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Hill-Mail 12-19-12

Dec 19, 2012|

Hill-Mail 12-19-12

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAA asp dot com. Now each -- -- talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show resilience. Of -- like the. On WOK. Okay. Well brought to you today by Framingham board. You've heard about their vast commercial truck inventory and huge discounts on every deal every day now. You may be entitled to a substantial. Federal tax credit. But he got act by a year and so just days left. Well I mean hopefully have like a week and a half left some believe you only have one day left until the entire world is. And put the premium board back that's -- Framingham board dot com and here are. The very best -- mail messages of the last 24. Hours. -- -- not only did he truly is older. I can't let it -- Com. That's a Chesapeake and cooler. Them. It's his version of of the TV so this is pretty produce Amanda yeah. He really he really have depreciate in the Ontario heat today go. All GQ. Bit today we got the pot a -- good day but we got it back body. Today. It's. You -- short. You know it's short eagle opportunities sorties. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- karaoke that'll be a podcast by about levers of today at WA AF dot com. 6:24. AM. You know back in the days when I -- the big -- I would often pick up hookers but what I'm gonna tell you live every night I would I have -- -- my truck parked in my book. I thought -- my truck. They put blocks on a truck they put a box on a truck they have not senate drop the input of talks on a truck. Jason them. Speaking of hookers I was reading the local news last night -- in Sudbury gave us that a young lady an Asian woman from Cambridge who is operating system area right some kind of a massage -- thing. With a little happy finished at the end. I didn't know that kind of thing was coming Merry Christmas and that kind of thing was coming into the suburbs and can't believe I missed that getting closer and closer and I love it -- mainstream. The cop -- that are because. She was making the up and down closed fist motion when he said he that a hundred. That's. -- in the Sudbury town that I. Be on hand to hand motions that international. Signal I had international symbol not yet paper right up there with choking -- handy and. -- -- -- -- -- -- can connect it with two big big eagle eye where it. -- -- -- -- Good to have obese kids on our FaceBook page this video of an eagle. Who steals a little baby and get the thing like three feet opinions crazy from the so close to be out -- on the -- was almost gone. And eat more lives. Or mall with talents whatever what commodity who have been I don't wanna. To death your right and then -- either -- it's -- -- in regards. -- -- -- -- -- Think forty year old -- It helped that it effort -- ball -- and that morning and they're. It's rumor. Eight target and there's a rumor that LB. Additional -- threat in the wall LB like here. And -- it. -- extension and sex and yeah yeah partners in every area and by the -- okay sure. -- and crew -- and AM. It could -- eat -- And but instead the number eight. If you mean we -- -- but it's so good at being hit it okay. That's like -- big kid who. I get caught into Spain it. And that -- -- -- the words if you like mechanical items typical on the screen come that's accurate -- -- That. The hello my. They they be picked up picked up by the equally sure wasn't commodore. Now we've discussed. I had earlier that we don't believe it was getting pretty early a giant Condo -- Yours a factor pointing out. First world problems of the one person enters. He -- inside every 150. In Quincy. 25. 16 -- some problem -- it's -- that. Under the performance. And if you they charge based on size and tried -- -- actually -- -- -- premieres you do only clean up afterwards then. 740. You -- him. Greg -- Obama Pembroke crybaby it it is a little bit and I. -- boom boom and teams with the thinking community. -- -- to me is that people really believe it I mean they've been elect people that those people who are. Like just completely racking up their credit cards that they think they're not to have the -- and naming insane. People who had the doomsday preparers to -- -- thing in the world this is gonna come to a fiery and others to uniter Friday morning I was watching Tuesday yards -- and his wife and his -- began range. Of fire bolted out of this and David -- We'll be during then 930 phone calls on Friday showed the world and I think that would be the last when someone will be. I'm not. And event Titanic. Daniels absentia the work that I'm -- the guy just the word got out of -- Nevermind that never mind that every little thing to do that I expect it's does it yeah. Think think between -- older. Okay you know it will say that there -- -- -- If that's been good -- -- -- the little girl. