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Hill-Mail 12-18-12

Dec 18, 2012|

Hill-Mail 12-18-12

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. -- mail today brought to you by Framingham Ford. You heard about their vast commercial truck inventory and huge discounts on every deal every day now you may be entitled. To a substantial. Federal tax credit but you got to act by year end. Before we fall off the fiscal -- so visit Framingham Ford dot com that is. Framingham Ford dot com. -- -- -- -- -- You know let it -- they thought they are there aren't ever. In order by the pick Monday up a Wall Street day work week I had a LP again. -- -- It is. Now -- on the earlier this program. -- I. I -- is. Completely. Throw a couple of them use listen. So I mean what will be out late about Thursday night we're gonna take for -- few days -- -- -- you don't want me I mean I don't know and now I mean everybody's got that everybody. Here as I. -- -- Monday and Tuesday. Enough. Yeah on a few days the following week here and now we're we're going to be. We're going to be executing some best of program -- so low will have a great stop by the way I was editing some of this week and I guess entertainment and doing now at fifty she hits the green -- here. There are so finalists and throughout pro. Verses -- Diana I don't I'm overs are pro out of vision I have the biggest and beavers Julian Anaheim stadium I am the biggest stiff new on the very -- Nice to good stuff I was in a bath she's hilarious. There's a guy I wait the guy from my mr. Richardson saw a big play. Good stuff classics toughness. Here's the risk colorectal. And Kerry I had Christmas -- YouTube letting me. LB -- Are you that you Carter -- these words such standards said they would do so little brother this man got a child there's been doing this get your. That you can't give you computer secure maybe disobey your brother kind of a church. You know which -- the child as the army unit to bury the hatchet or your brother and make good on the radio. You know what you think about that tells me he can make up with the brother your brother Dan -- and him in law and would -- where there's 25 Anderson I accidentally six months ago on me he was -- I'll. In the eyes of your. It -- -- let me just attack was in a heart attack now now and we'll bury -- in the oil -- I think we -- the toxins from the oil Ali who is and decimate them. He was -- -- -- -- -- easy you know easy daddies are a couple of get what's up there you know it's beautiful way of the laws on whether he does not mean in the media in Atlanta. -- -- -- my jerseys man my life. LB never forgave him for that -- ever. Made the he took some Valdez junior hockey jerseys and turn amended T shirts and got my national championship Jersey men in my mind my world you never forgave them Jersey as they begin consolidating go get a -- I'll be in my life that saw I had tomorrow he never forgave him. On legal in all. Well welcome back. -- -- and I don't expect grueling ordinary correct people only an hour. Can I re edit I I look at it at all and I talk a very good -- Miranda minutes to take business 33 at the street elementary iPhone it's a three day week in the arm but we yet. None of the music articulate it into effect I don't and then a couple -- couple weeks -- -- police -- gone from last night and I can. You know -- girl problem lob that landed on the -- the structural concrete -- the Porter house said the Monroe's last night. Thinks he can. They want. It is LB or any old Leyland. Or -- it a matter that looked like a real hot. The -- beef stand or leaderboard. Packed yeah. You know the message -- pots. Filled with people look at the Bill Clinton really putts -- You -- here not a businessman here on the heartless. It literally looked like a real -- -- are ready to play for the broaden your job -- spots. AT&T. -- thought they have very. LD -- -- as army. And that is somebody else says Asperger's me the province of videos. Yeah I mean you know the rush to blame this on video games is really enrage me because. You know people play. A lot of people play video games for the time and don't do anything that is that is violence so. Unfortunately we live in a free society where. We allow people to when it comes to art. Which -- video game is much like movies books. We had we. Before we had television we had books in this country. Violent books what -- You know. The guy who killed John Lannan mark David Chan measures reading catcher. And a man man in -- people -- -- but run around saying man. Books now so -- giant giant over the weekend stepped when he three -- -- -- is in ninth with a knife and because of that and in the world he was panic is also as a Chinese radio person having an end of the