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Mantown Girl of The Week: Jessica Part Two

Dec 18, 2012|

Mantown Girl of The Week: Jessica Part Two

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Usually it's LB who could be accused of being a tad bit enthusiastic may be overly enthusiastic with -- his descriptions of the mantown girls however. -- I'm looking at the text messages that's. And let me read them hottest -- -- ever asked of all time wow that's all day. Yeah on might train ammo when best best thus far is Jessica by far so good morning. -- -- more power you go hungry and great -- of good things. Yeah our student. In -- way you think Harry and I do not really yeah. I can like them to leave -- this is the most uncomfortable you to have -- made me with your and my god I mean she's I mean she's like she may. She and I hate even to -- block don't worry deep not let the girl will be back to you later on our I -- get hurt -- -- and I don't know that it's Saturday when he had the females yes exactly -- -- Now. And I review on Internet. I was gonna say that she could possibly bomb car Maria my number one spot of all time really well I'll I. I don't know that's -- bag in my and I see it's -- or who has currently. Feel like well like you McCain Tyreke. Here's that here's a 401 -- -- as good god she is a smoke kids aren't so broad and yet. Now the guy is her name. On hold U Jessica I just Anthony too -- again when he loses Layden where -- -- where you from. Ever Providence from Providence. Eight. And now are you living here in bonds that are I went -- I can you okay you can you almost daily and a student. I am not -- -- you by the University of New Haven and and again what's a -- and need to -- side -- I haven't finished Jack I don't and it's it's -- guy. Makes -- smarter as a yeah. Smart things like that and I'll say it again she's Smart. I'm so you know little politics just you Republican or Democrat on a -- doesn't matter to me back my my concern is that gotten it yet but it's gonna matter and Republican value. Really yes. I gotta put this I don't have a seven over here. You a home. -- getting divorced today. So it. I am really really happy that you came in this morning behind him ultimately. Are you gonna be able to be -- -- lingerie pageant and there's -- I don't policy okay we're you know we're gonna work on that because he could win a thousand dollars so yeah you're busy and smoking pot. Here's some emotional leader it would not what you're doing are you doing a movie. And on Friday and shooting. A movie that's filming in Providence and Beantown and I have a featured acts generals you know though you know sitting in his right what is year old. I am and the smiling pretty ground I get silly thing I'd be late teaches me -- flat -- at and I -- and -- suffering in the movie but he's seen me since seekers -- I don't know how -- -- -- -- I don't much like ten of them and me. -- -- room for the night and he just -- and I think yeah -- announced accidentally well I don't know if not years. It's at night so yes certainly -- I'm thinking yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- An important. Barrier in -- Matt Damon all the time -- -- in person you know. Yes. I've the dancer's -- money -- -- -- seemingly by about this is -- -- Who plays the Atlanta it was a -- -- they color the color of money has yet spinning. -- you know they're gonna put. -- I'll yeah yeah. Just great yeah. Fine it's the but it's loaded question I'll tell you wouldn't they don't -- here is what we -- a few questions I respect that question we have a few. Questions that we -- that we're -- know I'd get to and I am asked them and nice polite way and we'll find out a little bit about you and on and in just a moment now we did have a picture on. On FaceBook right thing ranked sites against Jessica on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks an entry probably doable I think to. And that meet meet me. Jessica graft and and that -- do modeling in addition act and now and I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- View from your age. Now now let me ask about your -- size. What what what Dario now what are we are -- to right out of and human quality field I'm referring to the size of your breath they beat he's the ultimately cut size. And an impact that might be on display the. Everything everything my mother and god he would yeah now listen your mother might be different will be how -- How old issues when my. Have I told anyone parade iron and strategies I'd do some beautiful season that are not sound -- -- -- his phone. I'm now but she as a police sniper but everybody. Amber and I did but now he's going to -- -- -- -- Number I. I'm on your phone. Okay. 508 says Jesus H hottest ever -- longshot and a Republican. Yeah. The country of Connecticut is our opinion is desirable that. Guys testing and Israel is really concerned about you can do about it and I like I was really worried that they -- All right so. Where with what are we gonna be talking legacy cup over there right minimal makeup and the days. I don't maybe it happens -- anything like that in my -- and -- -- Buena. They are yeah there's a lot of listeners know that I'm actually swimming Adam's yeah. You just know my parents when -- slash. That is that the nerves or whatever is it just the way that the I was let me trying to like I said yes I can lose a hundred pounds and he's not getting any taller guy. I'm looking -- she isn't the way to look at -- Let's just look at guys wouldn't like what's the first thing you look