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Priest suck in handcuffs calls 911

Jan 7, 2013|

Priest suck in handcuffs calls 911:The priest was ball gagged and handcuffed

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAA asp dot com. -- -- -- -- British your hero on tour right now orders triggered you're around him on Twitter. Hill Man Morning Show trees and anybody else there what you -- our moral America marker and okay. Fun -- 911. Bob Parker are. -- Donovan was a pastor at -- -- church in Springfield Illinois. -- November he had a little problem where he leads them in playing around us in handcuffs and reportedly got stuck. We'll -- 911 audio has just been released when they just -- that -- -- really appreciate the fact that easily that the public record great data that would should dissuade you from calling in the future but. Let's listen to the trials and tribulations of the pastor his Seattle little problem with something else isn't that the church he's at directory -- a -- rhetoric record read our story dory. I'm going up and the pair of handcuffs. I'm going to need help you know we'll have become political -- and seeing what the problem. Our couch but. You know prayer -- handcuff. You're stuck and it here -- -- playing what sort of thought. I need help getting -- -- -- the building are you all I am -- and a purple oh. Don't -- locked door. Are you an employee there are now -- -- -- the only one there and now -- I will get somebody over there okay third I. He can't speak clearly -- have the ball yeah. What does it. Until -- yeah yeah that's. All you can do about it and that's worth and from the time ago. I'm -- and a pair of handcuffs. I'm going to need help -- how important because political -- seeing what the problem. I think -- thought. You know prayer but Hancock. You're stuck and it here Inca. Playing let go for a walk. I need some help getting out well in the building area of all I -- -- and a purple little. -- -- -- -- -- Are you an employee there are now okay are you the only one there and now I -- get somebody over the okay Burke. Partner. Yeah him and I -- only one -- -- new here surely at that moment I was a young man here a moment ago but the the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's about playing with them. -- -- looked -- again. Sorry that -- -- -- before having. And you know. And it's reduced messages given an assignment to be that's definitely an an but the memories from the police. Yours. -- -- You know with the and with a ought to I'm -- I'm myself. I look forward. You might want to send it to the -- because there's a candle here also. I haven't thought if they'll vote for a and and when she gets it poor fellow. A man of god right there but one was he's been relocated its own -- probably didn't want to energize the -- play what sort of thought. It was and it depends on the Enron. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think the -- and -- all -- abandoned the clubs. Well let me. Well might that may get over the public option of Irving's artillery and trying to get to coast in the -- -- candlelight. He's ticket -- and here and knocked over you know the first thing you said -- -- the cops in the tournament as well as you're never gonna boldly went up. Remember I'm sorry. There is narrow Iowa. And hello hello Mike. -- Are -- current Aurora but I don't know compared. -- -- wrong yeah -- factory. In. History one is his plan to do the things that have similar path yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I. It. The -- go for it. Hancock. We'll get past there will be right over. My -- global. Yeah. Well a little man. -- -- -- I think this should be excused Adobe hasn't -- yet. Yeah Saturday bath has its iron and I that is really. This is just a time when you think you gotta tell you think he got himself in themselves murdered human now giving you just trying on -- For fun alone. In it and pretty yes I don't think it's -- you know. And I thought. -- -- -- This isn't what it looks like your doctors that's recently it. Face timing with other Peter in Cleveland something like Barack. Obama as did get on -- during -- CNN you -- using an appearance of commons just. His chat relent. -- what it -- again a text -- unified when he tries this silly. Put. Medical -- The very predicting that. To be right in the beginning and but I think that the world that's been known as the league and it's going to be a medical emergency service and could. Just the pain in my opinion for him to make their phones go -- and how many hours -- you -- he sat around yesterday that he should have a -- Texas that you should always have a spotter when -- administered don't handcuffs and a ball against. I don't need help you know before if he can't go good or looking for a foot problem and then -- -- and I on our medical. I don't need help AL politically how good overlook them. After a tyrannical where I can't treatment at a ball game didn't amount overlooking it. Who have been there is guys. -- -- -- One guy that almost embarrassed you're. You know. That makes -- feel better about it lies because it's -- looking. -- and the -- Marie. I kind of thought you know -- Handcuffed. See that it -- the -- was at that isn't there -- -- code -- during. These little red raspberry and and I'm. I'd like the dude. I like their duty just left the man -- was finished obviously with it I'm not defending them that. Your opponent and and mental -- or just -- and look for the so did you come get me is that messed around. -- these girls that Wear a quick just the tragedy where it was that -- then he Illinois Springfield Illinois. A pastor gets stuck with a a ball game against the mountain handcuffs on him. Had to call 91 it's just release the call today to pull a John. These guys going on -- you know. Osama to have the ball does not really well exactly that is backed government guy's got a big red ball and the. And maybe he's spoken before the ball during halftime I can handle fact I'm just guessing. I'm going to -- -- if it how good or virtual. -- Well I'm surprised he didn't tell on the trip him now on the ball -- mpeg I tripped and I -- -- yeah. Up behind my ears yeah they were thought that thought. That's a believable. It. Passes certainly the entire ethnic -- -- -- coming -- and guy. Pass there hello do you. Hey good morning everyone. Being -- I -- did kill the well. Unanswered it is what happens is that dime fifty shades of -- thing never happens that's an experiment now everybody's in on things that normally this loop and that is just I. I can we get sued. Disturbing. Wrinkle that chicken -- story I hate to do this they'll be but I think we need the fairness. -- Chester England is the guy Hebert him lingo. Ordered eighty meant multi piece KFC meal at the local KFC could called student. And when he was eating the chicken he'd pull off one of the pieces of the delicious extra crispy crust and -- And noticed that what was inside didn't quite look like breast meat but instead. Awful or organ -- And it's very. -- in partitioning. Kind of like a brain would look. So he of course alerted the media alerted KFC let them know that hey I think I have a chicken bring in here and KFC came back -- said. Now that's just to keep me it's fun to its outlook. There's a photo there is a fun and loop where it looks like he could be either I can put an up front face that you guys on the knowing isn't. And I and our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash W -- my dad even noticed. And a patent on the elite guys you look at it for days later -- pull it apart. I'll be can identify. Any organ that he spent I just tastes all of kidney. Let me. -- internship rate to change things up over a -- to -- -- -- regrettably in my homework and say ankle. That's -- certain out of last week she's definitely did not. How difficult. -- it. -- little below my. There are your corporate partner EU media. Structure and -- up again and again. Speaker Nancy who. Won the line.