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Co-Ed Cage Match from Today's Hill-Man Morning Show

Dec 20, 2012|

Co-Ed Cage Match from Today's Hill-Man Morning Show

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. -- Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians out of -- keeping him go ahead cage match but -- Not an update on Sunday. 6179311. Area that you would like to play this is a battle of wits between two lovely local co -- let's beat the girls Britney from you pass the holes that. These girls were playing beer. Outside a bar in the little area -- and I -- now looks like Kelly and Carol aren't so pleased Brittany from UMass the whole first. Am I'm Britney. I just had my last final today guardian council also are candidates out partying -- now drinking -- in their prime downtown long it's I was at a time hand. On Christmas break are you planning on hooking up with any of your ex boyfriend it's. Me eighteen maybe not. Is always. Drunken mistakes happen -- winter break but we'll try not to make those happenstance. I don't know that drunken -- not at all nothing that's on REM was born. -- it that this the other day -- if I'm not even I'm not even saying this girl's name. All right and I love Julia is her man and she goes into account yes and -- now -- friends at the bar and Julia from Ithaca. -- silly and promise that their comments and I'm home progresses fake and out partying at the present downtown line and hello partying and drinking then. -- you plan on doing anything sexual on Christmas break probably went. -- as soon as well that have a couple of us aren't you expecting anything special in your -- from Santa. Maybe we'll see I guess some of that is if you mean maybe some awesome. Things for an event -- That -- banana for the family -- hey listen here to break -- Ithaca -- keep Julian in states yeah -- -- -- and insects and close to home. Sex -- in the stocking apparently meant to -- hello. Mindy do you leave that the winner today in -- cage match will be Brittany or Julia Brittany from UMass Trulia from Africa. Britney you're gonna -- Brittany. Let's see how Brittany does is. Our first question according to a survey of single women 60% of single women have what. More than one guy at the same time. Accepted gifts from. Chris and says it's in the unique perhaps as many people as -- and you get as many guesses he can in use on tell him about the other ones are you talking in code and like sexual things not sexual guess. And diamonds -- Dow's best and -- and I goes best friends sex toys meet me what kind of me sect who would be good gift. -- and we have to go look. My girls from Sex and the City in -- -- then probably is -- Ascap and that I haven't really met a guy with big enough. Parents. -- me on so we'll find out the -- and that's -- again. Mean. And ourselves under a popular. The answer is dated David is the answers and you survey by the jobs website -- story dot -- this 2% of workers. Say their top. New Year's resolution. For 2013. Is to there -- a way to watch. -- -- It's black man you all his -- -- on the nine year bonds. He can always get that promotion I get that rain is I get that time not say -- What are you hoping to find when you blackmailing your cost. Pictures of him and address would be then I think that -- -- close. A picture had him in ladies' lingerie would be and did you ever finality signed. If I was so you were -- dear Sean. What I find any pitchers that I could blackmail US. I hope not. I cannot leave those lingering around so I don't think so then maybe Monday on eleven when I run for president mean you'll find out. I'm getting a boss fired would be the New Year's resolution for 2000 -- team getting the guys in the woman and via office. I'd question for Brittany according to a study by Hebrew University of Jerusalem people's faces look very similar when there and extreme pain. And when there having -- it. Orgasm. Past the -- them. Play their pain it's all the same no matter where -- primary -- is so orgasm is the best lead you can have asked me the same. Has anybody ever thought you were having an orgasm but you were really in pain. And even comments boyfriend he'll probably tell you about that that's I can say about that. Well the answer is indeed intense pleasure. From Maine who may have the most annoying noise in the history of voices UMass is tired pretty rally and apparently hero very very marry -- -- Hot fusion have been pouring shots touches on intoxicated and I've gone let's get to the answers. From the other -- cage match to participate and just a few moments ago Brittany. From U mass lol got one out of three questions right. We right now going to see. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I guess you probably wouldn't call yourself the lol pretty permit that was taken assets appropriately as -- dollars -- in my thrust into it that far right. What's -- question number one for Julia 86% of men would be willing to data points are but only 61% of men would watch -- out of. Lee data strip and against Sampras identity and yes service say daddy and then fronts as fresh and their death land a lot of Nancy is if you worry dance and what would your go to move being the verdict that says that as negatively. I'll then you know like when you make -- seeks class booting -- not then. -- of the highlights for this year for me was when Omar probably about the booty pop. During the odd couple segments. Mom and pop also a part of the talent competition tonight -- at this lingerie pageant but the answer is marry one. 86%. Would date a porn star but only 61% of men would Mary one from a new Harvard study. Black men are considered it the most. What -- And then penis us from what I hear and they you Obama as he used to. No black that's -- to -- and honestly. I have a show of hands it. Have you ever had sexual relations with an African American. But have as she's not that you know the first sign of a racist is someone who has a friend who -- sex with a black person. They. Have spent I have to exit acting. Out. My goodness and she says she loved -- I'm not racists. My my wife this is Spanish. -- Terrorism masculine and attractive. To women. But I think we understand now based on that while Obama got the female sure sure Victorian scenario is that Clinton was -- -- a media a 100% of men. And 90% of women. Have looked at someone and immediately thought. -- That's. What I see big back in it's like he's definitely ugly because he's a big fat. And I just don't like if people at all and men and their growth and Factiva I had just I'd just like them and then. What do you think it would sound like to have sex with they have the men. And crowded discussed some and a lot of finances and it's saving having done like brute. Andy Andy -- and I know would be as violent as the. She was in the the fact guy because he beat -- would maker and -- I think decently he closed after -- in -- leave. And -- The people in this country that it's on are the other hand me. And it. That's accepted everywhere. Ito to bully the fat people think -- societies. And -- 92% of women and 100%. Of men. 100%. Of men have looked at somebody and immediately thought I want to. Have sex with them -- that is the proper -- there so -- end -- being right Julia I did not get any of those questions. And Brittany -- congratulations to Mindy she's the winner today during coed cage match.