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Hill-Mail 12-12-12

Dec 12, 2012|

Hill-Mail 12-12-12

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Thanks 1418. And. You know what worked then you've -- currently equity in your income that meant the end of that keeps. Youkilis Kevin Youkilis added to the New York Yankees summer angry. They're gonna boo him every time he shows up at Fenway. Look I think the guys. You know he would stay here -- would love to stay here reward for Bobby now it jabbed. And humorous -- left and build an -- bomb to Bobby V I have no problem with this this is not somebody earlier said oh you had a problem with ray -- Don't know Miami. This is not the same thing that can mean -- all. You didn't have a choice. Ray could stayed. They can -- for more. This is not the same kind of thing for me. This is WA AF WA AF HD one less robust than WK FW KS Ph.D. one rocked in Boston. And we are playing your hill mail messages are daily segment in which you. -- two seconds to comment on anything that is happening in the news -- on the show. -- between me and we have. Reality show that they are rescued. And here again garage. -- electric I don't know. And that we are talking about a lawsuit. Which has been filed saying that story towards this day we -- what is the fake it's reality program. I don't know what ended up winning end of that discussion about there and hold yeah so many album everybody says that out of her way and everybody says all those who lives programs sheriff that was hard to tell you how Jordan June is those are all fake. I. LB said that survivor was if we learned last week. That they hills and Laguna Beach where fake christening -- he says are you virus. Rescue I -- they are I'd I'd love to assume I was able to show them on camera for fifteen minutes Thursday night and events -- -- on me but I can't be you signed your life where a waiver before -- cameras -- -- -- is -- -- -- he -- -- nobody -- there'll -- buttoned up. 1216. Weeks old and. But later you know. -- -- -- -- the bow who have been on a few -- of course that is -- that's hundred what you. I mean if you are running out of town if you're a loyal guy. And you you gave heart and soul to an organization. And then you run out of town by some seven year old -- and which inventors. And some some follow. The rap inventor alleged alleged -- inventor you'd be. Just anything that ownership we need to take to deal with their archenemy -- him. What about as though one of an audience you know I don't know what about it and his blue Mercury news seven. Who looks old. But it cannot outgrow it -- want to get back caramel and that was smoke. And let -- censure. That's not and -- and now -- 15 AM. -- -- they definitely gotten kind. Kevin you've looked everyplace. If you are that there -- basic I thought -- the amount of the. And the Connecticut. That the stocks are probably going to be pretty that. -- -- would Napoli is that its -- that this does. We don't know outrage that Britain announced it is as you know yesterday. Something's amiss that would acts as a problem. But see here's oh it is gonna tweet from somebody. May see Thompson and guys are so. So -- stop with the wacky deems and sounds. Okay the lack of games so well so morning radio essentially dead -- -- any sounds. Like those sounds that we. He would like I'll retreat this lady because you violate -- partner. And -- Coming up body when he battled with Texas. Listen. To an -- to an end to that you'll enjoy that. -- Thanks forty -- only had. -- -- took a break. -- -- it really wouldn't make great PP what are we don't wake up go to work. Well because at bat and the topic. It would wait Filipino make this show it caught on. It yes -- from mafia called out completely de LB said ten minutes. And it's great for the four parts. The original and making pretty you'd go. Hello Bob. As adults as. Very strong word of advice never. Engaged to a brawl on Christmas or birthday because any injury can be construed as we get sequentially down Q. She did not have to get back to you because it no longer contractual obligations that married. This just again. See exactly what -- a exactly Leo. A -- Iran often. A great. Well I don't see I don't -- -- -- hunt and therefore work some. Not gonna say -- it was super try to us this image. We know what that's like super in love here's attacks. Hillman get out you ex jock. He was a cancer in the clubhouse -- -- -- -- house insider and -- is that cancer in the club. Now why you guys just intense like as he gave a crap. Is that outline. Think seemed to form older. Stay out -- well -- trying to like the other -- -- Pure but yeah I got it out yet it's so nobody don't know about how -- Didn't they didn't they pay more -- -- libraries -- -- Boston Bruins to hook up with the -- when he screws up you never forget that definitely. For number if Portland and buyers. Here's a from how many 617 -- his request for a sound via Hanna Barbera running 30 yeah. If you know what I'm able to relax you're different you have that attacked attacked attacked -- -- -- don't worry. You -- don't worry about it urinary. 7:12. AM. It could happen to publicly -- Print this I don't wake up and realized I didn't get time and -- -- and see how. My second -- Canaveral on holiday. Every holiday every gift to you do you open that would that. Expectant look on your face now this -- file this one looks small enough to react very enjoy the birthday dinners or the Valentine's Day where it's like -- expect on the days that I like that. And midway through. After the appetizer beaten. So neat you know it never proposal on the holiday right is that it be like way to expected -- -- -- something special. Yes styling and there's an -- as soon as the waiter comes over and you're looking dollar around grabbing the trade to see if that happens little a jewelry by accident. -- -- just desserts Loney but. Shouldn't. What's this what's this sister for Julie and refrigerate and only barks doing -- for a recruitment -- that's why. There are other boxes that you -- what I -- doing and went -- -- what she lives. Bunch of servers waiting for you to recommend that items over at the I mean right next break it went -- to money market goods. More than 21 all. Even -- or export. Who -- or. Truck or are you. A quick look at all. And I was singing group in Mansfield they have eliminated the Christmas carols that they sang at the Christmas concert that -- saying because. A couple people complain. As demand from the school committee said. A couple people complained so they cancel whole traditional. Christmas concert but now it's going to be a mark Martin Luther King -- now yet now will be built to scale with the Martin Luther King Jr. concert for. We had a few complaints you know some people felt that. Yeah it was time to change things -- disappointed you know we understood but like I said you know we hope that they'll bring it back in some fashion. And now we don't change things because a couple of you complained that. I mean if everybody complains maybe we change something but -- like two people to whine bags. Complain that we don't change things. -- and we will all end. -- -- -- -- -- Colin I appreciate you pick it up or needed more on the show I think you're pretty cute. Is that necessarily say that bodies mention Jack out of their minds really stands on his numbers don't find him attractive at all. Take 28 AM. That yeah. Okay. The -- to the dock side for. Dot Abbott walked have a group. -- We were talking about the evil empire she apparently you can. And the fact that Jett died is now the most popular alternative religion here in the United States -- a longer than patriotism. Well I witnessed a very solid tee designed to do the did agenda is ever come to to elect a jehovah's -- they don't play it down you know. If -- concede yet to go to them they'll surely you know not sharing sites and again. Round in a panic and Paris. I did a gag encountered epic has wanted to but I thought that it is. A I'll let it go. Yeah. On -- map right here he literally like a lot for. Daring film now. Call 6177795463. In -- time. Have to leave your voicemail for they Hill Man Morning Show. I had no good -- was great. And bad about their. And listen every morning at 750 to hear your message -- knob.