year party. He was panicked like Jackson earlier Manama that that your your 100% right then that -- that same day it was Friday. When -- stabbed those kids in the schools it's the ninth so. The world now on the other side that it was stated and those kids so true but still an active violated -- -- on -- percent rise. Tiny and you learn Ian. They. Let the other. Not the. And yeah -- I'm about -- olives -- and a -- is. Symbol yet awesome. News instant. And then if it. Ever have you ever fallen for the mistletoe. Treadmill luckily now. Thank god. If you throw that on out there than I thought no unity and you know maybe a little at a consul telling your actions studio in my eyes start bleeding from his breath before I get here at the. Fund and the perfect she's a global. Yeah. Putts sometimes wonders this whole proposal news is something in this that disease and he gets in you know jealous because I think that's -- and it does help for my second I love them and gotten. You for what it's at saint involved and gonna get up and try try try again you know it's nice suddenly put misplaced my standards somewhere in here. I'd and -- in the age limit them now you getting over this and it's ago. This is an hump and be happy and I am happy with the although -- although Greg. -- I'm very groups as Greg. Yeah with same deal Merry Christmas. -- -- -- people won't create -- the end of the world does you know articulate energetic. I don't get it I mean I do have discovered -- my orbit property after learning that hey I got my it's early Saturday. I I was talking earlier I read -- thing this morning that people are going to be. Certain percentage of people are planning on telling their -- off on Thursday. That it's apparent that that -- -- and -- ice I mentioned earlier this morning also aside television report about people more taxing their credit cards because they really do believe. Then it's all over the almost 5% of the people that's insane ones that 5% academics are pretty hard to understand yes it can be a lot of passionate about it -- -- things ladies. And president sign off on some kind of -- thing to take care of all those people were scared I was really and a world bail out and that will be the end of the world bail out. If you work pond into believing that the world is ending here after you do a bail out -- -- -- is as the world wasn't that you're there hi this is WA AF -- WA AF HD one less robust than WK up NWA MP ST one -- Boston. Currently we -- playing your -- -- messages in about eighteen minutes and 820. The lovely Jessica miss -- of the week Jessica will be here in the studio with us and I think she will be -- is she -- participate in the mantown Imus -- challenger is trying to work out a schedule I play action guys are shooting a movie or something -- payments. Hello John. Hello good in my as the mindless opening what's happening on the I would like Pakistan Naomi Campbell -- it's scary it's one. -- -- -- -- -- Minutes after the box is there a camel in the Christmas story and all that the F three wise men arrive on camel I believe it was on frankincense and American Indian foot maybe that's -- -- -- remember the Moroccan Christmas episode of the office where Phyllis when Angela keep the -- And I do believe there was Campbell as a Campbell Campbell in the first Christmas. And who you all. -- well. -- -- And. Hitter and he against the -- All right guys -- holidays or are happy -- on. I'm in the I'd just like this say. I lots of sun about all ages ago and I'm an artist -- Only -- the united ultimately is what happened Friday. But you know the gun control people you know all public probable or -- you -- violent movies. It's a bunch of bull crap goes. You have to doormat -- likely -- -- I don't I don't wanna do any harm anybody you know and -- -- -- -- lost a son and know what it's like. It's suited its heart wrenching -- -- -- separate art and it since then and now I'd -- legacy in the old. That you reverend you've got it through it all looked up and -- all that stuff from the I'd want to call comment that. Let's keep our body in a -- With that with its. It is the day as I said earlier. Salon with -- September 11 it is the worst thing that I think I've ever seen happen in this country so it did did it stands to reason. That people should talk about it and try to come to. Some kind. Agreement on things. Many things. That can be done to try to prevent it. However you do is not going to you're never gonna prevent complete and utter acts of craziness. Today they've and since you know the worst. School. Incidents I read about I think that happened like 1929. Through word dude blew up a school. -- it like they were like 2930. Kids that were killed. It's if that was in 1929. So I mean look