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The Hill-Man Huddle with Aaron Hernandez of The New England Patriots

Jan 7, 2013|

The Hill-Man Huddle with Aaron Hernandez of The New England Patriots: Playoff talk!

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAA asp dot com. And we -- say happy new year to -- out -- Aaron Hernandez who joins us this morning hand. -- but. Did you do however holidays. Pretty good but -- vote for him yet green little Christmas woods yet need to gifts from the from the girlfriend. Did -- sort of the basis for me at a pool tables list of. Really. Big screen TV down there. It is pretty. And it's your own little mantown any any particular autograph jerseys that you would like to have if you could have one on a -- Jersey. And any athlete Aaron Hernandez who would have me. And Europe. Was your -- -- -- They -- let Barry Sanders yes. -- -- -- -- Is there whoever loses this little person always disliked what great players. Who do you have a favorite team. Those patriots -- don't know. Now we -- -- -- you -- Equipment here yet. Patriots almost that reward for all of the patriots would have been playing him to death I'm sorry -- -- you -- playing close to close to go on a pirate and pirated story chain myself to fox. And I. But the doctor I mean she's not old enough to really appreciate Christmas right. Is there. We still open presents -- better held her hand to make her open it feels so good -- there's been. Let's say that's the way to do it. Did you get any gifts for your teammates. It didn't -- what Brady -- Brady give you are thugs. Wrote this here now. No -- from from a balance. All right well listen you guys obviously you know we're talking about it earlier beat Houston pretty bad last time around. How do you think that affects those guys. Mentality wise coming into this game months -- -- -- -- Will be a different team come in Libby loyally and more aware of and I became that if they're going to be playing. -- populated and get -- and play out -- everybody brings their best and. Did did the defense did pretty well stopping aryan buster last time I know he said after Saturday's game we owe them one. That was his quote is that you -- able you guys able use that a little bit but bulletin board wise says they say. A feel good person would do -- there would prepare the same every week. We just tackle low tort and play how we play it sure will be. Why it's kind of it's kind of a great example of the patriots way Houston maybe should know looked. Too far ahead because series three weeks ago they they they were sitting with the -- and they can at home field. Had mansion and instead I think that they got -- they lost what. They only won twice in their last four games and and I think that's you know that's that's a credit to you guys in the way you guys always are about to present. Here we deserve. Access to a person that does that leader in the seat and get the Mort Mort who wins when -- So. When you've got to come to play it that is seen them go and make sure -- -- the place. He's got to keep playing our ball -- be in these victories and make that big then. For you know Aaron how much of a difference does having gone back make. Well he deserves the sisters presences. Yeah thick coat -- water to people for him arrested opens up well and that was more -- -- our running game the big bodies. He's this president has spent so much better well. You know he can be a huge difference maker when it comes to pass protection. How however looked like he was. Kind of protecting that arm a little bit. Last game the you'd think that that will be a little bit different this time around. I'm not sure. I think there's there's we -- good for its. I feel like there will be better rated -- What was it good for you -- you are you completely healthy. Yeah I'm pretty good -- You know also pretty good the -- well. -- and of injuries. Puncher hopefully you're able to watch a little football over the weekend. You think RG three was being -- roller derby selfish when he played that game yesterday. -- Can return America competitive Buick. They look like he was hurt. I'm sure he was using -- in their their. Up player and person -- Go -- -- you lose feel like. You know we reduce -- Though you feel like he wasn't necessarily being selfish that he did you know it is an obligation -- I think it's one is easier in the right start the game right there are things change in the second Hamburg you know and the idea was yanked himself. Mike Shanahan is on the podium any half wheels keep line. It's about Mike Shanahan you know making the decision put buttons thousands. On any now is it accurate that but to get ready for use than last time bill have you guys use the brackets. To imitate the reach of the JJ watt do you think do you think -- bring the rackets back again this week. Well what -- you director -- every week in English you know who just broke their. It is. As bad as let's wants to know if -- tennis racquet. And hopefully and so I think. And he playoffs superstitions for you as the ready for Sunday. -- because they're regular reader who. Negative at the hands of feeling getting -- on their hands perfect -- drops bird. For Chico this week. Wrote we had a couple of about we do too. But it will go locked Einstein and little hopefully tonight the -- next week. --