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Hill-Mail 12-11-12

Dec 11, 2012|

Hill-Mail 12-11-12

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now each you returned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians -- out. I can't get ordered -- wild I ordered it I. -- On WAA. Salt below wild Turkey if Paxson. And never saw follow up on that -- and I don't know what they're trying to manage it there have been nearly get rid of them sound. Spock kinda brings you held mail today it's the number one Honda dealer in sales in New England on the on a mile route one in Norwood. Come on down you know we promised the top ten movies of the year gets he gets to the home will messages we -- to mention them remove it. According to the American Film Institute -- number one number one -- -- -- out -- and -- blown up now is it possible. This was texting earlier saying that they do this they may be doing this in alphabetical order. Is is it possible that that the homeland really didn't get screwed. And that those that those those -- that it doesn't look that way both -- -- for they're just doing top ten alphabetical general not in any and I feel much better about through highs so -- number line dance I haven't seen yet -- -- beasts of the southern wild. Noise you know -- now under. The Dark Knight rises you threw it back and look at the media was okay -- and changed those of Tarantino flick Ole miss. That's not out yet. That's obviously an ethic is Craig I though of course -- you know because -- who was on broad Louis blues. But that Anne Hathaway looks ridiculous and then moving. I was dragged that once I slept through it I slept right through lame is -- -- I was late for me is I was -- miserable I was watching. Technical acumen that -- admits to moving now I don't think well I mean I shouldn't say this I think she did and I think I don't mean it was a -- as movie I ever before recent memory -- -- and I thought Nicole Kidman was I don't think so Lyndon I mean -- I hate them off I don't know what they've proved you can ask you statistical review. It ship that was this round at the -- he did you know respect enough and now. Some rouge -- A lot of leadership that's it exactly. Remember. Him Lamy is more land route -- nice to me -- -- and -- I -- know that he does my uncles and the -- -- what -- I have. A -- -- to -- -- memory -- -- -- I don't in Boston and whenever that document rough week in and our guys are I'll play on these -- insulting last time. -- put it at about life is -- Lincoln now Lincoln. Move rise kingdom -- silver linings playbook mark and is zero adopt. -- zero dark thirty I cannot wait to see it's not open and appear until January 4 or else. It is my -- reports. Plus the is the story of the Osama bin rock out and -- now reports it's probably gonna win the Oscar -- who is the same same director directed Hurt Locker and they just I mean everybody. Critics are rarely agree everybody's talking about how unbelievable. It was hello Chris. Back and I even know what -- Portland bacon movie left -- right she. He delay did but it. We wish you naked and it. Current -- I hope it. In improvements. On that whole concept. Pride let's get to -- hill mail messages today. Tribal for 22 AM. While Greg and good looking -- in that 1800 -- for its commercial. Suddenly got the final version doesn't really -- too bad. Three. Got a thousand -- -- its earnings on matters on a fact that cars for kids people are around and it was on the case you missed it. It was accompanied there was. Guitar company many here in the studio and I -- in my -- was involved -- you did the spoken word part of the commercial it's. Podcasts and there's video off so you can you can hear that as a podcast if you choose I wouldn't recommend it I'm not known for my. Titles that -- so I would not recommend this -- they wanna make economy could go to WA AF dot com for that. Seven 48 AM. -- aren't. -- combining -- Harry -- you know and it didn't -- -- -- -- and again Harry. -- -- -- My -- like three hours a week it's smasher with. Per Diem or in technical and all 8926. PM. Well that fit for -- boat and baccalaureate supports don't forget disputed meg here we put that in one of those outfits that allow you to walk on the floor of the ocean. As WA AF broad underwater but the -- would. -- I think a good idea. That's a really good idea. Here is a 978. Tax I can't believe Linkedin is doing well in the box office because he didn't do well in the theater. Here. -- -- how dare you know that's enhancement integrated -- that's history that -- or. Apparently nine -- Underneath 11:22. PM. There as well as formula. 42 with seven people think a black. And -- -- Stink of life are around that score from last night yeah and I guess our time who decided I didn't get was big play for the Texans -- was that -- did you understand and I -- -- -- as active legged immediately should understand that fast galore and now as the top scorer last night I. I know it's just that -- don't know man we're strung together stats hello my -- 5:47. AM. And it might feel like you come -- But the cattle down in that episode luxury accommodation Cadillac -- a few -- and I company Attleboro. It and the -- movement out he's taken over his late father's home criminal acts as an all of the Brothers moving into the stands house. The only money anatomy mortgage your own loyalties and I'm. Opera and job stated that I really on top of the war its creators but the taxes did splits -- taxes and live in lives on high street you guys gonna build a -- or anything out back in Miami enumerated as the grotto at the Denver on a minute this thinking that this day I got my -- when I was fourteen and put some water and. Think that he -- England. I can tell you why did they pick. Our sport -- how. And -- in Brooklyn with. A -- and AM. I'm gonna pick I thought we. Thought our cooperative doctor yeah there's definitely definitely quiet. I got an. A little different sects that are doing the terms of a yeah out of the strange thing in the Barbara Walters said so. Who like to -- -- in college