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Hill-Mail 12-20-12

Dec 20, 2012|

Hill-Mail 12-20-12

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Thanks fourteen age old. I'm gonna run out in my local Asian archer -- global warm and getting truly happy and. I didn't think I unfortunately can't go to separate we -- -- are nothing more they shut the place in Sudbury -- Asia now. And it was all he emotion that led to the undercover cop bring out what was going on there. Once that Asian woman started to make that motion really -- -- I'm doing you want when I am glad that I'm an expert I'd have a -- -- about a -- -- and I'm. That's a. He learned DN. Well well I can't believe it worked so hard -- book. The old army boot at all or want to let -- been approved. Is it harder. Anderson and -- and the world -- agenda -- cooler. And began to Imus. And the -- and kulana. And getting caught in the rain. That's what that's the end of the world that's how it should happen down on the in the dunes in the case of. You -- that's just a big -- -- You're an inaudible getting caught in. My name is -- -- I would charge like you re all of the package store -- it out to Franco Kasper -- 0:9. AM. Doctor that worked on her -- So. That work. Go home -- include whether you're -- today but I was hooked up -- those words. Must and pitched -- -- where they put blocks on the truck and there's little box on the truck mr. Butler. Well. 52 week old -- Things. That morning so we'll go home commute and little wind field political news. Who so that type of African American men. And -- out. To appoint a -- higher -- omens but. He's still there working aboard the heart and also produce it there. Very very very talented Obama. Think 0:3. AM. Yes I come all the popular. Not a great you. Can go out there and Hartnett -- -- it here -- Yeah you bet that I can. And the Internet is here reference. Lieutenant Dan. 69 as little Seton top of the ball don't forget these. Get the gallon of milk in the pre made submarine sandwich to go on and all the rest of the I. And I would always go political analyst yeah lieutenant -- I could tell it and we're at it get there everybody knows. 0:1. AM. It now or. Oh incumbent. Which we were discussing earlier scientists say. That there are several ways in which the world will and on one of which is the dust comment which will -- there that while pregnant and all suffocate. On another way is the underwater. Landslides landslide which will give us another six weeks actually but the big fire. They'll come as a big methane gas that you should be at least the mapping gas. And then the third way which I don't like is this super volcano and will we will all -- Burned to death and molten hot lava tomorrow morning those of the three way is that astrophysicist. And other Scion he's announced that the world and. 12:39. PM. You know men and women and they come and go we will always pretty owners -- -- true okay in my heart. And. Think it's funny. When he has -- more than just pretty fair the as a man themselves. And it's hard. And Philanthropic plan you got a little antsy for the kiddies we're gonna aging eggs aren't. Very witty cola envelope bill. Bill. And a yeah with bill. Well it. We got. Because all we all wish you. Article basically you know that the vehicle with all of -- secret of fact that they -- on the up. All of them they'll upload incumbent there all it -- the president pulled back. And out all along that all you need to let. Down. I have to hang on from. It's in the middle of having fun here and -- the world is gonna and then naturally certain serious segments on the show concern. Don't waste final time it was like complete. Serious. Diatribes. 1230. All and. Yeah I would like it was one income and could really put. Hey no. I don't -- what I've read it but that. Can that mean and that is trying to. That's -- the other rushed to the mall this week this is the most deadly weekend to try to go to them on find yourself a parking space than. Rage happening left -- right. Trying to get into are still trying to buy the last guy that's available. -- it's nice that the the. Thanks to you weren't keen. And out into the world and if I regretted that I have heard that the area let's fight for the. -- And the message truck accident with a box on the truck they put -- on the truck. 7:15. AM. The stereo. Equipment -- ilk you're looked like encouraging monkey. And that's not like why you know. How do you -- that everybody. Now -- Christmas Day Christmas every month. Nazi WA after NWA after HD one less robust than WK ON WKF page. It is what you are listening do and this could perhaps be the final hill mail segment of the year. And based on what we've heard so far. I thought about that moved. Seven 14 AM. Morning everyone I'm applauding grade I I regret. Amber hadn't felt that -- -- -- They don't they get my New Year's. Nobody and just mention that. Okay thank you very. -- Gary takes 39 AM. I regret play in a gallon of milk. Triple relay submarine sandwich remembering who can grow. No -- don't you know. Gallon of milk and a pre made submarines and just not review I regret it it was worth the 7:12. AM. You -- how important short game. There are many in -- could come. -- -- -- -- And I'm. And I. And I didn't -- Just cruel -- girls' school on some kind of a Catholic university for girls. I'd even do -- -- to the living home college. Mayor come on America Online I Israel and there you are gonna be expanded Phoenix university. Daddy -- -- driver. I -- before he had. I don't think I'd like do you attribute it to feel -- quality care no. We're right back in mid April is about failed one birdie freak -- you -- -- -- applaud what can get out west -- take all the you know there. I'd bet that they'll. One at -- And I feel really -- I don't know I had yeah eat. Yet but perhaps. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All. And you get your -- -- -- Require an awful lot of and a -- again I ask you a nice guy goes yeah I get -- to Christmas separate Somalia after it and now rewarding effort on this effort to ask is that whilst that's you know lucky day back to. -- can't possibly be the last message of the day and a. Directions as some -- -- -- one it's a do you really want to -- but I guess let me. Is Rick hello Rick. Hey Greg. Well those what are those freeways that you're saying that would laid out the world may have. You've got the dust -- that slaps the -- in the earthquakes and today the super volcano now. -- perhaps the release of methane gas due to the -- Water. -- -- stands out. That doesn't any all star that way every morning -- -- because of the dust -- And yes we don't touch. As soon. And their young fragile and it's true hello seeds went from 98 there's -- there and it hello bill. Oh well yes yeah. Well opening earth all -- -- -- and -- -- -- the -- here so actually. Blew into the world poured out according to Al. No we got that proper like. And then -- -- -- it all right we're gonna cancel the party get the parties tonight. Well the I don't what are you can't. It's what else. -- sure. Tell me now. You say hey there's a club its nose doesn't line up when yeah. -- -- players and I think it adds honestly the end of the world -- and Michael. Thought it worked. On 6:11 tomorrow morning or maybe. Zero dollars GMT Greenwich mean time tonight and then well. Oh -- my god I should go. -- On Mars on the arm and he cleared guarantee its new name announced that. Iron them out and I want to be. It's not his fight game he can't predict if they gonna drop side as the an hour delay -- Colin beyond the show this morning this is the number 6179311. Area that is 617931. 122 trade and also attacked us the WA AF -- line is 97107. I'm any regrets -- the way if you agree if you regret one thing. People of the world and what is it we discussed that during the first hour this morning FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks. You can now share what you're gonna what you plan on doing what do you plan on getting done people in the world and sorrow and regret playing that last moment. And that's the only that's the that's my most recent -- -- -- -- recent regret that the Plano some so FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks for that. And this. It is Joseph hello Joseph. Mark who -- present to Al. How much. So we will -- that much to send an offer although it is almost -- everybody I would like offered in yellow -- -- -- -- And thank you settlements. Please. Omar's insinuate -- thank you kind of multiple -- no -- now it's absolutely. Lethal. Yeah. A lot of and available for. That is going to be a Saturday temperatures gonna get up generally up to about 4142. Today right now it is 38 here and -- saved from Brighton Massachusetts. Call 6177795463. He needs to. Leave your voice mail today Hill Man Morning Show. But I thought about it thought about it -- that a broad period that they that bad. You're reading skills to create it screwed that up. Endless in every morning at 750.