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Can-Man Karaoke: Mike "The Can-Man" sings the hits

Dec 19, 2012|

Can-Man Karaoke: Mike "The Can-Man" sings the hits

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now get. The Hill Man Morning Show presents you know dog whom. Okay. Okay and I. -- -- Can manned karaoke job. OK some great selections today I know you're really gonna like it call 6179311. Area. 6179311. Area to play this morning can man karaoke here on the Hill Man Morning Show Michael on his weekend man. Most prolific and collector in the state you'll often see him in the metro west area on his bicycle collecting cans. And who knew he was such a great singer below its finger hello Eric. A got a -- Eric Eric Christmas. Or Christmas where -- -- Connecticut. Are you ready. I hope so. Listen listen closely in the country of Connecticut here is your -- man karaoke. Selection first off this morning. -- blues. A bit. Bullying boom boom and had them lonely guy. -- -- the game. It's boom boom. Days ahead you can. See. It. -- it is you. What song is that there at -- yeah. And I for a moment and collects knives. Yeah. Stephen. The only. Always do does then no. -- a okay. Yeah. Cool off and let him and is this the New York. OK okay yeah. That -- adequacy of the sister of the anatomy -- later I don't look the guy. The postal board comes and has it is still passionate you know he's businesses in the news those full war OK you're my you're my boy blue -- Lindsay. -- -- I was going to want to let you know I make up although -- like it very. Selling I figured out the -- out. Did you move aren't yet do you get the shocker like that -- -- -- -- No I did I'm just -- Surgery and it was pouring out and the opposite may get out of our pick up. I just get out of the hospital they ripped it died on the way down. Yeah I -- yeah. -- -- -- Well why no matter how right I Merry Christmas and happy -- and it air or used. I'm turn and ever had a -- What do you do. -- Tyler and -- that it. Okay are you ready for a year in man -- selecting this morning -- yeah. You yeah. Still go. Go go go go. Bill go all GE's if you build -- day we got the body is still good day. We got to -- body it's a bit today and you know we don't give a blank did get a bit and give it up off. In a bubble that Bob I can give an exit you'll talk to god I don't have a sex I don't make love. Please give -- hugged bill period up to climbed club. Go to -- to make you like that axis. The good talking to blogs I haven't stacked and -- a lot -- naked -- into the daddy you know -- and pull out of them. And then the guy who put Elwood woody he's definitely got the club get a got -- around my god unbelievable. -- -- and then I -- -- I thanks. Annie and now I really don't know that -- -- everything by. Leonard data yet that is. What dubbed Dennis you know on the evidence there for us. -- to make it an act and act starting. See in the not prior requests. And -- and reveal the answer there but in the club. -- do about it like it acts. Did you do take on dogs on how to get stacked. I'm just making love WGB hard we didn't give up -- -- can I mean big club out of the hub. And in the club I believe -- models in the it would be an actress in a club and a club. Is that title. In the club I added that as you polite Brian. Hey Brian what. How are you Brian. Here's your final selection in this morning during came in karaoke I think you know it's not my day. And I noticed. Kinda mean. But yeah totally -- day. Haven't falling into the same old -- -- genes provide broad debate could just get our own. Because the act. And quiet I was always pull ads. I've thought it would have. Brian given the evidence that'll. -- It. Just. Under. Throw -- congratulations. Didn't and married since this. That's our agenda they did cooler. I don't get any thought into weighing -- I'm good enough they tune into the hailed the move. Are you meaning to -- I mean. I've got to -- you to -- news. Unpopular all the red -- Not the bar called mad at me as well well planned -- PA. The problem there are getting guy coming getting -- be right on the the very beginning and cool again with that then that's a Chesapeake and cooler. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My guy's job around me -- -- tough. Very tough what did you imagine that he didn't do. It thank you very much short today yes thank you surely you very much for playing in -- karaoke.