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Hill-Mail 12-13-12

Dec 13, 2012|

Hill-Mail 12-13-12

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each you to ended talks. As the Hill Man Morning Show resilience -- -- And -- over to defense couldn't. Don't need as quickly to complete I think it would be human and finally look in the mirror I'm like god all of the. On WAA. Terrifying is that story about the bobcat in the back of the car and made bad that's not yeah that it is that that's it aside I care I care I can't take me. Give -- Canada's leader but those two it. What does this do is this more what these people who tune in for like five seconds. It wouldn't win and I just accidentally say that any better was onstage with with adultery is donated says. I didn't even notice how he's got a -- half. Hey bud earlier this your mind you had -- We played Eddie that are on stage. With Roger adultery doing comfortably numb you back. Okay. Probably felt like Chris Christie -- back and -- any president in Aaron I decree -- this is WA AF. It WAS Ph.D. one less robust than WK -- WK after HD one Brockton Boston will mail the segment in which every day you get the chance. Do I try to make your fellow Hill Man Morning Show listeners laugh a little bit where they -- mail message that is left about some topic that we are interested in today. -- 39 AM. WA AF -- parent company and a common all over yet -- not on all the following a bill that would egg egg. -- -- And did not and Mary we Merry Christmas. I've yet to find out why Julie is not -- the at the the crown Plaza Hotel on the pike anymore with the lights if I find out somebody complained -- -- you know. I'm going to be all over a mobile over that side of some person complain because the crown plaza. Use their lights to create the message of -- -- I'm going to be just might be apoplectic. Apoplectic. I can do between me yeah. There hasn't the drill bit Hamilton in the holiday is that might get together it was an olive view. Oh man I'm thinking Allied Capital grille LB. Here and chicken wings that trick and dog back. Opted out what they're going to conduct elbow. And yet you know mutual -- -- now. What -- of camera. There at 11 AM UniCredit. And now there's real maybe it gave him that he would that you know you still remote you know loan limit their. He has high class early and parents chicken. What does that -- what is this Roger it's Roger Waters what is wrong with people. Did I say Roger adultery again I don't know thesis. -- -- well we're here. You know he's PU is that you watched I watched the holes kind of thing thing Pittman Elvis Presley and I mean. It's it's it's it's not like I'm. Brian Williams from NBC right. I announced that Ki moon was swearing during the performance. That at least you know Ki moon died but clearly many many moons ago. I think it did -- and I he understands you know saying here's a Texas says. Regarding Chris Christie being too fat to be president at least he would have build -- -- this and that's true. That is that is absolutely true. Chinks in the rule he and -- are a lot a lot of all all -- -- -- And here I am not critical. Don't. Always -- you know. I don't know about it -- that I think it would -- good recruiter. But couldn't get pregnant. Do it and we'll look. -- Interconnected -- folks in -- -- That the golden pond retirement -- that are very happy day virgin Mary statue was found in the ground. When they were doing a little excavating. It and I believe it is a Christmas miracle. Well this but convert. It very important what -- became a wonderful thing and covered up. Oh yeah now it was trash actually some. Think most people choose to would refuse to cry over I -- you know from a religious perspective I think there probably is that I mean I think Greg it's April I think there's that you don't believe in god and I will be an atheist I guess I don't. And now. I was product I would venture to all the time in and I feel like -- wasted and waste -- time if there isn't on that there there really a man in line. There doesn't really need something to believe and I'm a culture and and I'm -- doctor. -- It will all -- Our -- great and then it. -- -- don't go -- Problem. When it probably won't be remote. I don't know. And now. Something that there's more loses in the world them winners substrate is are the minority that is they might as drug used to losing it's not that big -- -- -- I would tell my life being a loser this story that we just. Just at the beginning of the program about the girls' high school team that wanna game a 172. And everybody is pissed at them. It really is it's a sad thing in our country because. It just shows you. That we don't want anybody to win and be successful in anything we want everybody to feel good about themselves and -- times and we're gonna last. I mean it they're saying like that this coach got to be suspended -- I mean are you kidding me come on like he ought to be celebrated he's got a -- -- girls. And high school girls my score a 107. African points aren't good for them they're great team and obviously we can score with 200 say they probably could have thankful ride they only took the it. They only took three spent the last thing that the victories of my third straight quarter. Let me give you great. I don't -- equal or land. