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New York Yankees Kevin Youkilis

Dec 18, 2012|

New York Yankees Kevin Youkilis talks about joining the team

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Kevin -- Kevin Youkilis joins us wall he performs parenting duties as well I think you know period there. Good morning but about. Doing good doing good. What are we got going on that we like changing diapers are just kind of babysit a -- he can't call babysitting it's parroting what what what are the what are we got going on right now. We gather. We got my fourteen week old son. Who little -- today I don't know what's going on but. -- He just woke up model what's religion the -- category trying to work out. He woke up they were good now he's under his plate -- look at some flash in life then. I think you might be left handed I keep signatory with the left hand felt. I don't know Woolsey that might have made that same -- and look at the the big kid might be a power arm on the mound. So you're saying he's finally black -- easily distracted. Talking. You can collapse the anarchy -- yankees have I know what that means. That. So lets it be attributed big call pitcher Roy -- you will be good yes. So. Was it I think fans wanna hear you say it was really hard. Two to choose to play for the Yankees who it was it hard for you -- and you know I look at today yeah LB and I talked about it since it happened last week. And you get you got to work and you got to do your job -- love baseball but was it hard to do is make make that choice. -- I think winner freeagent it is never easy on the lesser you know go away from me. These decision would have been if the Oakland interception -- giants were. In the running because that's the closest it's where I live now. You know -- -- you know whatever is going at all that you don't changeup in the open -- good young players and you know cost effective than things like that and that would work out either so after that it was stressed on the West Coast as close to possible assault and you know it did work out there yourself the teams are really looking at me. Were you East Coast and midwest. And and there were they were real close to our lives so -- my whole thing going in the off season as Obama family. And trying to be as close to them as possible and try to figure out. What to do to -- was really tough after you traded the wife was pregnant. Should go back to Cali because there wasn't -- -- -- stay at Chicago by herself though -- -- around and build. You know we're totally it was tough skewered on the church and here for two months and the next thing you know I fears -- -- of pop -- have a baby doesn't reported later. A back -- back playing again so. You know that was the first and foremost thing and then it you know wasn't easy it was dangerous side because they keep doing Cleveland. To choose there and you know there's new York and then a couple of teams in the next but you know in the end I had to do. It was best in the fact that I thought it was the best opportunity to win a World Series was New York Yankees. Was there any any part of it in your mind where -- and I am just asking this you know because I have no idea. Where you -- EU also had a little bit of an opportunity maybe to stick it to the Red Sox. No no nothing would not I was out of spite his decision. You know I think they're the people particularly how they want but it was not like that. You know there's another team that was in the same division and so. No matter what they would figure could giving it to gonna wait till. A -- -- direct talks but. You know I think the whole thing is the news just about the fact you know I really thought that this was the best opportunity to win. And you know what what what I was presented in and different you know -- it where it wasn't anything out of spite. Kevin Youkilis is almost a million dollars as unity yeah. Yeah no well you never. They never I don't ever separate money ever in my life. -- and what about the diehards like myself and I've been I've known you for awhile now that and I'm Steve that you don't -- -- by the way of -- don't. Does the bottom -- this yeah there's some -- had Red Sox -- and I heard you on this program for years talking about the rivalry not leaking it's in the Yankees. And now you're a Yankee at the. I reviewed it says you can pin number but that's. There's nobody in my head -- never got to problems that. They guard was my holiday. You hear a traitor and I think that's a good luck finally said who who is that you did you. My bag I do every. -- there is there's the flurries. -- in the -- apologize to everyone I couldn't I couldn't keep up with the ball well. -- operations is apologizing to each man individually. I'm going to be hot Bennett what is behind me how well you're a former Boston red -- that the hard and it's it's your legacy that you're that you were Red Sox by anyone World Series in and I gonna be played for the freaking yankees not what you don't -- worlds here at the. Well I yeah I mean that's understandable -- Red Sox fan but you know you know I got like -- yeah its. Dog for a long time. Things happen and you know that one that will put blame on this person that person. You know how to play better. Might have been with the Red Sox for a longer time that didn't happen and yeah -- did you know good player a little -- of -- there now that stepped up and -- this season and unfortunately