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Former New England Patriot Matt Light

Dec 11, 2012|

Former New England Patriot Matt Light

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. My night last night for the New England Patriots and quite a night. For our pal mr. Matt Light who joins us here this morning -- how -- it now. Good -- men. The entire crew great and great to be talking with this morning already. Well awesome or fine I mean used to be every day after game -- have you line but you know how things change and time moves and there you were last night being honored by the patriots might you must've felt rather sentimental last night. You know there was a little sore real being down the field for the game looked like you know I turned and one of those -- benefit. Of those guys of those people that you know we go out there for pregame will -- You know coming out sort of started gimmickry -- out there are used here is -- brought through the dog and pony show and I was one of those guys let's let. You know wanted to also let you da man it was. It was really a special home of -- fairway and I had. Then it was a just incredible game overwhelming the American -- in the whole thing. First game as a straight -- watchable but all the way through those there was absolutely just just a wonderful life. Are you saying that the high tower and some of the rookies are like who is Baptist -- to battle the -- -- Revenue they've never seen it but I or let this. -- early illustrate code Grey's Anatomy and you know. Big big guy to go upload or reduce its incredible. Yeah well I mean you miss it now that your removed do you miss -- or are you comfortable the way things are right now. -- -- -- -- just what aspects of religion in this sort of blow things that would mess and illegal locker room after words to. You know you see all the stuff which used to be doing and you know the high fives especially to women like that just how great those moments are and and an -- get a more talented very rarely did get to go out there and you know by perhaps tiger -- a spot on the typically gets. That you're at halftime speech circuit I'll start doing things differently here are your record -- win this game has said the other big -- that. That halftime locker -- second level we're doing pretty good would come out apps on the second happened in those things. It we have some he was surprised the by the effort that the Texans put forth last night. Well you know I think. Most of them about halfway through per quarter they decided not to go or collect up. Fourth time on fourth and short you didn't do is basically a white flag on. He noted there's just there's just -- any -- -- -- the way there -- essentials play Edmonton. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know to tell -- word if they're really into the database to question that. Yeah criticize and grew all over Monday show in a calling them spoiled the -- stance. Or AL the mean I think there were sometimes that was part of the they are justified saying that a last night on the other hand. That was definitely not the case. And -- play I Carol Warner. Those wanna bet that masters you know that they've ever been and Sandra day the spiritual they're unbelievable at -- -- In what you know made that gave special over those. You know when you have that we have on your side trust -- -- -- -- -- -- -- go to have on your side gonna go a long way of Bennett -- the Texans that it is that you're back in the game. Why I I know I wanna congratulate late to congratulate you on the job of mentoring job that you've done with -- sold there. -- -- -- -- plan out of his mind and he's planned just like -- like did deformity fees on some pretty big shoes. You're not saying when he came and there was all of those things really just you remember looking around thinking about how the world that I ever break it eventually -- -- here's -- guy -- has. It just sort of an enormous size but yet he's leading -- got all these attributes that you. You don't think universe so more warm person then it's got a great attitude. You know I'm going to democracy is hard to sort of retire -- -- -- you know what's. What's gonna come next and you know figure about -- -- -- while Kerviel are better you know -- -- you disputed. Well you know look gruden couldn't stop -- having about it last night and it's it's overblown in the use of the the assist Mandy by any player can fit into the system you really you really did have. I think Q&A and have an opinion watching that game last night. That Anthony pars he Alley or perhaps even the old double zero himself over here. Good fit into that system and performed well. Based on. The the excellence that Bill Belichick is able again guys I mean it didn't you feel that -- last night mammy you know it anyway. Yeah it looked -- you know as a player there were times where you you know when you hear things like that -- you shake your head you know what. -- Come on it's. Coach is bill brought her play that game players play the game you know this seems great but we're the one that would make a place. And then -- older and many in the needed him to step back here from a different perspective. And the coaching. You know is obviously. Incredible or very that I mean what what they do it -- I think you're toast to. The month -- December tournament or what else tornadoes or is this you know major push among the December look at look Thanksgiving Day is since that have come and go on. Now it's time to take it to a whole other level -- they've always been able to do that you can't do that. If you don't have people that -- victims steer