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Equal Opportunity Santa

Dec 14, 2012|

Equal Opportunity Santa

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Equal opportunity Santa who has arrived on the scene here. If you equal -- -- you just stay right there 'cause I would like to get a picture revealed. We're gonna get equal out there are opportunities out on the microphone. Let's look right here a look look over here. We will go get -- to get to -- Jennifer or which ones and so -- once in awhile people opportune moment you're here. Okay. And thank you happy Merry Christmas thank you for being -- it. -- can't man where this is somebody else a segment guy and how can I. -- hijacking all the alumni who is currently just -- Siena we just -- who -- you know. Some money on you Jackson and a -- -- -- mrs. quotes because she won't pay. You want to slap mrs. clause issue and that's that's how we roll that -- All right now we you to -- we get a Santa and Santa's helpers that yes fans well know what well Cleveland open today for tax purposes okay club -- wasn't that usually. -- I'm not even now basic. -- -- -- isn't as bad as where did you meet the equal opportunities to have that questionable mega fast I think Hillary and they have I don't know exactly what it calls but equal opportunities and -- was now walking around I went over did an interview them yet I ought to be interesting to have a -- stuff on the show. -- was in the process of -- -- bat mobile at the time arguing about it you don't wanna jacking up that. Attack a lot of jackass that's who we really don't know what's I don't say -- -- I Anderson was passed pay those expenses thank you. Negotiate anything which fast as the man race he's a local -- is something that. He's -- I shouldn't be down I tried Panama which see images and he was -- -- and whether and I know you and I don't have got to eat too you know got EL DLs gonna need to understand. Now how do you figure out who's been a naughty or nice. Listen -- I usually flip a coin. And is available three times and is that I didn't have this it should get involved in it till my usually have a ticker symbol and then actually tilt of his feet smells good looks good and then that's how I determine who that we have no idea and I described by the smell any attempt to. Well like pickle. Yeah I don't their smiles like nickel and and for all of motor oil among motor oil okay pickles about it. Well that's OK until I get yes I don't this guy and it just it was like a book the Bruin sort of that's slim and higher. Who grew up -- -- -- That's Obama although -- win the Stanley Cup when you played well I'm not at all. Now I know freedom as we don't really didn't equal opportunity to -- parents are going to personal attacks -- I was just down the sandwich yeah. I -- I. I'm from now. -- this group who now -- equal opportunity Santa like you know oftentimes really milk or cookies her candidacy like a little little money. Money on my -- and the milk milk as well other things. You're good at what you're gonna get into the elected G rated show. It's. Read to you guys created and I don't think I covered I don't know I got both of them -- my. You know be a great picture is that to equal opportunity Santa's with the LP because they'll yeah. He's got like eight -- Adobe doesn't. I don't know -- the -- the the equal opportunities in my it -- between the picture that crotch level -- little piano. It how odd -- senator thanks thanks thanks for saying it was -- and I want to. Does not want patent to a book -- I think I'm looking through this -- ray is that the well -- about the radio and all this other stuff at Espanyol. Don't know -- I go to the and she is I think she's available for your interest -- In Ohio and oh only if she got nice speed -- cars that apparently -- who would -- your foot like this camera bingo Lotto cameramen and I'm late my. I'd like this is picking here in early got to put asking like I did -- the bride to ask and I'll have a -- expect this district. This work order what does that whether you -- -- admit it when I wouldn't. I committed stupid it's gonna put out there are other Jewish do. There aren't more business awaits you guys are Jewish Jim -- -- -- -- -- one monies that much. -- -- -- -- I know this so there is Monica Oklahoma -- you know they have so -- Chanukah and Christmas yeah. -- little like that you are. And yet you guys you guys are Providence the Rhode Island. Those Brothers got -- I don't ran for mayor in 2006. At the first. African American little person Republican yeah America -- -- -- -- resulted in 33 votes how guys Yahoo! there you go through autumn elections not to not to devalue their. Obviously. You know -- you know run again -- out I -- this I decided how we do Barack gets out of office and we put did you win you're gonna go. You know for the grab a Muslim name and the black being out got to be at June 2 little person thing did junior do like the term little book is that that is that the -- you have -- the President Obama when he got in your pocket and I'm happy for me you know I do it if you if you missed -- put me fifty dollars right now I would let just the way I would say. That am worried nobody nobody like blog for him during a popular already yeah. It -- It's about the money now. Again your parents. Your parents where they both about -- so my father dead now probably who stole my Spanish. And I am trying to that's legit that's my dad that's you guys a little -- so we'd -- -- and rebound off the -- and then. He exhibits should not be voting on. How you -- -- there's a kid here it is that it is no reason why anybody should be mentioned in drugs at all that's why I am discouraged. Swear on the might be underlined clearly did that with this you know you've got to have -- -- -- -- looked -- apparently prepared and part of the deal for Google yeah. Equal opportunity Santa and that means of course you go to anybody's house -- doesn't matter white black and Hispanic I. And I spent a sect we -- concern -- kids wanna play with you too much yellow knives and all of are you running it through my joke beyond our program and I and I know there are a lot of it you gotta be cool we goes your your offices -- -- pretty racist you seem pretty called your opposite in -- that he's it is. My vehicle up to -- yeah. I may be bought your. I can tell you don't. All right so -- -- here this morning -- kind of at -- -- is supposed to be at 7 o'clock or else somebody check this for rivals Arizona Arizona we had a somebody else or like today and I just just. You guys weren't here. Don't get him gone you don't get lost his mind about him I was Santa Monica as I was really lost his mind is proud to have a bomb yeah apple good and lives there