you know that world is full of or is not full of there are evil. Crazy. Lunatic animals in this country and -- ever going to be able to stop them completely now however. Should you try to do things all kinds of different things that prevent this from happening absolutely yes. Absolutely. -- -- -- I -- out and a country you are beat -- patriots can't. That would theatrical I agree to a record after. Just now went. On there. I. Patriot logo on -- honestly is there a lot of money that the -- Twenty he had. Are you should hit it to like Billick at all because I really. Secure more and it it. It wouldn't take you -- look I'm not only. I don't. Get it. And I kept on an out there and and I kept saying hey it's the amounts 31 period doesn't. Doesn't look good for the hometown team and the government might wanna mind when you guys got school tomorrow. My wanna take a run all Matta here on listen the game on the way all -- you can have twenty dollars for -- and if it if you're security that's. All right you can have a pretzel as we buy it -- for. That. You know what honestly. I get a agony of patriots fans credit they'll stay to the end of that game I am now dead that would -- -- at all. There are a lot of people leaving until. Most people left. When that Arrington neglected to. To remember that you must always tackled the man who is catching the football if you are now well wanna if you are lone defender in the area -- -- area yet but keep your eyes open area yes he did you hear it gets even close your eyes locked and attack -- -- -- -- really that's when most people started to flee. The scene until last. But you know in general I get a guy get a lot of loyal fans stayed through the rain in through the called. Streaks are important he had. -- got a drug. While trying to draw a popular -- a while but it brought period that it would -- really don't -- -- screwed that up. And now they put blocks on the truck they put a box on a truck and -- -- -- on the truck they put a box on a truck Bob walks on a truck and box on a truck. Box. -- and -- or are what. After eight here aren't actually there I watched. Or or it's sort -- but where the mother would. -- -- to watch the QB BC and not be an awful. No you can achieve out of babysitters told Bobby let it go to our our belt. Are they say if they called earlier on a particular call ordered -- at all or error. -- -- You try to protect kids from maybe being hospitalized but whatever by all school property Howard -- the world wants to believe everything is pretty ugly. Sometimes -- -- of people that are. You and get upset when you say like you can't miss Ellis -- earlier there are. Crazy people lunatics and he got a column crazy people and identify them into a Texan and I mean the kid didn't feel any pain he never felt and it. He never felt any pain and yes she told baby -- that information is. That was out yesterday at the end of the day she told the baby sitter don't ever turn your back on them. That's not the kind of person meet personally I'd bring to a shooting range trying to teach. The future issues but. You know who knows. -- 44 -- If they did. It back yeah. Oh are -- organic or pretty -- news. Who -- -- arrogance and a calculated. -- -- And -- -- -- -- that the house in my. Down seasons with the diseases exact duties as you know little Marion. Anthony 12:30. I don't PM. While adding we welcome you didn't come from might have been a -- I don't. Know I don't. And. Independent. And this -- I mean. Who loses their mind -- that it is just outside of that. And Ireland and I I don't like live broadcasts is a lot going momma got caught in a time where Jimmy karaoke stuff was -- work in the midst it's a going to be Lee. Everything was going downhill the week was just sitting on me and I threw a pick. You know you're gonna read you yeah you're in the red on the ring in here at a -- well before even -- -- Then I don't. And the -- I think the best photo of the day was the major it's excuse me the small centers. The the equal opportunity Syria on the principles. Are amazing what can man kneeling down communities in itself cost of death. Grown fifty some year old man and -- -- -- man I'm grown ass. Slightly -- mentally challenged -- African Americans as it is. There on. The Needham wild eyed man -- going to be cheap hey you wanna come out entering game they want to make it on their funny I just the guys man and girl of the week and we will meet her next year's -- -- morning show thank you very much. We're participating during hill mail. Call 6177795463. Game. Anytime -- don't leave your voicemail for they Hill Man Morning Show. Topic what column doing things -- on and that Hill Man Morning Show. -- And listen every morning at 750 to hear your message you knob.