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Mantown Girl of The Week: Jessica Part One

Dec 18, 2012|

Mantown Girl of The Week: Jessica Part One

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Diet exercise -- maybe -- job I'm thinking about what would you like to do here on the show would like to be our producer we've got a producer who doesn't know -- but he's getting fired from the holiday season you know. Yeah I want to I don't want this job news could you do the news -- and was at war -- -- right over here. Jessica is -- that's. And she is. The miss mantown Guerrero of the week. I don't want to say that she's. Finished top three years and died but I think she means you've just got a shot the eyes and it perhaps Tunisia and perhaps of if she slept so little -- on that we are sisters that basically based on the feedback. She's 22 from Rhode Island. But now working up here in the area from time to time doing modeling what other what other like other jobs do you do allows the U. How else do you pay the bills. Like is that an -- abide -- comments about an amendment my mind yet he reaches that and -- -- and you and one eagle out there and hike in Dobson does this Don -- the bottle. There is always an easy to -- and how much -- it depends on. Through this honoring three dollars street Yankee and clarity about toilets don't go -- What else how to throws Greg. And have a lot of programs what the -- yeah. -- -- enough you handle a rule about how much else. I -- know. Listen just because I get the money to -- really expensive bottle. I wanna drink something that I like to establish. What those are gonna come I mean I've never had -- in order. -- I've no idea probably a lot like Tony five I don't think it's much is -- get a good deal. It's expensive than I what would agree brought into speeds aren't any champagne that those go for LA and 69. Access to affordable access and hundreds and hundreds of them and let's -- yeah yeah that that's the whole mile underground in an image schema inaugurated. -- -- -- -- -- I'm happy to get her tip. -- on an island you can back. No elephant I guess I'm just -- -- nylon -- your favorite piece of lingerie just -- in the I have to -- I really love and I think -- I don't understand there's a lot of guys out there that do not like -- really. Yes who doesn't like on direct is -- so what like you you like dressing up for a guy. Actually an idea actually what doesn't and the ever surprise equities lake would be surprised that if you don't know them like goes he comes home from wars in Victoria. Whereabouts Natalee alive yeah I have no problem addressing that surprisingly average but a lot of guys -- and blame it on to the. Do you like getting on jury for Christmas because some. And I understand that some women you can never buy it right like it because you know either by. Too small or you buy too big and that's offensive or do you that you like a guy you like a guy who buys you. I've actually never had a guy by -- lunge at an -- time. I think I enjoy it -- shopping too much to have some and take it away from may -- you know get you get right to Tracy and a -- and a. And so just he'll go in manner and you'll be trying stuff on all day at free random -- -- that -- we can assume an idea if. If I'm playing you want to find me just look in an attorney -- at hand and the -- that -- And to ask -- up she doesn't mean that you really can't count -- home -- -- and political economy and another -- could buy some of the 25 bucks that. Hello mark. And as notebook -- Not get a little flower and that it got an idea etc. every now. I can't -- it and what you think. It's -- intelligent come out of somebody's the because. Did you lions again thank you. Is -- anything while you're here anything else they can mention I know you're going to be you're going to be on dirty water TVs in -- Yes yes I mean when he does. I think so I just one -- and -- name length. I'm just you know congratulations. On you know on the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Back. And we didn't -- and a might get to professional. Really play professional and -- in the -- -- That is a career and ethnic misstep by. That number it was not exchanged missed a step on his part when pilots hit. Clearly it clearly it takes pictures of them -- it. I'm I'm I'm looking forward to hosting an absolute who -- So Ellison it's and then I have a detrimental. Studio paint on April. Do we -- career as an and I -- and a host a lot of them didn't want to beat. I don't consider that so -- movement and the -- signs. Yeah in the theaters you're sitting next to it. Should I cannot. And as the I'll be doing that and I and idea Avery Shalit idea under ideal idea it's -- station and I work for perform -- and radio. Icon was that every teasing me okay is that on line isn't as -- as an online radio station. Now to our -- you're innocent until like your humor here. Well what do you do my goodness yeah greatly and -- -- which -- -- yeah. That's. -- job switch and Jim I know you eyes -- the prisoners are already out there. You don't mind coming in in that -- the the idea. Does this and -- brings you read that keeps -- -- -- you can't it can't be very big you know seriously and retail families and tiny very tiny and they're doing and -- and what you like 61 enemy what real moment DEC sixty pounds of your time nine and a simpler you know I didn't get to. -- that he's all right well. It is so nice to see you. Being -- you we have media -- in and that people can follow the lines were in the -- you can come. -- on Friday in a accurate lounge and doing the B Beantown beauties calendar release party in owners training arsenal announced. That's been that's cyanide gas that is accurate -- and and -- Thursday night you know we'll see you at the laundry party yeah -- difference that ethic. It's tough because like when you won't know much about us at a time. You know happen out of the myself I guess you've got to -- -- gonna win and I'm going to hand down on the -- she does that she's gonna come and it made me. But that Peter you're about to hold that -- guys like he's gonna come she's gonna come she's going to be there. Hi I'm Jessica thank you so much stay safe travels stinks Merry Christmas maybe you missed it we celebrate president's idea Merry -- I mean what you want for Christmas -- -- what's the one get what's the one -- you want if somebody were gonna gay -- -- -- time -- -- left Atlanta hired Shanahan didn't go bigger. That's Jessica and you can check her out. On are. WA AF Twitter -- on I would say all that stuff -- thank you.