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did that shift to dropper drawers journalists is that it got him into the video she's in her handwriting and the in Texas a state of females state trooper. Did a couple exams and two chicks. They were driving and they threw a cigarette out the window. And that she did not change gloves and it's. The women are. As you might imagine. You have to arrest me cut me if you return it nets -- my. Now during the and so -- and note that during the pre exams for tomorrow night's. Monterey pageant LB will be he will be changing gloves so we will have. Complete hygiene. Tomorrow night's event at the winds down -- That is happening tomorrow night open anybody on that tickets -- you do show up mister man pounds lingerie pageant. Don't miss the talent portion I think we have we will of talent where the -- People based in the win Allen and they have to perform their talent. Right there on the spot and so. I'm all right we'll see you there. At the winds down -- lands downstream bonds than this is W I've been WAA FB HD one west robust and WK after WK FB HD one Brockton Boston. 7:16. AM. I kept up. We love lord coveted lot out of this kid didn't really make plays out of real little but I have is about road -- the political. Well we look at it -- about duck but hey I am a taxpayer. And then message. Them. Deval Patrick is selling his mansion in Milton one point five million dollars is the asking price of that means he's moving out of -- and as LB said it. Just died downsizing a lot of downsizing in the Chicago area needs them even when he's given of the bigger power play so. The Democrats. He's got that matchup mentioned her mansion -- but he's not gonna commute everyday from the Berkshire's -- -- he's probably in the helicopter and get some kind of place -- -- -- And Beacon Hill or some some kind of a townhouse for him in the line from. When you grow up in Washington I think he's the messenger and I think. -- Mary disparities. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Outlets not a hater but it is big shocker. And then -- I mean. Over a cigarette -- out the window it seems kind of extreme to me they were acting weird that -- at scenes. To put them up against the crew is there. And put your hand on their hands in the glove lady. Seems like a little bit extreme you know the pay me a lot of money to do those kinds of exams on people. -- by a police officer that would not be my first -- -- of of action well we think the chasers motion. Now NASA might now now. 726. Older. -- Greg Greg and I know I got the job at that at all that I'm gonna beg -- maybe your thought haven't died incompetent -- -- -- -- -- why I am not there yet but that's upon reality turned out onto say. We did everything he could dive off that they don't get me ha ha -- bow and. -- -- Chad's going on his off time night game might get denied it's going to be it and it's going to be asked me what would -- say semi -- together for two months every because here -- how you guys come together and two months three months. Every once. Edwards and -- their pre pre -- -- -- -- and -- -- -- and she knows what's good for -- -- say yes -- -- and break it off after and beyond I don't believe the stuff now docked in new. -- How -- like I have long engaged. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Better than getting getting disability which is your lifeline dominated ball I -- flexibility. In return off my girlfriend and you're gonna do it at the dinner table correct. I guess I -- for us to maybe a two. Greece and then just -- Passed -- are you -- -- -- I think you know kind of I'd like to thank the award for this food on everything they've done for me and -- and you don't know -- when you think the ones in this beautiful -- you marry me. -- -- Hello Jim. Are you kidding me it didn't work last time you'll remember. No -- district Jules Hirsch yes. Odyssey in the native at this Grammy and you guys have been I've been on the stroke for about twelve years and it pretty much hasn't worked for obvious when I come I come there every single day and I try to do my best. Just like with -- I'm gonna keep showing up. And married and delivering remarks cuts. That is that spirit and impressed yesterday that was the 90% of success to show up that's idea you need to take the shot your case hasn't quite worked out the -- that would usually hit it. -- -- -- Pale go guy that's what we show LBU a bad. All right so that be ready for the war. A couple of my girlfriend like Christmas even in front of everybody in. Turn to -- -- since the garbage all our for a few years do you look at bear seeing -- -- -- -- What do you say to. That you don't sit well you know I don't love you and after -- going to go all out with four years. And I I was just totally shocked a buddy it's sort of a yes -- oil oil carrier also bear government in my life. Did you say nevermind. That code