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Co-Ed Cage Match from Today's Hill-Man Morning Show

Jan 8, 2013|

Co-Ed Cage Match from Today's Hill-Man Morning Show

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. And now talking to a man and it's a convenient and that -- Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians out of panic people didn't go ahead cage match -- I'm not big on Sunday. If you win this morning you get a dvd copy. Cut back magnetic pass from Metallica dvd copy of putback and not a magnetic for you from Metallica if you win -- cage match two girls today Olivia. From Boston university. And Sierra. Also from Boston University these ladies are on winter break your opening yes on winter break having a good -- you are enjoying themselves over towards the -- -- area -- Cink Kenny wrote does that sound right summer though is that half the size of -- by science building apps the globe to -- -- -- -- -- -- an overwhelming yes it yesterday. And let's get a contestant if he is a lease up. This morning hello Lisa -- mining scenario. That idea how holidays. -- wonder what did you make your New Year's resolution. -- -- -- now at our. And start working out again recruits out of bounds or. Our. Unlimited right now and you don't fix it Clinton's many girls that. Is going to -- -- -- to go -- and -- can decide who's gonna win wall we'll meet Olivia from the EU. First this morning. Charming as Olivea Miami junior -- be -- don't Wear on winter break and Albert and is hanging out of the athletes and owns it's always good to have them around. No I. It's been partying. An unlimited under an -- lives -- in what have you been drinking on winter break. We just went through two bottles are real enough that began. I'd always pretty much the usual dress you know and have you been very sexual while on break I mean like I said the athletes are still in town ever breaks. It's been pretty fun. What athletes are you looking up when. Definitely not so all is I don't straighten out the problem. And it can't vote and -- guys. That's Olivia let me Sarah. Hi my name's Sarah from Indiana and three -- to and not really looking to become a doctor around just like in her husband's and yes so we -- we've been on break for allows. Just heavy during game party gang a little bit awards mixed in there and. Lot of times. Since your premed and you know little bit of. Diseases I'm assuming I have a little something on. Especially area could you look at me there -- absolutely there's ten with that completely. An effort and a. -- -- I definitely suggest you -- your fitness and if it's different when you relieve yourself there might pianist and. It's genital -- She did I love it -- voice and -- one idea Snickers bars and Johnson for a building you're gonna that. And -- that not nailed it by at least that he thinks era or Olivia wins. And Libya does with today's question. 6 PM on Saturdays and December's the most likely time of the entire year to blues won your vibrator. Just I've lost like thirty of them and with the force. Get always had an extra. What ever finds that I've raise left and have them -- -- the girlfriend's name an -- -- How often do you bribery you know. -- clouds you try to decide to get it out so you're you can pay attention -- tally to -- all I ask you before clouds. Whenever you're at the library is possibly your backpack ready to go out of those water bottle carriers and backpacks now perfect. Every Juliet gets closer to college I get closer to suicides. Are advised that doesn't help them to concentrate the answers your phone not now not the vibrator -- in the -- the most commonplace to have sex in public in 2012. Ones to like locker -- count as public. I'd sit library of it's on a locker and I like libraries. Lots of books you injury after you can get knowledge -- that knowledge -- I can time. If you -- -- -- about locker room sex -- You -- appear now I love athletes and hockey locker -- -- my favorite. Know a few codes to the rooms around here so. Is it time. I -- I can go back to score card slot. At the league. You can -- nontraditional student. If I could be crushed commuter students. About college eligibility -- credible answer. -- answered -- commonplace to have sex with the car. The not to be you hockey locker room. According to -- survey three out of five people have given name to -- -- one. And there Regina. There's special spot you know -- I'd have to have a name for it be nice to it. Be gentle. A little bit aggressive to it. If I'm. Has your name do your specialty area -- it's an -- -- and 1990 cam. Because all and you -- Bruins grades you know whenever you touch the puck in a scorn. Pattern and -- -- -- -- of these candidates out there -- the -- be associated. With that I had the answer is. There bars so unfortunately. And Olivia from B who goes over let's see now -- Sarah does. According to a new survey one in four people have booked hotel room for one. Including. Well I would SpaceX but it definitely more than one in four people but I would tell him for -- and producer of him there for. I'm heading for a one night stand cents. Probably a gray area have them. Yeah I mean maybe match up with someone on Tinder or a year and -- snapshots from a girls -- do hotel room -- have you ever paid. For hotel room just sucks. Well I -- meet personally I've never made it. Usually the guy takes care of that and went on a dollar and -- motel rooms. Four million URLs that -- I'm definitely. There's a new one for his -- Tinder contender I didn't have never heard of cannot assure your product you're you're not hurt at auto market and have to attack -- answer is just to have sex so wishy -- -- issue yeah basically yeah basically it. Question number two for Sarah and new survey has revealed 16% of what is done on a toilet. What is done and it's 16%. I'm gonna practice day at blunt end. What's been what's of -- in -- a blunt in his land a male is. Using it about her own and at the same time is receiving. Oral pleasure from a team now. And how many of these medical procedures have you performed at me personally. I don't mess with because if year and he is about per round and my face is going to be nowhere near about but if you clean yourself up then maybe afterwards that. That is little speaker -- -- -- -- someone's. Dock here pretty sure a 100% of those again I don't. -- On my definition the answer is on line shop or bar carry on on line on line shopping according to a new survey at each 41 the average woman finally stops. -- Giving oral pleasure to her man. But you can't really blame her because I'm pretty sir at 41 guys can't even get an up so see if she's not getting -- -- you can't expect her image -- -- Besides of toward you on concern that you've you've putting your time you've done enough of that move. Probably. Hung up hung up the gloves if you items and you're done you're done -- You need to do it anymore. Have you ever considered not wearing a miniskirt anymore well I don't Wear miniskirts I don't think anyone really does anymore unless you're going clubbing them we're trashy but. It's solid it's all about the on the pants a black stretchy pants yeah yeah I Wear them out at the bars I don't ever expert certainly my house looks great and ask the history and that parent you know Japan's. Do you mind if I see how -- -- Essex and those zero governance. It thank you can see dug in my Catholic and -- like you know -- The girl's father left phenomenal in the understand. Yeah and I'm sure -- managerial or how you programs. Well the answer was they stop wearing miniskirts and leather pants that let yes.