are doing all right that's what happens now. You know it's really honestly having you here is this fitting end to get it to the -- yeah articles single black guys got hit that was -- that's that's that's Omar. So you know that's my book Haiti although I don't know how hard it is from my Jamaica this is bigger. The thought. Is that's Omar here and I'm still dumbfounded how it. You let him -- went through is these -- must not apparently he was talking about disclose. URG three to yell group -- I ask you -- you a little ultra cool anonymous note to the. -- -- It was that you steamy -- you go get paid it and some -- show. When -- got in his pocket without bodies being you don't. And I decided -- -- -- -- Africa -- on the package bill that he is black and end of -- magnitude -- this -- him back another moment back. And I don't even know Omar which another Michael I'm. Thank you take it and they don't tell you guys are -- as soldiers in you wanted to not gonna take a picture with a Harry or not I don't think I like the other with a Vietnam veteran and he passed when yeah. We give respect to soldiers and I am sure you do me what I've got a question for you guys already don't -- your -- on the way over to Turkey -- -- chance I don't think they're over there yes. You didn't the only good. Tiny and in my. This one get like clear enough you have. Your. US Marines toys for talks on the US Marines they got a hold the microphone can you reaches mouthful to micron. I contend that affect the climate is just. -- I understand equal opportunities and I like when it's dead dogs are irritating and show. A good of the -- -- -- -- -- -- Not -- -- best -- that backpack. Back ups that we're gonna have some I feel like we're gonna have some black on black -- crime here and I think as I feel like it's gonna happen there are so this is what we have just to be the mental picture we got the two Marines who are collecting the toys that we got to do little people black equal opportunity a Jewish Desantis. Three Marines actually and a fourth midget test best artillery in particular are usually tell right now yeah and stand up. Collins and I and I hands ashes this is really an -- Bono but hey what Albania is gonna take it and we are. We're gonna do we're gonna -- it. On now do you guys are you guys have built before Christmas parties a lot of people are text yet again go boost as though this is hasn't put him and is like your you pick a day ahead of jacking them like going to organ in the tax relief for India that I did what do you equity -- charge to show up who -- the depends upon me what you were -- -- -- -- -- that that's well I was gonna put it that way why I never discussed that stuff because Jews don't ya we just show up. -- expect the pay interview will -- eight which if there might be a good two week -- yeah he's when he broke -- the film -- not exactly. Don't. Did you did you just he's just picked figure this one out left. In order to get these guys here. Spaz he said look you do this key for me right I'm spell as they do a lot of stuff -- McGahee Gizo beer agents. And and then you and you work it -- -- But I did you worry about your idea -- -- -- -- -- I'm not -- outlets I will wrap these guys -- from anybody wants a book can be lit up and that was it. Has he just all angles. And that's how it is about I don't have a problem trusted him and we'll go from bad you should stop acting I'm backing you now officially come as a leader said as the first ever. African American Jewish little person Republican president as he -- data in 2000. Get a -- of a plus. Like -- so what's to be -- -- But what -- know what's everybody gonna -- a -- if they can't challenge on anything that's out there because you don't like content and hurt my neck you know his pick them and it's my leg when I have the lifting. It just to address pull people the other end and that alone is paying itself right you god bless America you should be on disability. -- -- America. Now let's talk. I'm amount of rain is slowing them down -- -- tonight is that. As I -- -- and I love you soldiers god bless what she's a door for this country this is no word yet give a book yet it is they acknowledged not knowing what we believe you -- I'm really really. Believe what usability. Kill whoever you have to -- yeah. All four Annika countries say -- we appreciated. If you older brother on the oldest you're the oldest of the 4545. -- it's probably 4041. And so 41 years old. All right and what's the like if if you do go to a Christmas party you were never people can sit on your lap and no. Mostly women like -- -- And I mean he's you know commission to look like cannot take a look at it now what you think well Aaron Johnson -- Roy -- Cool and went and letting you like that an -- undergrad. I don't know. I think it's bad you have my. I had to prove it but I just got to leave it alone out you if you prefer tall size to him. I just loved women tend to do and yes I'm -- they call me belt buckle that Italy would -- would it was that's a long story away go over so we'll go just because of yeah -- yeah. I'll. Is so in other words. We -- -- -- did you know I guess is -- democratic or regular -- Venus I guess I am really not. Robin everybody. Noticed that does anybody notice that Ernie Boch does Heidi and talk I don't think -- -- And the magic -- I asked isn't it pretty regularly wanna be associated with the use it and you -- pretty. Good he's committed these two selling toyotas would be went -- believe -- involved with the -- yeah. Yeah. That there are guys who don't Leon back to be that. Right here I don't know -- Total loss I slid underneath -- yeah. Certainly on Sunday -- yeah. It's a problem like a black eye problem when your letters to Oprah. Yeah okay invest and I was and I understand it all right well listen I wanna just I -- one more time around and -- is really -- -- you heard your. You guys -- take some pictures just you know I think our problem no problem gave it to those soldiers god bless god bless all the soldiers you know there's a whole you know the bridge is -- so into double -- right. And then quote. We -- -- QB offered year kind of miniature sleigh given the toys are laid out how. Global dividend and cut this off now we don't know that I became -- -- I was expecting more items say talk good barometer I can only -- sort of program -- -- -- from Russian people -- -- I had to do is figure out about it here at all about the money yeah yeah yeah yeah and he. No move move. Move where. Almost wounding news to her -- were imposed au prince. That's yes it's hard to he UW. Right yes a rewrite if it all right at the pictures with a -- you know we're gonna take some pictures everybody hang in we'll be right back here from octagon.