for a guy. There's smile smile and I have a weakness for green eyes got really arena is 900 -- -- quarter of. Pop out that let you and -- televised sports. You're watching sports is sitting on your -- -- and that's from years of the united Canada and Boston Bruins. She doesn't she thinks there's those that sport is hockey that she's -- on. That play yeah yeah yeah. It meant to him bumped into your mom and yeah I don't know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How -- how do you prefer prefer -- booty shorts pennies what's your choice. Okay we'll scientific AS booty shorts make female physique look more are. Sexy yeah 'cause they complements your body it along it's your torso as well as your legs instead of cutting off and making you look short -- Now if he goes I -- Have any kind of a year ago and I and you program. Elector giggle at. It's adorable it's my best friend actually calls at the gate and it'll after the game the -- -- -- something that is award winning again this time as I'm concerned parents are. And I can tell you how I can value unlike the rest of the -- and here. I'm a father Madonna I have absolutely no interest -- you in his sexual manner merely trying to present you for this program could you stand -- as I could think of Richard -- -- society in this -- this is. Bakeries and apparently -- if there's -- up there I. You see any event. -- -- -- that in mind the way that I am well just think Jason can compete -- in the final minute why he's gotten into him now in India now. And as soon enough and. And that's your Lebanon and yeah I've only been -- for like twenty minutes Natalie you one point. And a little detail and stick around -- yeah. Don't drink and don't urgent. And yeah. -- I don't mean this is really says -- is him yeah it with us and -- sad that the cameras in his life. There. This is yeah -- of his butt and BMI and. Here and I can everybody follow you on Twitter yes I scandalous that would be just a graph. This is LB is -- like when Gordy -- try to play and that fifth fifth decade. -- -- -- -- meltdown that's really shameful -- be nice yeah. Yeah and I don't you know. You -- water let me. The other half -- -- -- belly -- Good -- yeah. Is there any chance we could get a pitch wrote Jessica. No -- -- so. -- -- -- I got it made -- under is the missile note that the uninvited and a guy like that sneaks up and the guy. How are you like gate. Yes. When it was braver I'll be your -- is nothing but I just yeah I've got to. The ball on. The whole all of more than a ball and Antonia couldn't hit balls after. This. Plus. No not pilot Justin Bieber is so just the ball cropping -- an older man. Calls dropping. Does he still reeling from the island home really old -- And he's never going to be -- now. I'm good I'm lives like right down the street from Iran and it's not a longer amount. I live and I live in -- -- from -- -- really don't have any openings in the guilt beyond him and have money and I don't know within corolla upon box in the for a hundred. That's an -- Now. And now I'm actually really proud of 1818. Reality so you laid out and -- it act recently I recommended -- doesn't believe that I guess where it was was it -- Japan -- now again. Now I'm was the -- older younger. Older but not much not much money had been dating for four years recently yeah what -- the -- in Bloomington and confident doesn't want it done. -- one and when he broke up what do you know they don't get a little. It was like here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know no doubt about it and they had -- -- -- was with my camp counselors. And knew a guy. He -- -- female -- female until I'm I don't know my dark. Contact. That's that's another -- island. So eighteen so you waited the only -- good for -- yeah with a tough to do and I urge all girls private Catholic ACLU now yeah. Kelly got no business. I would say it -- yeah I've got a great I must admit I must admit to admire and look he's. I'm Jessica I isn't Jessica is here. We're taking some video what does that shirt I keep I'm drawn here. Press I apologize to the shot. In addition as like a boost the -- that is that it's about it's it's not sure Frederick's. Against it's it's. It's it's really a course that from Frederick actually stand that and and Linda. -- -- -- -- -- he's like he's like. Keep your he's got his hands and people just on the -- -- -- -- lot -- -- were supposed to get a. So I actually went down yeah. And now doing now. When somebody mentions them she naturally touches them money more like an element here I don't -- Militarism and a front office. Getting casting couch and as I did yesterday. 715. Wisconsin listener LB is completely out scheming span. Isn't even trying at this point I'm not exactly. And I -- proud. He's he's a song on the inside. And earn a month how are you -- didn't -- like sixty is still. -- for -- one or one text and did you go to a view I dead. -- We have photos of the Catholic school you when that moment or any -- trying to get rid of them. Up. And as big as Greg talking I -- to permanent. People think. Yeah. Okay. From the. Alleviated through Julio. What we'll quiet try to I don't know when I'm trying to let her know I have a daughter about your age you're not really. How is hotter. He is about to get me sixteen in little. Yeah yeah. I don't. Just fitted LA I don't have a team -- kids like yeah. Months and thought about -- until they -- hold -- I'm any good. Well 11 -- four I hate to even talk about this in my cap recently. In like -- and that's. I don't think. It's been an