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean it's -- hurricane came campaign news. -- main news. Man. It's hurricane name that they do answer me. Me and -- -- They -- and tomorrow morning's 'cause similar can man Christmas karaoke happening lives. The Bok Toyoda tomorrow morning during his -- advertising broadcast mentioned zone and. -- -- -- I heard a report on the in order a very well they're eating well is the last day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now pitched. What is -- 7500. Couples got married. Yesterday. Likewise well and -- significant date there has never forgets that the Israeli Soledad I know people that got married on a dating. Tend to senator and and I -- to believe they're dead newborn baby was born exactly 12120. Allowing -- in Paris. That did exactly twelve while we were and yes that was the last story on the television news. Is that the violence. When told me three or PM. Quick -- -- -- -- pay -- hacker level. The operator I experience dollar -- as I thought. Very but I agree. And then match. -- -- -- Fifteen million from -- and Virginia the money -- I think part of it includes the Super Bowl halftime show yeah. It's very attracted -- these cars -- effectiveness. Successful she more talented than her husband there -- that he cooler. These whale sounds in it when it comes to writing on the back yeah. -- in. To honor to have a baby Adobe and pregnant. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When he doesn't rightly or -- as -- -- -- got this -- on your last new York state of mind and I don't mind when he well when he smitten. -- just it's these certainly are yes and it's now restaurants he's got the blue print -- on camera aspect -- it. He apparently a hundred times -- when -- -- -- kind of yours to blog as you do this puts it all right move I don't need you walk right near the DC -- it with a variety. -- -- You're such a landing Liaoning. The guys beyoncé is very town. It anyways it is absolutely amazing to me as we discussed earlier and as I tweeted that Alicia Keys is playing last night. And Jay-Z is not fair to sing empires data mine while like where once I mean what what what ways he's certainly intended victim that is that that is the perfect with the -- -- that he doesn't care -- panel is -- -- the continuity that -- -- I mean where is the guy. I like what makes more sense a benefit concert for New York in New Jersey. What makes more sense than empire state mine with -- Alicia Keys where is Jay-Z what could possibly be doing and exactly. Seven cold streaks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that message. I think. This is you know hello Joseph. Margaret what's that I don't. I've got a reference comment vs for -- you know on the marriage then we have a good date for her would be thirteen thirteen thirteen what will never I am. -- our guy. We are not running around he -- -- I'm -- -- -- -- -- Are. All done now to. Yeah did you priority excavated the wallet II guys bottom -- Wright Brothers wanted to split the money. Spent a spaz just so you know text and just informed me Jay-Z is able to freestyle like -- Aziz part of the Illumina. -- Within days -- does not write anything -- announcement at. -- -- -- -- Or end it app world. Period. Alike. Aren't gonna take into Atlantic City. Actor you have. It that way Europe and an important on the right. Note. I can't. And the message is we are flying just a quick note since you are flying to the celebrity golf tournament this year on anything goes airlines Ira are charter flight. You can bring your loved ones' ashes on and I 'cause not and we don't charge we don't charge for receipt for your loved ones that has on that -- analyzed the activities and honestly he -- there's a -- this sentimental value here. 730 -- AM. As I really get the -- that. And we got. And now it. Barely. He's come back -- -- -- -- that. Wind blown out and 39 Indian. -- -- -- -- -- -- No probably. You'll hobeika. It abruptly it. And now that mr. generic -- that gets. -- and he didn't land. -- -- -- -- Great to upgrading weapons pretty -- that are easy because it is February but well I. Or -- pretty -- all. And -- -- seller. You know. Any port a storm sometimes it's sometimes you see one of those beige pant suits and you just wonder what would be like. When Tony Chapman 39 AM. And correct you'll -- a whole. It. And ebitda. And a connection. Like people who take the stairs because that's their big work out and I think that's the sickness there is deliberately and that -- like to grow our salary -- -- thirty will be ordering out tickets there's one play down the -- Four -- 19 AM. But I Hill Man Morning Show let Greg -- idea right now congress is. Building on it goes -- robot chicken and a bit. That that isn't the greatest track greatest signal cracker a long time you know that -- that it that is true. Call 6177795463. In need to and I can't believe your voicemail they Hill Man Morning Show. They had a microphone in your pocket you don't really happy to be there. And listen every morning at 715 to hear your message you're not.