you know got injured by -- -- if I pitch but. If they happen and it's a business and you know the fans get so emotional about it tickets is emotions are so hardened and as players. We don't grow up in that environment you know and we find out it's a business. Last year I found out baseball as a business. You know. And as much as your heart's in it and you love what you're doing you put on the uniform and you play as hard you can you play injured. You get surgeries from place that's -- -- a business. I mean and to be honest there's little things that happen that are out there that you know you kind of look back while you know you know this is this a lot different I thought it would be. Yeah and yeah you have to end of treating him like a business deal and sometimes it's hard. Because you love the sport and these are again ya and I'll go negative about him on turnaround yet on how much. I said that's all the -- army and -- themselves create and speaking of getting hit with pitches that I had a chance to. To meet Joba Chamberlain in person yet. I know I've got them out of in the baseball goes up like that I have an -- I think it is a big deal made out enough and you know I think. It is just it is a huge thing that's made up between fans and you know it's sort of like the biggest thing of every article that. You know -- But you have to the one thing that I I have to say that over the course part about the whole thing about that so many Red Sox fans that have been so. You also appreciative -- this say you know good luck getting you know hey we don't want to go yankees so we totally understand and if that meant a lot to make tomorrow the maturity that I wasn't decided yet. I was filled with other teams talking in your -- usually come through. You know and a lot of people Boston you'll allow me to make that decision and feel good about it going forward. Yeah we're we're we're only -- -- to listen I want -- for anybody I think most everybody I wanted to play another ten years and if that's what the Yankees great. Yeah -- and I think most everybody understands to I think I think it's tough because there is that rivalry and I I think probably. You know it'll be interesting for you the first time he put on the pinstripes it'll be it'll be different -- I've spoken picture plastered to. It's. Got a -- guys -- The man you don't think that it Fenway -- I'm gonna be a nice thing you know it doesn't I'll be back at this whole family. Yeah. I think you're going to it's about the teams that it's really. This day and age were living right now with all the things are on this world where they were going in getting so worked up about sports and there's so much. Things in life that you know why it is so like crazy in sports when. In this tragedy happens that we have all this -- craziness and people are just going -- over sporting event. You know -- into the wild it is wild to me how people can react and act was so much hate. Lord split into this must be released from your everyday life. Do you as a father I'm those events on Friday I'm sure you. You know deep deep deep inside. -- my daughters and first trade and not say what I mean I -- to -- schools yesterday and just. Sitting in the car a little early or not they want to just -- -- -- The emotions you're not getting this emotional right now thinking about it and about an event that can happen that quickly and I know it took ten minutes and you know it really really really pitcher as a parent and for -- for all the parents out there I mean it's it's I think it's it's horrible. You know my guess there's a lot of problems in our society today and I feel like there's a lot of hatred. And a lot of bad things and it's the way we treat people. From you know early going of kids but the kids go and learn from adults it also the ones that he sees kids hate. And that's why they have these Yankee games in Red Sox you know -- and there's -- there's so much hate. You know we need -- we need is just -- society. And just. Love each other a little bit more each day and you know I don't know that would change the outcomes in life but I think you can help. Kevin what we miss about about plane and bus in the in my enacted New York. -- Except for me but -- that has been over. -- down Abu. Let's. I know I think I'll miss a lot of people made a lot of different ships. You know a lot of a lot of the people I know in the restaurant business that. Love to go -- at the places. You on this corner on Charles you know going to work every day that I was I was a beautiful thing. You know -- -- Fenway there was great place to play will agree environment. And you know but all the great thing it nuggets come back and I get to come back at CES we want to play. And I always will consider Boston's second only consider what the home for so long and you know I hope that worked out where -- people set -- back. Yeah I think they -- I think you surprised that thing. You know in any you know that that may be the first time a little bit of a friendly friendly and it blew it again now that you know what it looks around the students standing -- when he comes on on the Fenway from you know and then when you -- -- its first at -- we're kind of blow and that's that's our that's our -- music -- I mean you remember that and that that's the -- only say good -- here was and -- and -- was really important to you. Yeah I mean I'll never forget that. I was also -- and you know I