awful year for me. Did you expect to face is that is that Mike Williams well it is sure a run over in my driveway. Actually my dog died outlay on Christmas -- we have yeah trump -- we have a lot in common about mine -- a -- a -- well and then I also. I have several this idea the kennel. Purebred -- yeah that's Smith yeah. Does is being a little light -- how -- you know I didn't. A lot of second happy about the true I have to -- this photo view and you're distracting from I have to treat that picture and your. -- build things here but my theory is excellent picture people to watch movies on. And Stevenson finally -- that is not -- and -- I feel a little funny yeah he gets out west pharma -- funny -- this -- let me ask you this Jessica who think the world is ending. I think on your last day. On Thursday night would it be Lyndon or would be spends. Like can I have both at -- yeah. You have to make him tell you what that's my dream and I've always wanted to tell I'm a big run in whatever what he says -- -- and adjust it or not I I don't listen. I'm just saying I try a hundred times before I'll -- got married Michael Holland yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ended the month and that's why when my answer your spots and I have to load up. I'm divorced where else alone with Seattle I'm Ingrid dealers and today and then -- yeah. I'm really glad I had is -- thank -- -- do not only about. -- -- -- here's the deal but I had amendment like she's loaded. If it is broke and desperate. Body a lot of its ultra. This and it was yeah. Are you a little on now at three day weekends and -- you and -- children do in the battle. -- only Anthony's high. So Jessica is here. Miss mantown -- of the week 22 years -- Going to be in the little movie doing apart in a movie she does some modeling she does she's a -- she was a poly sci major. What else that we don't know about you from Providence. We always like to know last as believes that there is grooming changed -- we have a little coded way in which you we ask you about grooming. Doctor Monday which would be just completely eight. You know where. League from wants clutter what's the or Hitler what do you an annualized where you that this -- thinks it's coming back that there's a little. Yet little growth I can. I mean according to California quiche and apparently he's not sticky -- -- sale by the way yak island awesome stuff. Let's see it depends it's like that guy's a cap -- Cendant. Yeah the U you'll all be laughing at all now it out of the little else is totally get it. I've got no honestly -- yet. To stop flirting with me a really -- figure bothering -- and I just -- know she isn't. Yeah. Yeah. -- That dinner with him and I don't like screaming that the I want it. You took a drug like so we gonna bring him and you throw some clever quip I civics -- is that -- -- -- I I -- -- this text there says. Miss mantown girl of the decade is Jessica I think it's -- personality and who looks and loud and you know would you it. And -- and I mean -- -- -- unbelievable movement mr. -- why you're gonna win a thousand bucks on this and I. You know in a thousand bucks you know where that boost the day I always tell that you have to. That government -- -- and government one that actually work at a -- down in any and Providence -- in any yeah and this is like you know and it is being on the that's I'm Pacquiao and gearbox does it is the Republican but yeah. If they owner -- he's listen if you want AM local celebrity come and hang on you and I felt. It's. We gonna get an element I mean it. And I mallet and let them -- insular and -- And any of an idea of not only another favorite the you could drop me off in Providence against announcement -- Yeah not my cup and yeah. Look on cats that -- -- databases -- anything it's it's his girlfriend is not really I mean don't don't you know. I'm confused. Netanyahu is weighing on you. Africa -- -- run into some kind of charity I'm gone -- Less fortunate girls thinking key component -- yeah. -- -- -- -- Steady you know -- you -- you'd like to have a freeway it would registering to have a screw it Albion another girl up. Yeah I wanted to warn you know what happened last -- to you -- forty minutes to realize the -- for a. It's an okay immediately wants my signature it's more like -- attacks is that it's like leaving out is that. I. It's listen. I really honestly. I think he'll win hands down there's the united they at at the last an idea party at the talent and -- And you'll be in the top theory and maybe in the name in the country. But we need to know anything else that we need to know about -- -- how -- -- gonna sit here from this area. As long as you and are you what about. Most partners once -- three some person. I'll only known. The interest that now now now now it's gone on and no really too many like -- ago where that put things on those and no swearing libraries and while. And she -- into. -- each country. It's a Catholic school upbringing -- -- -- my parents again they did get your parents that yes that it is Emma and the -- -- and -- went the if the bills and so cute and so awesome imaginary her and that's an attack on. Yet in line is not wanna marry you got your 47 and it should divorced with three kids in alimony payments. And I don't. I really imagine people of the is subject to -- -- It all hang out for a few more. Agree we need to just explore you'd like him when I'm coming right yeah yeah. -- I'm just and it. I have created and I just created another photo of Jessica so check -- out on Twitter Greg he'll WA AF.