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Opinions Under The Influence: Arie 1-7-13

Jan 7, 2013|

Opinions Under The Influence: Spaz interview ladies under the influence

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. And now I've learned in my life than alcohol is a drunk yeah. Hi this season got us. Fumbled the opinions on Tuesday and -- as many days. Well if it's a Monday that means it's time for opinions under the influence our segment in which we ask for the opinions of the extremely intoxicated. With this particular young girl is named -- Yes very beautiful very beautiful very drunk yeah how old would you say. You know she might say but I think she was like 2324 years old and he founder over on the corner -- State Street stumbling around a corner of Iran is not respond yesterday and and and and I resigned Friday or Saturday it was it was late night. Late night but it -- 1:30 in the morning well well let's -- three dollars. My name is sorry. And I mean at the best and as Agassi. And that apparently Al plan Louisiana. -- -- math the math and around. Yeah Leslie Julianne Abbas and the and a -- you know Abbas in the that this city is grads class. You know I'm ready you know an hour at times the other good time Tamba asked. Good and I mean. Anything needs to -- out on having him by that I did have three vodka cranberries. And steal all Colombians back and even -- drinking because that's just how much on the line with out out out -- would you say. And about -- its mind and it's and that that. -- having an. Impact that and this man it's interviewing me. He's got everything in days and beyond and 5 o'clock and 7 o'clock and 11 o'clock news is he's gobbling at me is dollar. But you know avoided today. It -- date but now what did you mean he had sex with a double Colombians -- back -- back I'm not sure about the I didn't know there was a Chicago Columbine style. Now they are now I I thought I knew every drank I've never heard of -- Columbia. I mean is it -- and I gotta -- it might be called because she when I first went up or she goes do you have any -- -- an -- yeah. The yeah. It a Pavia -- -- and what our hands what particular opinions that we get what that we ask here. I -- -- we talk about car parts in the sexual record it's kind have a little -- okay. A new study found that the average guy it's better at identifying car parts and the parts of his own that reproductive system. Panic I think that guys have have -- reproductive system on the I can go on tonight but I justice and I think it will be one. And not study. And a game of the senate has just pounds. If your answer Seneca yes. I it there guys. I say 300. Isn't class I'm down a bag. Time Hong Kong and may sound like Dallas home. I am. -- AM Hawaii. And why you -- you and I say that he got detainee he can't name you let me ask. And -- time me and he is he not make it Jane's country. Back to cram me add my email about command but I can't cranberry I do -- And then you lad but do. I agree house is not working for the Boston tourism department. Definitely. -- Accident would be after that seems to be you'd be in -- seems to be in favor of them according to the urban dictionary. What. Is clicker is remorse. -- party that there's animal alliance and that's not from our evidence and that's I mean aren't right. Click here is taken together and -- fraud and more consensus had still it for me and me and in that I've Ron -- -- Why it's a look at that instead of again that I as the infant and saying. And I felt from wines he says he was silence -- banks and airlines click on the click enlightened and and time even an -- as it needed BM and you have again. And it's why -- man you know I hadn't gotten Abbas and Amy. Maxine Hong. -- -- And he is time it comes it comes as a problem and one might -- Okay my -- Jack and it hasn't for a thousand. And Allen and and confidence and this is -- down. I don't think and they would -- This is the reason that last week he that the gun Thursday we found out the Boston was the complicity in the United States of America in his growers. Single family possible for that my idol you are listening to opinions under the influence with Ari. Our segment on Mondays and which we've talked to the extremely intoxicated. 2012 is over it's a new year is your New Year's resolution. My name is evolution and that was not tennis and -- -- money. And are ready broken company then raised. I was positive I can as marketing Smart thing that amp. -- It. What are your predictions for 2013. Anything that their teams in the big idea I think that. My -- and I and I have seen this can't be happening. Actually bosses at least to me why do you prediction. How many people you have sort. I believe that. Hand. Not kill. Hill. But if it gets you about that not me then three I don't do that and -- -- at least ten. I'm nasdaq's at least -- I've only -- land them and I somehow. Says he beat the -- ash now. It's into the reversal there. Prediction I expect that that's why do you critics -- you prediction. That's. I was glad you prediction was she attractive. -- -- that -- there's -- real this girl was asked him are amazing. You should attacks that wants to know if you want to look for the jackets and you could sell on eBay. Well. What -- the -- market by next Thursday she should have resolved not to lose her 4000 dollar jacket and Julia intoxicated -- this is Ari. Opinions. Under the influence Webster has released their annual list of the most looked up words of the year. Some of the words are big hit capitalism socialism democracy Malarkey what does the word Malarkey. Mann act he duties -- can. Mean. -- and who is Joseph Biden. Biden lives I am eyes as. -- what I end. -- -- and I -- at. At -- and make him anything like that money is being made me I his command now. If I MT. If I happen. And even on its money for it's his -- outcomes. And what are your thoughts on the -- and I don't believe ever and -- But it got approved and -- on me. That I pay. Gone they say the aide says the man I am in aid to your thoughts on the east they're running. I ask you think it Easter means. Miami GAO says anti -- mind if you want me. Analysts say that 1 night eastern mind not to my round. We and it and it. I think it's about Saddam was. Yeah he's only have one partner and airline and that's that she's probably not a typical drunk -- Natalie and I the only ads that -- -- in London. Is time. -- money some. Up under the influence this morning mrs. Hello Adam. Don't -- what's happening on them are too much. -- albeit. Not a couple Oreo. Have been one atlas -- probably lies you probably sold the jacket for for yet. That's probably why it up the credit they are right. Actual killer he had that yes you are under the influence today every Monday you hear your opinions under the influence on the Hill Man Morning Show.