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Can-Man Karaoke: Mike "The Can-Man" sings the hits

Dec 12, 2012|

Can-Man Karaoke: Mike "The Can-Man" sings the hits

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now get. The Hill Man Morning Show -- stands you know. All fuel. A very. Now. Call her. Can manned karaoke guy. That is the numbers -- column during one of my favorite segments on the show can man karaoke. 617. 9311. Every week. I think there is no possible way that he will outdo the previous week. And when we were listening to. Love you baby and got no possible way. Us and listening to ice ice baby. Right side. -- listening to love big bucks -- active than I had but he are ways to him in karaoke this morning and Jim. Is up -- morning Jim. Jim where you from. New Hampshire and I you know on the game marks. And you know Michael Mahoney is the most prolific in collector in the history of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts -- ago. Listen Aniston tell us what he is singing. Here we go. It's all the staying. Only have time exchanging. Read. It seemed to place team the way. Not -- I. Let's -- this campaign is still good. Project in all night. That's coming back from hole. Phenomenal. He slowed down loose within lyrics occasionally with him anything else gets a little enough that it gets a little loose -- -- with the lyrics and all right -- and got an artist in -- and karaoke selection number 1 this morning. Why -- your -- I don't know why aren't I correct. And yes they're. And -- are a big winner I am but cal boy weighing in on this deal plus -- I -- water. -- -- He did only now now. Now relax. I knew that I had. -- It was -- I am chills below Kevin. -- point now. Are you ready. We're where you from by the way. -- I'd surely aren't. Take a listen to his selection what my favorites like I absolutely love -- and I can me and karaoke selection number two. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- genius you know. Cooling needs -- on us. There's -- distant places you piano. The ninth hole of the fish tank. Just about half past and but it -- time you changed your movie. Hello my guys and seemingly awesome. Help them out you tell them do well there -- boys who are pretty -- at -- bit sooner I. I have to hear that again I'm sorry I'm sorry Kevin I I does that -- that -- -- area. Oh. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cooling needs it's times. Its -- -- places you -- know. It's just kind all the fish tank. Just about half -- can gee I'm here in the fifth time -- -- here's your movie. I don't like you know Kevin you have an answer. I have no idea. And adding me I'm sorry take on take a listen to this. It's brain it's pure rain came campaign news. And it's raining. Man. It's raining. They do. And I answer me. Can. I wait a minute when and then I want it used to say managing its -- and then I got a -- of -- yeah. He's his voice from a do or do you normally do about it no -- we're adding sound. It's communities that is that is great it's raining men hello Eric. Guard Eric how are you now not are you ready final selection in the morning camino -- Right now I'd take a listen please. We'll -- that man. Spike channel logo -- He hugged I love noon. Our day. A lot of good things. Plus QQ. Told me. When you still. Do you vote. As soon. We can't -- He could only isn't -- commodities and it's. The top and you have an answer there up or are out. And you know it's called. I. This it that is. That is too good to let go that Zelda sleazy dominance of -- mines that. We -- who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Theories. About his pitches. Wow I am an earth shattering records and I think that plotters shattering performances. Yeah. Yeah. Content on this glass box plant. You -- -- cam long dollars and you know. He. Not viewed through -- today he'd. That's. And man karaoke today at W.