who like to pretend that she was asleep. Four before having sex I don't -- -- -- -- and move some kind of turn on thing that the man had woken her. Falconer and found -- out where do you think what it meant I mean like where it was Barbara having sex in college -- him. And geographically physically -- is asking the -- that should go to college like 1930s. She's now. How -- she's like a 190 years old. I can't remember a time when I was in college. I -- attendant should be asleep. I'm not talking about a big deal but yeah. On an island in the about a Barbara -- 1947 -- an idea that's when she was slow with it I highly doubt and we're like smashing ladies in the dorms and oh we sure they're on the regular soft so the visionary group like that get through. -- now chaperones. And now a dollar less than it. The yes no these idiots who are texting and -- a correction -- the mallet went into the game last night when the score was 42 to seven we are well aware of the score was 42 of fourteenth night. If you don't -- yeah just man was attempting to. Somehow I think tied together. Ryan mallet. Spaz is girlfriends. That guy. Though is some kind of stink of -- fun in throwing me inside out and last. -- was not the best the most loved the most well executed -- mail message but you know. They -- -- -- -- did they cannot they cannot all be diamonds diamonds diamonds they cannot. -- -- -- -- -- Good man I would like a -- of America can use. I get the bill that they're probably the bill I would like to know why are we kidding aren't quite built. -- -- and I knew that was coming from the -- that some women are outraged. Because they ate at a restaurant. And they were identified. On the receipt as fat girls wrong. You -- very very upset about it then of course there is the real as I would be and they think it's offensive. That that the manager came over and offered him a disk -- fellows and they didn't. Economy exactly that it actually -- -- -- down on the meal every point 5% first and 50%. -- -- backbone of the that the bill. No -- what is their receipts say that girls. 50% was it was like three grand space them out when I'm wrong you have an -- and the rest -- free tablet I'd put their very fat low in my talent snap and variants that. They should just died -- leg -- column like you know rather than go full. Fact girls they should you know use code like cottage cheese announcer sounded like I ask -- -- -- SEC days. Gravy fly. At they act as though they should let them find them. Thinks he can Earl. -- -- got everybody in our outlook will back up quick. Adobe Barrett actually Greg -- 312 hour days and our corrupt -- worker Bob. We get a lot of respect from cordial walk that is to try to get Monday off and I guess I'm -- -- -- -- current -- -- crept. I don't know what kind new lists. Here is that George hello George. They told me in a movie idea that Allah -- That output the TWA peace sign toward this. Yeah. Yes it's got the as the lights a couple of lights polo ranch. A great -- you don't what's happening yet that manager it off to those girls out off on their bill. What they should don't just talk to each. Free dessert and we discussed a draft class -- she got to get up pretty early and I had to put one past the goalie here. On this program demoralize. Free dessert -- it done over big -- those Big Ten and 11 AM. There and maybe a -- that's how. It. And that -- that might pop. It out yet. And that message. Or I'll be here was able to go because he is paranoid about doing. Number two in public key was able to go the -- almost the whole entire three days without doing it. And then with -- about two minutes to go up on the left off not emergency could not control himself and. And investors have been mentioned that a helicopter flew over top I'll call you all you want your justice for a while that's -- -- -- game and treasury. I tried to cover up there and you I would make you into this game -- Follow wants. Now did you take that that. Portable potty thing back with you -- you -- yeah I would I would bet -- street team -- -- know we are particular matter. Oh Mara and potty you athletes now I wouldn't do that the street to renew it do Omar you take care I'll be if you had 21 body body -- -- -- he would never. -- he would he'd take on mound and blasted out for him about it. That does not big enough for policy get the thought you had you just you die in like in your drive in right trying to get home run and solace -- the thought pops and you and then and then it's right on the senators now -- -- zipper stuff you have disastrous second my in my outfit. I'm happy I'm in the disaster. And -- And sixteen -- Are there more. Rick no vacation days in order it and -- -- over as we get knocked out. You're not today today's today yeah today is -- the change is the game today is the most. Fertile day of the year I'm getting pregnant after the show this is the day when most women get that has the most women in the world get pregnant because the most babies in the world are born on September 16 for some weird reason -- You backtrack with the the ovulation and fertilization and then the forty -- -- eggs they had big manipulation them you know all that stuff today is the most -- they know I don't know -- so ladies and -- if you're going to if you've been pressuring your husband -- -- impregnated you know. If you're gonna do it any day this is that today's the day today is today put that pressure on and then gay yourself knocked up. Can call 8935. PM. Hey don't go away we're not there yet. We can put -- back it -- that crane has WA AF all seven. -- And I think and I. Exploit scale and strengthen and bad back there. And gymnastics you probably lies she may have been a bath salts Caitlin may have been mountain bike and -- samba and it. Confucius. Invented confusion. This is -- that's because the probably -- this isn't a. Thanks to teach me all. Fired thirty something done poorly at all and what -- and I have embarrassment. Yeah. Yeah. Well definitely did an excellent. That's that's really about it today. All right don't know don't forget.