and -- but do you guys think marriage. Yeah no no it isn't that uses I don't know or she yellow card -- you know I've been married and then -- Look at what our -- prepared for the worst but they'll be -- But this guy that's because he's the end it is I was just joking. That the my scenario I think I did it would just go genteel Alia LB proposed used in the in the height of my drunken retirement news we're still a -- going on right I think. Yeah definitely really responded to viability percent it now poor girl. God bless you for appointment. It was the ID before Thanksgiving and LB proposed -- the young lady and she said no in the nursery which and then we went out and the next morning -- of -- stayed over in my home if I remember correctly it oh we're out of the horseshoe abortionists and an LP woke up the next morning and have lost the the hope is real and alarms than the in an incident where we're -- Gatorade. And I guess that's my -- a couple of -- -- apparently. Probably -- -- like officer gentlemen. As he was that renting hotel room. I mean I've it was or two weeks before or after read a hybrid fuel -- -- -- objective. And Richard -- didn't call it on line -- oakcrest. Ever corporate everybody what's happening. That we are I don't -- it. Pretty good night in our undergraduate. Okay nor are forever on this is the data that we don't in the day. No dead body you know well you're trying to get you don't get locked ticket. The perfect I'm not gonna give group and I did this happen they left there and then tomorrow as a blow off -- more often hello hello Luke. -- -- -- -- So this ticket is very told the -- is gonna think now yeah. So then he said if she says now is ridiculous. That he's already circulating at one. And I had a body did listen I would never and I would have never had sex in my life if I took the first no message ally. I've been told that we're not having sex what about now they've been on about now it's called -- -- the -- everything that you eventually get so easily and -- proposal right. The net proposal that you eventually girls just keep asking how you just get beat down and you like the fine when when appropriate and -- -- relaxed. More than twenty -- -- They're great uncle Deval Patrick and felt that they can build that. That's great that you -- that being -- neighbors. No more -- and pothole -- when the president of. God and let it is unfortunate that is true. No more extra no more being the first road that snow plowed in -- to bury every snowstorm. Tonight the more extra security in the neighborhood. -- -- and look all we weren't in -- now they wanna think I was dying and joke him on the show get a little help -- jokes -- -- shine on me I'm. -- -- -- -- -- Do you who have all the big. Picture up there at -- good luck. -- -- to be OK -- -- oh my god. Well what you're out there aren't typical act for a rewrite to do a good old -- can expect what -- out and hung out what are. You -- I didn't know that is true. 0:8 PM. Whoever has -- bad. No I -- -- the best. Nowhere you know I was dead going to be what else on who it is our goal. You'll be getting any always recruit well. You won't be hitting it totally political hole he probably hitting any college equipped Luca Toni Boca clip so. I feel that night and didn't know him want for Christmas. He wants the he -- that Ngo. It's just it's a goes on that a -- yankees' media last year for Christmas does he want the transgendered. Easy big government has the that yet -- that does not think god he's not answer any girl. Always joke no girl toys no girl towards at least not the -- in jail and violent -- you better keep -- overtime but I mean it's fantastically. As elements it's time. I have to tell you want it. This city can make that no problem alone on real bad manner knock off death. -- on that man -- -- are really good and I guess it's over for the guys joke I've gotten these jokers when -- I don't know exactly -- -- called a liar -- automaker that -- earlier bought for 3000 and its sense its neighbors from five years ago at a government out of him as -- lead and it whatever they don't just out of considerate you wouldn't be jokers -- -- about an -- and keep. That's from this deleted scenes -- a -- cuts into men and whimper a dollar 99 minute it pretty much in the zip lock bag -- when he figurines and stock these numbers again he was being talented. And good as it happened and Shannon no big deal now and it meant a colorblind. Very bullet hey I love those roads setting donation by an out -- built up. Yeah into words how what are you will be a -- steady left on my -- where -- at the yeah. That old testament. I can't believe we held the big. Man. -- still mail messages. Let's call 6177795463. Game anytime. Don't leave your voicemail for they Hill Man Morning Show. Ain't been no that they let the other yet not. Are endless in every morning at 750 to hear your message your knob.