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Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins

Jan 7, 2013|

Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins talks about going back to work

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. John Norton of the Boston Bruins joins us this morning -- -- eight. There -- congratulations. Back here back here after about finally you get to play some hockey where you -- I finally got your weekly column and yeah -- -- -- yet we -- we should announce. Thursdays with authority happening throughout the NHL season on this program. And delighted that mr. Thornton is -- us every every week during the NHL season up bright and early and ready to be on the show. Now where you yesterday when he found out. Just go to bed and it had its parent -- out five -- by -- get -- to go or rather nice text I'm like well maybe they'll just take their often. To get ready for the seat and that. What is he did is he like reverend run does he send out some kind of an inspirational green text every morning. I think yeah I think it does that on Twitter something but I don't follow on whether I'm not on -- but I would know that. He just shot at a very that's certainly know all the guidance in this saying -- -- And literally had just gotten out of that in there. It sort wake up it might be a little bit brighter. Parents -- me doing it was a big part of the negotiations. At the end he went down. You know midway through the week I think him and stay down -- all we actually. We are happy to -- down I was one of the guys -- for undergoing. He's he's pretty good at tablets and opinions so odd years ago water in the remote. There are the argument -- There -- -- you think Americans needed. Now in do you say we were talking earlier it was some callers who said they'll watch hockey they won't go to games there that they're frustrated I've spoken others who do are very excited I. First of all what's the mood the you've gotten from fans. Since the announcement and then do you think that this hurts the game to analyze at all. Probably I -- I'd be pissed about it and spirit. What an ideal I mean -- accommodate. As players we want to play all time though it wasn't a strike it was we are a lot of the ranks but he. We are trying hard to get a deal not a quick as possible by. It's been like that there was indeed -- -- that they're gonna let a player and power out of this -- -- -- and that's myself. All we can do now is -- -- -- pretty approach what relate to guys look at what are you would have been a pretty good guys very -- well I'll. We got back on board and we got put their product on the exit of the people come back -- -- the boat can do it off the NHL all the felt about them out there. You know forcing yourself for a few months. Who do you think comes back to -- most out of shape. If you had to guess right now authority. -- -- I'm gonna assume they're on the professional predicament championship I think to you think about that's not Cuba. God you don't have a Craig Janney. And we don't know -- don't have a doable thing. The they keep it just got to spend that a lot lot better of yeah we had to go back in shape and came back to court to Goldman is the preferred being deported over Celtic capital like -- we -- -- like -- It. What's your opinion you know the -- well. Does Tim Thomas comeback you're from her car you know the Olympics. I can't see it happening I think somebody out and actually. I guess it is -- is said he was. Think it is done that they in the -- off. So I I can't I can't -- tell about it it's stupid I'm as far as we're concerned. Took -- time. I'm John Norton of the Boston Bruins are guest and it looks like authority what are you hearing 48 game season 45 gave fifty game season wanna be heard so far. I've heard 48 and fifty. I'm open so it's the year earlier period the war against the better -- for the and -- -- burial on. It's tight schedule either way had a we can jam in as many as soon as possible but. I'm not I'm not on the -- so I don't know I think gather ratifying an outlet and there are going to be the owner the better. The players -- get through this week so I'd say the earliest camp with -- Friday or Saturday and not the case then I mean it's going to be 67 -- training camp do you think -- on the all we cannot completely assuming here I have no idea. It. -- -- The F fifty game season we have to start in the fifteen states so that would be a quick -- allied victory today you little single ended July yes you -- Stanley Cup finals and -- the last two weeks of June July 4 yeah I've been -- to imagine game seven of the Stanley Cup finals on July until it's what I've read. American Express and there. I really don't really kill kill my Eric candidate Independence Day celebration yes yes not to mention your golf game would be would not -- the -- What is was valued in the golf but are they -- it did affect them out now it's it's not that you get. For all the golf you play get a date you're not getting better I don't know what I don't know at the panel is -- but you know where I was at the best that you did on the lockout. Little golf downs out there what was the what was the best that you did with the time -- I had a couple bad trips such sex act by the remote -- -- -- do picked off these -- Dominican. I got -- -- the Ryder Cup much. But he Keegan but there's Bermuda yeah the Caribbean and Bermuda to the grandson golf if you're. Couple openings what my time off -- I've -- to make most of its development camps. It would obviously you you know with the with the familiarity. Between. You guys -- -- the guys on this team does that give -- an advantage in a short season. On paper and Iberia which I mean via a translator on the ice do you think the fact that we don't need to. Kill each other out in the communications should be -- -- wandered and you know get a coach you're the same expectations of each other going back and forth that we should deal. To get things going rather quickly but. I think seven and and all -- Australia on the. Well and -- this origami how many -- most guys only game anyway it from a handful of guys went to Europe right most of the guys have you guys been working together almost everybody -- I think I was only like you Marshall -- chin and now Horton who didn't write. He Campbell I think to. So. There was a bunch of our fuel a set at Boston University skating with us some local guys like Whitney you handle -- yet. China in shape object and helpful to. They're the guys in Europe but I mean I think ever ought to put your sister's child there but I don't from and in. People say that we elected not to go I was hundred -- critical -- nobody wanted to -- so big that. Maybe like a hundred calls but there was nobody but a lot of Paul -- kind of game over there and he's now and October pick up the ball terribly you know -- back -- -- you don't -- the European style -- -- not -- owned -- I think I could -- I think compared my skill that is very underrated I think I. I think that it's a fact they punch in the face really down great academic extremists killed off by early. -- and does this lockout mean also that we may we may see a -- play for the buster -- it's. I don't know I haven't been -- -- province and doing. I -- -- led BHL more than last year scoring and I skated with -- September is. In the series are dynamic hockey player and I guess with the possibility -- you're request per child but he Cameron meet. Yeah we'll talk about him without really telling me. Why now Taylor and some players approach the Worcester sharks Providence Bryant's game we couple week's -- look at. And what about thirty Hamilton I mean I shortened season probably gives him intensive to play a lot else -- Yeah birdies from the girder from the camp and I need to dominating junior. It looked pretty good in the world she's back home watching a little bit that a lot so. I'm I'm sure we'll get every opportunity to. Step right in I think he's done everything about level so. Well let's hope these ready for the big what I -- it but it won't send you look at it -- Is now that done now he'll have a check coming in are we going to be playing off the car commercials for -- Track back back. Not what it -- it's not built fail like got a lot of that perhaps that. Every night embattled Mike is that word these three automobile are excellent -- -- -- -- -- there. And I think you know what I like the one we're interviewing the cost of yeah my bus that's commands respect and commercial -- with those that it would -- Holland it's yes it -- -- -- another bit bigger guys over there a lot of what about it -- a little bit of pride they've been college debut August or even not be great note please be -- there oh yeah absolutely. People know good people of pride and you do you do that you so. Tom and the creditors are calling everything you've been able to pay the bills but now you're glad to get a check right let's get to get a -- Thanks very -- -- budget for three weeks from now I gotta just Burton. Yes well listen where we're very excited about having on every there. Today so we'll get it going next week in and I'm couldn't be couldn't be happier about hockey and I know there's a lot a lot of business owners down but the cardinal are pretty happy about it too and a lot of people out who don't know a lot of people -- two games and everything so. You got stored in and wolf -- next week. But Q okay car -- Sort Boston Bruins.