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Opinions Under The Influence: Britney 12-18-12

Dec 18, 2012|

Opinions Under The Influence: Spaz gets the opinions of girls who are under the influence alcohol

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. And now I've learned in my life than alcohol is a drunk you. Hi this season got us -- it's a -- the opinions into the end fluids and. Days. Quick -- before we hear from the opinions under the influence subject today. -- says my -- said view is going to be on the show today is that correct and it is Kevin Youkilis will say goodbye. To the city of Boston the nine and twenty on this morning's show he's he's on late because he's in. California I believe that the at the Brady compound out there are enjoying partners and holiday -- and well probably -- probably like -- -- -- -- Ellen Plummer here for our hand to cut a deal over. House sitting in. Perhaps sniffing -- to cells -- That is 9:20 this morning landing Kevin Youkilis. Formerly of the Boston Red Sox currently of the New York Yankees. Complete and under treated as fast as piles of when that you joins us but -- out to get some opinions from somebody who is under the influence this girl's name is Brittany Britney very drunk on State Street. We're doing a little karaoke when I spotted her yeah waited for her to be finished it was that last song of the night yeah. -- there when I was post pats game months and -- post pats did you know she started early with Sunday Monday and by the time the game was over completely dismantled -- completely dismantled the -- you would you drinking Brittany. You know what it did make it on him but she was drinking pocket Krantz -- yes. Those conducive to imitate her and -- desperate viewers probably like all right well let's meet Brittany she is the subject of today's. Opinions under the influence segment. And we and which -- Anthony asks the very drunk. To give their opinions on. What is happening. In the world. I am Britney and -- western issues then. In time nothing. Then. There are -- -- pregnant. And it -- I mean. My paper my family does -- As they do currently like meat balls that G rescuing. -- -- And -- I'm. -- -- At karaoke. Scene right and it's in there. You -- that. And they they're banned snack and. I had. Yeah. And the incidentally don't really get around I currently get. You're admitting that the god. -- I am in love there's certain guys elderly out early Wednesday froze I like the job. On like a TV the very fighters to lay out -- that she'd it's that complete and uttered. Act now can you buy that birth last. If UK and it's like literally like ten seconds into the thing like you just know that she's completely bizarre is located. That you just gives them laugh over nothing. It's. I look at it and I -- I love is the the little lovely Brittany it was like ten seconds left announced -- I'll realize I don't definitely nutrients. Kids Dave gave me. -- I mean Pete. He's been an area. -- What did you ask about. End of the world about the end of the world about the which could quite possibly be happening this week let's see what Brittany and executed Brittany has this. It's okay but just explain what's I don't know what's going I spoke frequently enough that if the freezing and you play yet yeah okay. According to the Mayan calendar of the world will end Friday the 21 of December. I. Really nervous about. I mean I'm super nervous like making -- means you. Because. It. Like it that will. Only seven days. One. I can be released him early. Action. There are -- more twinkies. You know -- -- And twinkies. Up there and there's no -- -- irony. -- -- market over or -- number chocolate or nothing there's no alert twinkies. As a -- it was a big wishing you weren't there one other things would you be upset if there were no warm pizza person. Repeats. And there ha ha ha. There are boneless buffalo chicken tenders with action blue cheese I'd be. Damned if you have nice that virus diving at black wolf. -- into the sewer drains and what's the last thing you would wonderfully. The last thing down -- -- -- right. -- -- -- Would be to have the most amazing dinner that would consist. Top close. Buffalo. Chicken bullying -- and no -- baked potatoes and then and wanna have -- he sacks. With three hottest men died. And -- violent team. This. Radio me and then nine you know any kind of like. And we -- him and do. It would make me out definitely. But if the world and December 21 and I was so proud to be aiming -- Yeah and that. All over the next. I think that's the first the one who actually said that they would do you choose him again I as the -- actually. Consented to sex I'm -- what she was talking I don't know how she got between -- and chewing on that you agree and I know who. The ship battle woman ever now joke that the chick like the tacos to -- buffalo. Pretty pretty attract -- and down it. It is actually it does not -- That -- easier. You know that rain. And I love that that the greatest thing. That there is ever in the history of the record. And it. Bring in Panthers and hand from them. Then yanking it from me from. All right. I believe we have one final segment who is the Brittany. This morning is that correct Anthony what -- you asking about in this most fascinating people of 2012 Alia while we get the Barbara Walters special in. Time magazine and everybody likes to tell you the most fascinating people of the year are let's see who Brittany says Barbara Walters. Made -- list of the most fascinating people of 2012. Some of the names on the list are Chris Christie EL James Seth McFarlane and honey boo boo what are your thoughts on the most fascinating people of 2012. Honey boo -- that so writes her act as she got second seeded. I dared them you and tricked me what is your impression of honey -- -- and she -- I can't I'm. -- I can't thanking actress. Who is Chris Christie he he's he's actually. -- -- -- -- So line narrowed her so long haul not bringing me anxious and an important. Island EL Janus. And I couldn't tell -- I'm sorry keep -- Seth McFarland. -- -- Coming. Out day. -- don't. Abraham Lincoln. And electricity. Is a symbol. I don't I'm thinking and I got back right and I yelled. Nice screen map of the nineteen. -- all from the black -- over the though we have to hear from her -- -- -- that it's send them. I hope somebody schoolers. In the evening hello hey Paul. You referenced as you don't like the -- from. Pulp friction of all that stuff I'm afraid. -- -- -- -- -- -- --