on the crane just a couple months ago but. That was nice to -- and again like I said -- don't drive that and now you sound don't don't know anywhere you gotta go eat a little bit -- -- -- little bit the little big throw a little but it takes. 0:5. AM. Al Roker -- have -- is enhance the -- like Ali. Crap the -- daily. On the market. -- Think sixteen older. I -- morning both a little bit not. They want to -- on the planet the water bottle I can feel confident before including -- I think it's water bottle it you welcome particularly. Way to play. A hey by the time we put everything together. I think it maybe now maybe Tuesday morning. Anthony. Distributes. Illegal. Black market. Plastic water. Bottles in the Concord Thursday Thursday morning in in Costa we Afghanistan appropriate -- that I -- -- the -- -- a bi polar -- -- -- we have the support it. Maybe there's some sort of water. Water bottle company listening has a mask on her record I asked about it because got to go out and commitment -- them -- his right to have class. I think your little confused or marketing -- what to do you feel the -- Men and cost him this airport in the water to bring it blocks of -- street. You miss firing your early firing musket my in. Your musket which goes up at my house -- -- -- I. 704. AM. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What happened yet but it happened that would get every weekend. And that is a -- stolen from the lovely -- out there that that message minds it's like Kate Upton last night I believe I think that's a stolen. That's stolen content right there but he just doesn't happen in the jets. Thank god are typically Rex Ryan kept his job nobody I mean I'd be that would DO one more year left there I mean and yet I can't believe that there. We'll -- among the camera and there and while we're gone of course it was a little odd to see the tattoos that -- That was awesome no real idea of his allies in the -- Sanchez. Answers the naked. Effects on their six months -- And I think that's fantastic little little strange. A little a little bit. 707. AM. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I. The -- says they think you're gonna get -- or arrested enough Concord on Tuesday morning when you're bombing to address I have the right to protest Bob I would love and running and -- on grass and please arrest me and conquered a place where freedom started -- -- democracy started him Lexington -- in battle and got ahead. I'll take that all the way to the ethics supreme cool well you're going to be distributing an illegal substance water in a plastic bottle. In this in this state. And the state marijuana. Legal. And a plastic. Illegal. Illegal and dangerous in Concord. More than sixteen -- Audio envoy to shop pretty straightforward and very. And shoddy low. She was he is a a rapper. Who has eleven children. Who is ten women. The subject of what was going to be a program on the oxygen network but apparently it has been deemed to be. To racists the show was called. All of my baby's -- -- And it now looks like it's going to be that's a load data no witnesses while I'm on my baby's -- it's not not. Appropriate for the oxygen network O'Brien. Yes what's up. I'm all about. Strip voter -- about. About as a separate topic on third. Period ends up being not a lot about fired he will be era that. I'm gonna fire -- talking about his penis. Amid. Originally organized -- line. Excuse me but I do have a sense of humor at all -- -- really. Yeah are you gonna fire off the monster and then hand water needs I can't figure out and my hair and we can't figure out how to put press the button did you -- news on the music you can pack a musket fire and pretty -- backed up. Hey I'm gonna make the point -- give a lot of great can't tell. Well organized element we're gonna I'm not. What at least in the middle of Concord secondary selling water bottles and is on a good idea. Arrested for not having a license -- these town crier. Yeah. We're gonna force water dangerous water. In nine deadly plastic bottles -- on the people -- okay that's what we're gonna do on Thursday morning and I hope old lady who. Who caused this whole entire ruckus is going to be out there and I hope she shows up in Mexico secure zone seats idea yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and seventeen DN. Yes I mean my opinion. It I -- -- they've got. A good message. -- -- -- Woman young lady during coed each match had -- her special area. After a Boston Bruins legend wasn't LP but we learned that earlier. During colored cage match today. Thanks twenty -- They didn't think the bigger blow apart there -- have to do -- revolutionary war and that didn't always did you could be. Popular yeah and you. Know. Truly who -- after talking. Yeah. Chance. -- -- I don't like to. Being no caller anything but I believe it was a doctor Dawes who well who went through the Concord area on the horse -- not Paul Revere. I think great united that is just Google -- yes I think our -- there. No it's not and I got -- I think it's clear that -- do this. A believe it is. Not to be a stickler on history but I believe it's a good doctor Dodd's but yes pulp carrier that should be -- -- ask -- your name on Thursday morning -- and 26. -- -- -- -- act like itself from the bedroom one bad news on people look cute little bit. But I eat cereal -- go. -- does that well. Meant people are vicious -- journalists present I'm -- is real and casinos. Look now you reflect back on it do you your marriage I mean we used to feel good about it it is still Phillips out of bothers me about some time it's. Lost. I don't it's there's been over and got a child by. Got a child and minutes and I got to ride out tomorrow once a week but did tenacity. Day maybe catch my kid on I chat. -- -- Yeah we don't what's happening. Let me throw little history at all you can -- that's not dot that he -- happens so some -- water bottle. Often. Yes -- instead Xerox. Was it. I smashing. Ben Franklin or out of that all come about issues aren't what you like you groupie for in the -- -- -- for the signers of the declaration -- ridiculous. Those guys get it there and all the terms you're saying hang around. That. 7:29. AM. Nobody is watching -- -- bought. OK -- good. Interconnected so yeah I'm. The media is that ensure energy you know I'd be -- Throughout there and minimizing it is trickling down to bicycle and little courses -- offer any match and then from. Hello Steve. Yes so we don't look smaller -- I live in the Arnold Clark heard gradually. Speed and our authorities dumping the only reason why -- apple have out for the bottled water -- yeah it's because they get it during a football game and nobody showed up the -- really. Can't change. She lit up the street remained -- trying to apple ought to get -- all plastic bag that the court. Well of course that's coming next just like Brookline yes because you order I read an interview with -- you know what happens. During the the winter. During the storms all of the plastic water bottles are sucked into the brain storm drain and they make their way to the ocean. And then a beluga whale. Chokes on it that's it happens that's life that's -- -- now. Very it's very irritating you can't go into adult components such -- got gravel lot a lot of what you know how old -- bring it in the caucus. Coming up in just two or three minutes speaking of animals a candlelight vigil held last night for an animal. Over 200 people showed up we'll tell you where and which particular animal. 705. AM. Okay. It would do well I destroy adored. All -- okay tomorrow I think go what are you doing. The.