the ship in the right direction and you don't have that single purpose you know reminded admitted that they do it than they do as good as anybody out there. Matt Light who was honored last night by the patriots is our guest this morning a -- would like to know if you could block events would you would you be able to block -- at this point. You know we tried you know oftentimes in practice I didn't like go whatever that chrome almost collided. With a lot going on America and he played. You know look. Did you hear about JJ block north of us gamers it's all about JJ -- many good to watch that gave -- -- -- it is -- -- that he knows there's. It has beaten guys goal line of scrimmage throughout the bad he's got you know a second -- burden he's jumping up -- bad about all of them in our target to say that. You know -- -- -- mister mister -- wolf or was. You know he was he was particularly game and then I'll sleep for a lot longer than bin. You know more dynamic player in any proof that out there the big statement about Obama he did epic records. He manhandled them like a rental car. -- you're from and who we let Europe we are we allowed that can you tell the rental cars story. Or list and I have got a little bit -- and with the roll call our quote -- -- You know one thing led to another apparently you know Toyota Yaris. Does not handled well all forward and we get a couple Potlatch you Obi you're -- have been right at -- Laramie that we world but it didn't really you know good things happen after midnight she. The fans the -- would relative of this much -- malware would be yum. They're not impressed were you when you pull -- to revoke our company. And they're -- vehicle a spirited curable flatbed that's about two feet. All. In Cairo and recruited our cars to beat get this fly ball -- -- -- before. I. -- -- on a -- like a tiara like them will literally. Does Matty called me is looking for a connection at the rental car place that before he returned it. Like completely like -- literally. I'm talking about the ours was smashed to the point about two feet off their -- dollars is that after he got -- they've got an idea I site map does the insurance cover that. You know you don't hear the sobering moment on the next morning together actually around the car who really doesn't have to Nichols are together. Looks around says you know what I'm pretty sure didn't get your extra insurance and then you go are you find this -- as you can and bit and you actually climbed up. Reform at all in big letters says insurance -- there was just it was so hard over. I think that's not a fast -- nobody. Yeah I -- fifty MIC got Matt Light and is and is that and his buddies just trash and around the car because they can in bad. There's you know it's not right it's really very little return on the you know I tried to work in the channels that people -- able to turn a single positive thing. I've just been a -- much as I could and I literally felt like I was. Ten years older he would get scolded by my father approved but I got the ball would not just. Yeah -- now they're not happy when you return the rental car like that -- royal brand. I don't want that thing to be completely smashed to the to the item two feats. Well listen -- how's the foundation to a match. You know war's going great man Leo did they look at other successful shoot out. Yeah. We have hello -- where we appreciate. Everything that you guys do -- -- for -- -- you know it's it's been great you know there's been a lot of time. In -- -- these kids more than I ever have -- got a time of you know it has been awesome you know what we. A World War I of the things we've got a tour web site that this kind of been -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so people need a little something -- they're -- -- holiday gift being in the wanted to -- personalize some special but go on there and you know we can. Welcome what what some critical so you know that's one way we've been great and so far another member a record report to next year of all programs that they -- -- What was that was what -- that's why is that is that Matt Light foundation dot org is over that is. Yes pretty area about our foundation dot -- -- over information about what we do would. And how we do it man it's that you don't also has -- that thing continues to. You know really thrive -- and gain traction here on the plane anymore. So that people stuck with that. And continue to support assumed that I have been you know a really pursuit of that. -- great work by you congratulations on last night. Merry Christmas. If you're if you're a patriots I don't wanna jinx anything -- I get accused of constantly fixing things. You're a fan would you book a trip to New Orleans right now. America and -- -- -- the trip northern target of opportunity but you know like -- so the last my brand. Started my career spans it did it at that first year or the bottom format of mobile -- go back and you know have to think you have. Mind you that makes anywhere that makes you aware that lights out tied that you were around you the sport well he didn't like your tie its size it is did you didn't get -- -- -- -- there. On the today look Levin met that most -- MacArthur my wife she gave him in the arterial okay were this year do you know what are we didn't go the mail on your -- it's always. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This regard I durables something sort of for all the memories we've had come ought to -- performer we've -- something grand again. This on here. It's great to talk to it now bowl the president deserves everything right but he. I -- very critical opportunity.