would moment -- and my knees Credo -- it's almost like. There's so excited when I got the -- who sangatte in LAQ. The narrator on the basis of that one creative play and there is a very special day but you know. I. An interview you'll only ever going to go remember after that you about that -- into the -- and Bobby said something to you. Are you don't want that any other fellow white. That's in the any. We don't need and all that -- -- -- that. Leaving was number labeled as I mean you can you can and career and a Red Sox uniform better than that no. Line now Willis and I think it's. It's good for you it's been acting here as it does you -- right there they were in January Arum yeah Alison yeah it is quite and actually. We do. -- Of the Vietnam going to be enough to be UN and I aren't as it is now I don't it'll totally reverted Richardson's thought it looked at the principal author and that -- -- -- more success or success did I. Yeah we actually I have no idea that this -- -- like when you start doing that stuff to -- and it will not and but we made sure that these these kids your taking care of but they're gonna have to work for -- -- that's good all right now now are you. How did you guys stay at the Brady stayed out there you got your own place. So where we're not no who were outside of my involved. Outspoken zeroed out nights. Yeah -- -- it's -- that if he didn't do that mention yet. I think we're going down. A couple weeks were going down there to. -- did did -- land take the kids. That's generally yeah although -- all. So you put that I said you're renting all of this you if there's such a -- at least you gonna make twelve million famous -- yes. I actually know what the attacks that come and we've -- quick lesson. Yeah. I'm so sorry. It's -- -- -- -- -- still on you're you're welcome edit big grade they go to C Dagestan Massachusetts residents. The plug -- I can't yeah. That's the key because out here in California it. -- -- -- And allow Obama made a ton of money -- -- -- T -- -- so when you come back to plant community property. Yeah I didn't dip -- sell those you know the -- I -- where a lot of people -- Arab support. This yeah -- lives. Yeah I guess that's an idiot he can't children but you can read it I know he's gonna I don't know if you would you told you resurrect you I think he's a great guy says he's going to put -- is one of those you know it is do you look at that place basket and get over the uniform -- -- -- that that is going to be it's -- but that doesn't -- the man. This merger is again yeah. -- If you asked about what people that we're here because that's what we ought to feel yes. That wouldn't Hasselbeck I wanna be on the yeah actually that nobody else has an effect on you your per point and I have a he honey -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I have a -- -- And I always wanted to do the sign it but do you think about it what about the what about the rule against facial hair you hear anything about that they did they warn you about that in the handbook here. I yet they are all having gotten in a book yet nugget that spring -- about not so quick she dividend. I'll think about it I had that -- lives here. You know I'll tell you the award for Mattingly were bought worked for a lot of great Yankee guy so yeah. I'm not gonna killer stashing maybe -- to get began when my left the majority here are -- -- still obvious single faster with a mask -- the mustache. And it's also great to get the opportunity to play with him you know I mean as much as kills me to say at this legendary. He really is. If you've always you know I had dumped into the -- to play with them and put into he's a big gap and -- agree -- faster the game you know you really he really is his. You know it -- for the robbery you know Red Sox fans hate him -- like. You know we we got a chance Dustin and I conducted Muslim men you know all the guys respect on the field and even the threat but several laws you know Derek Connolly goes Bowden because it yet talked -- second base de Internet swing -- stuff like that. So he's begat in a lot of fathers. You know the other guy I'm I'm really excited for what has dropped the canal could I think he's won the best hitters in the game before the watch. Well listen you know our best wishes and I think the best wishes of everybody here at home -- carried -- hope we don't do well against the Sox lead to help them. And I'm happiest days actually on when you're coming back to town and tolerance that. And -- out this. -- won't try to get cheaper for a single. -- And certainly you'd be a lot of credit around here for everything that you did with the Foundation's. That's. Won't be forgotten my a lot of people also. There were not gonna forget the people boss and we're gonna continue to do charity events there. -- -- of every year so yeah we love everything that we -- herself upon. Her body and I can't -- thanks again temporarily out there enjoy the season's spring training will be here before you know it happy Chanukah. Thank you Merry Christmas yeah. Daily agree on everything right so often attacked the -- that did that yeah. Let's get address when you come to town by and let it. Cannot. Both -- together. Yeah is that it is a great enemies you see if you NG Beckett takes the ValueClick -- Downey really -- on the pinstripe. Hi hello Gary Campbell -- when a bill forward is that the this seek thanks all right guys they've plugged.