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Hill-Mail 1-7-13

Jan 7, 2013|

Hill-Mail 1-7-13

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now each you to -- to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show is ends it will make up. Welcome back. That. I'd be right back there right. On W hey hey it. Exactly where this place -- body. And the way. As I mentioned during the 6 o'clock hour I got another four weeks of vacation that stacked up right now immediately you get right. -- you're right down. Our 21 and Cheryl beyond all locating. And yet and I get a -- news in in Orlando you know I Disney World for the world's journalists didn't I mean all or -- We'll see I don't want it she added I just -- I end up -- me. I may need a Monday in February if I had to -- -- All of Marty drugs or gone off for a big -- -- an hour we're recent ally and I area. That's the problem does not work related stuff that it happened -- -- you take your -- to one suitable amount. That's in there and it's already talked about it you know -- from New Orleans I think that had a patent he made on. -- Over the breaks that did you -- mean I'm -- -- you -- I'm right now they're excited. About their job is usually freeloading. And yes I became a slum lord it over vacation you -- that now Robert I -- it on out tomorrow and I now president of the Woburn. President you're living in your father's home -- -- daughter in my my dad's home which is the coldest home. On the planet two and he has the old radiators. For raising -- -- called -- and lived in that freaking hot seat on -- -- like. You know he's one of those guys who is an immigrant -- -- that out here. You know I don't like I didn't viewer -- I can't -- paper he was too busy to -- -- my daddy. Yeah it's damaged property -- to -- I get the good news that. I am my dad might have found out over the -- my father -- -- property in -- and I don't know about tablets and -- it's on its Steve -- as part of the -- He'll probably be the guy misses a life. Doodle that one property that that left that they need to -- -- -- -- -- You know the developments bill cholera one. I think -- Here's -- team there and community here Costanza between the mass play -- It has been. How and believe Mario ultimately hello our agreement has now mr. -- -- Well here the last film -- messages. The best till -- messages the last few weeks I would assume. 21 any. You know Danielle only moderately but -- -- And over these guys are more than. -- And now -- great when you were here by yourself was actually rather lesson really is -- different than it was nice to. -- have voiced the fullest just couple people to accidentally I suck I told them they sat back and integrate into Basra and that's nice one cluster. I don't know that it was it would have been super noticeable unless you're really paying attention as the second Dana. When Greg scrutiny for news I had forgotten to take the computer system out of what we call audio six added to this -- is automatically for the you don't know. So I was busy doing the news in the right into a problem that was a that was an honors. It was nice to actually worked out great timing so it's perfect. That's what they think that. And it was awesome man thank you. 617 tax -- does what its stand on the Brazilian convenience store. Yeah. -- -- and it's it's AI particularly. We a couple of seniors apartment. Is today. Storage locker -- And answer no not any of them again because I guess it's not a man as mentally you know who's on the left. Look it's time yeah. Stinks to me at all. Yeah there are reaping -- trail no it couldn't take that actually kill because of that break felt happier locker I. Yeah. Spaz Israel does not have a tattoo on our dime of me but I was -- girlfriend did say no to the proposal on Christmas. Unfortunately but she is gonna stay with you she is just I mean. -- it out -- probably hoping that mallet. Back from his back and wait for that. It's probably the dollar -- were able to return I'll shoot raining -- economic -- not present this Costco where to get it from I went to. Sudbury were to accept that grow beyond general exchange I asked. Did you -- don't tell me yeah that's sort of exchange and right now would you pay for that senator. And fifty. -- -- But that's pathetic that's good BOR I tell you why it took me forever -- money for it must have a lot of video. Thanks for fun is all him. But I can call out guys -- if go to elite didn't. And he'd. And then and now. The guy I was called in earlier saying these are real die hide Bruins fan but he's not gonna go to any he's going to be. Different from a lot of I had you -- there -- few days -- they're just up there will be at Rockingham that don't spend any money than give the united Jeremy. You think it's only one out of a hundred. I think that's close to like thirty or 40%. Have been anybody want to he barks about against anybody -- every and we sold -- first game sold her skippers and first time Thursday games there's that human form and 0:1. AM. They've that would keep them that he could beyond the need. He didn't you -- reporter. And it. Make sure you check out. Check out today's opinions under the influence that'll be podcast at WA AF dot com and about 11 o'clock today are you with the girl she was. Had many many many but does it and cranberries. She mentioned in. Apparently likes to have sex with -- some that Kaiser has in the past and opulence that are -- that that was one of the things that she feared. What is you prediction. -- you predictions that department 11 AM. Have a girlfriend that. You know what -- after barrier so well look at the bright side by one left him to run out on. Interconnected. That balanced growth. The fifth. Ball unless the alien on that I'm 23 all of. Are -- are itself what needed such courage to stand out when Larry if you. Blew it. Yeah yeah. Did you really get down on one -- couldn't dry -- We -- -- to do it what do you what do you starring in Downton Abbey that both the don't know -- the -- monastery and you don't watch that -- had at finance -- I'll hook you are horrendously on television -- -- my English a day earlier in my mother England I think when he wished he'd be a nightmare I can't see you like in your boxers. Sitting down to watch Downton Abbey beyond all I can. I don't think it's designed it yeah it Ulster. Alleged downtown -- thank you to map. -- just the fact that I knew it was done that yet aggressive pleasant when I was raised on Coronation Street. Born. -- -- -- Or follow up. And it got kicked out Gloria Berger. -- Johnson's job. That delayed DJ had the largest jump on the Boston Celtics thanks to Don Johnson Miami Vice are we now know it the and he apparently side DJ in the locker room and. Well shared that information and now I feel for DJ because -- -- you know back in the day from the you know YouTube -- saying -- and you do that everybody and friends of players coming out and draw kids and not you and I understand they're gonna -- evidence is a giant is the highest figure invited to a conference I think it was obviously lurking around -- You don't have an option you don't have an option you are you from your log into the shower or do -- -- -- the. Don't want the we -- pleased that these holes and you're the third option that you can't read Daniel just live my. Well the deep. -- -- There and I'm not. Network that obviously we play enhancing his swing around. That no -- Andy Samberg in and Justin Timberlake. Like the black -- definitely you know. You're out of my pocket I -- and takes twenty -- CNN. Yeah. It goes back quite get away not to watch it. And now she couldn't tell everybody is another guy everybody says here's the Texas says that those guys don't want their die hard tickets all take and yours truly a real NHL ice jam records as. Doesn't -- -- any him. Elevated -- -- -- Leo let's go to a third of your normal -- a couple of good. -- -- -- We still booze -- -- against -- and of course that it is mark Butler Saturday you metered out. And how -- don't even locked out of its uneven sing anything film. We're in play my own 14 AM. 820. You know away door morning always wanted them. Elsewhere so that we mean it really in my own. Was gonna go get up in the morning going around -- -- it was work -- Carolina highway traffic anywhere. But he takes that. Seeks to eat all of caddie the only -- wanna go fighting do we really have to black all the way back up you know and coach didn't get -- do. And it -- 1% and that senator right there they listen kids are too lazy to walk backup failed us okay that's okay I'm let me go home -- -- when you only get my Polaris 3000 I'll be -- -- -- -- in that picture that night treated like I just killed like several wild animals were you thinking. It's a different -- yeah. You look like your rookie snowmobile because anybody owns his own words -- snowmobile suits exactly warmed up yet she Monroe look it is not winning -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It -- sneakers though big problem and if the owners and the -- illness. -- -- Hey what's -- ball. There's just got I would like a giraffe neck -- neck. -- Now and ice just no idea. 7:23. AM. Great if Kim who works and it looked at and get back to work quickly to back over the out there in this two week. -- --