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Co-Ed Cage Match from Today's Hill-Man Morning Show

Dec 13, 2012|

Co-Ed Cage Match from Today's Hill-Man Morning Show

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. And now talking ten man and it's a convenient and that. The Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians out of -- keeping him go ahead cage match. I'm not big on the. I think creeped again coming up -- -- money. The creep of the week maybe the -- of the year is the cookie did learn from Ohio now the particular candidate that is so creepy I call 6179311. AA -- to play this morning. We do. Lovely co dads who have knocked on home for the holidays yet. Lola from Berkeley school of music -- and Oden. Like the kinks on. Man. I don't know what the other girls name is Jones -- is John because both of my sheets and low load from and who. You know line. Joan from twisters which their state university and -- from Worcester state -- this morning. My name is Jun anger -- with disdain. And I must say -- means there and I'm just here to have a good time and party. Have you ever psychologically. Taken advantage of somebody. Yes I have multiple times. It's fun to do and it's it's time it's really simple I can and feeling as if he has mommy daddy issues and then use that against NC they -- -- take it and it works every time. Real life sentence that evil. That every ten you guys are doing an -- politics and using psychological issues again on -- -- we are defenseless side. That side Jones from Worcester state university let's meet Lola. From the Berkeley school music. -- slow go to Berkeley college of music and vocal principal -- a sign reading at the piano. I track and a party you know what is your favorite. Instrument used for her sexual pleasure. Well I guess that -- a measure of negative and announced. Get compliments on my oral skills whether it's. From -- but they're enjoying it bears are. A reference to their body -- Holy cow. Wow. Her father will not -- Buick common now hello I'm out somehow aria. Adam my Merry Christmas for the long. And you and who do you think he's going to win today Lola -- June. -- you know we're told -- on the -- I Lola let's see how she does. During today's -- cage match in new survey women said the biggest turn on enemy and is. Well for immediate contact also is making eye contact with -- And in his -- I do put them on split from time time to get away it's find a buddy. And who knows that can lead to something quite spectacular. -- -- interstate and a man's money. No I'm not. Name and much more interested in his men in mention. Him. What -- can you mean that is not have money involved this -- as a par and saying but I prefer on second just a couple of other. -- RYE. Now as a parent of I like it -- in the room and shoot them pointed -- when you say oh you mean Tron is way. -- it's actually money not the end of Venus and OK that's question one and a new study has figured out why a boss really -- people. Turns out they don't always hire the most qualified candidate. Instead. They're more likely to hire someone who they won. -- someone who they think is marketable I -- an industry right get paid for tips. Not getting any tips. No it's the kicker on it to stand there tiring the early on a -- because they know they Panamanian customers on a bang which means they're going to be coming back from our have you every used. Europe so called girl power to your job up at night back on forming -- the on this leg. I get a call back every time. Yeah apparently. The answer is of course that -- -- some wanna have sex. Most buses and really really hire somebody that they want to have sex especially at the -- around and of course the incident. -- it is. Proving that adage about those that have a main evidence today. And usually successful then he has. One out of every five people who bought fifty shades of -- was why. Sitting next to me on the new area but for -- nominee. The middle aged women with their candles look over and their reading picketed the gang and it's BS that makes it totally comfortable but -- excellent and a. Are you. Into S and -- Pilots hair pulled and I like to get mass -- but. It's good to have a safe word. And different is now is pickle if he can't not laugh and -- -- -- to reconsider income and that's a golf equipment. Out of. Act like Lola these other chances. The answer is a guy -- went out and and -- out of mantown one out of five guys one out of every person who purchases. The -- it was again. Lola well Lola voters -- yeah. And I went up unfortunately she had 20 questions right let's CO Joan. From Worcester state university does according to a new study had a company Christmas party 59% of people. I've seen a coworker one. Clears their bus with the amount behind the Christmas change you can see that -- Your pasta at a female coworker and UCLA it's going on and -- coming Christmas change and you see world stimulation and they don't -- it and then you see some aren't flying around and an angels off the top of your improvement plan. Heavier music Christmas ornament for sexual gratification personally I have then but I've seen my name roomy Q a few things that the couple Christmas ornaments. Play hide the plates off and play a little bit to the bells went. Whenever she can find and it looks pretty fun and amusing and apparently feels like and. Nod the answer is the they get drunk and aggressive at the Christmas -- now what she was referring to it only takes a woman ninety's arrogance on the first state to -- he did. What I -- to decide if she's going Q. Go out on another day and or have sex -- For me if I'm on the first day by a notice right away if I'm gonna -- -- not be Stein if he's buying me drinks. South Miami -- he doesn't deserve to time if he's ugly any is buying -- drinks then right then and I he looks back there and I'll probably be more likely to consider it. What is the most awkward situation that's ever happened to you cartilage. The most awkward situation would have to be on my boyfriend my -- and I mean my girlfriend having sex again and we are you seeing Saddam -- -- food. Hello frightening I got to thank my line this is as a father I can you have got it rolling up inside. The answer is that if their data. The potential partner. According to a new survey by office -- dot com 6% of women would rather have -- for a wide. Then a man. Person Tony Allen rather have a -- early stimulate me than a man commissioner says she's -- and she has now lake. And I can get it back just the same. Would you prefer if you have a female or male boss. I was definitely prefer to have a -- four in the penis I expect. Because I feel I can get away with doing less Wear it because I can use my assets that's Q and encourage him to. You -- lasts for more money. That's your defense can't I fear really good. The fear for our country yep -- -- the answer is -- boss -- and much memory rather heavily for Abbas so. I rights. Let's see color cage match very good.