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Opinions Under The Influence: Katelyn 12-11-12

Dec 11, 2012|

Opinions Under The Influence: Katelyn 12-11-12

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAA asp dot com. And now I've learned in my life than alcohol is a drunk yeah. Hi this season got us -- it's a -- the opinions into the end fluids and. Any day. So -- Sunday Monday a lot of people why we work very early Monday morning so. Other than LB most of them have the opportunity to who drank all day in the -- -- You know FL and a helpful -- your view of the perfect opportunity that you were in South Beach on Sunday about what -- I would say is about 8:39 o'clock everybody drinks today and Sunday it's every -- is so many people love him getting hammered a protester was celebrating her birthday her birthday -- -- I think we should turn. Okay Caitlin eternity when OK pretty intoxicated mind very funny and and that's we partner with meter this is the segment in which. The fine citizens of Boston give their opinion on news and other things wall they have a -- in overseer. Into -- and weird now. And I like the biggest stat that -- and I. For a I think. I really order to its own acts -- to me is yes. Magnificent. Like I just feel like I. I give it their thing and I feel like -- -- it like is. I -- I definitely don't conflict -- I'm I didn't have to -- up like I like that girl and I am absolutely if I was being background. -- Comment Thomas you that you and I 15 and then Matt. Right. Like any current and -- for. -- and we islet yet like. For David Buckner as he would like reality anyway yeah. -- -- -- -- This is amazing the aging lines. My enter your drill column. I'm not like alleged -- thank you saying he's thinking of -- ran a little -- mind. Again only going to. How much could you possibly take like twenty minutes. And minutes after the program. I've recipient as all -- had shot. One reason. 86%. Of men. Are willing to date -- dollar and 61%. Are willing to Marriott points. What are your thoughts. And -- appealed. Are people. I yeah I agree I believe that people. Live. -- Damaging is my Janet Jamison porn star as are awaiting. Should. Points -- breast feed is -- -- it. -- -- -- -- -- They've breast feed them -- primary and I'm. A living situation and -- have our have term planner and realized that his real pulse of to me actually name moderate and second. Who would you allow only points on the BBC your child -- -- on Chinese. I -- him. -- -- And Harry act is out of state. Things you know haven't received. Little. He seems to enjoy the Chinese. The I like to thank you if it. Is Ali act he has. This -- it's. Absolutely. Like nails on -- shock boys 53150. Fat I'm -- get it and I mean yeah Gaza and ask the audience is here talking. Then -- It's almost scared and not Quaker scientists in North Korea believes they've discovered evidence that you records exist. What are your thoughts. So I believe that. They're existing and factional but not like fiction fictional life I feel like you know conflict and -- I mean. It means. And one that. You're enemy might well -- you know only is he uses a lot way. Think you know -- secretary of like. -- -- -- You can -- Today. Can you describe what uniform looks like I've -- client is -- clients and how. And his pattern of the unit of the moment. I mean penis that we have to have. Jack. Kind of I've been this is instigated. -- it -- the Serbian. Democratic. She's like fried rise does that potentially expensive products. Love it if bill it's. You please continue on the Internet that it's about it here but -- You mean. Could large HIV well actually I am never looked dominant guy -- -- I would probably that it. Fake penis on -- -- that acts. I. What are your thoughts on African Americans. I actually never -- text box. Do you think your racist for not having sex with an African American -- I mean there's so it's exciting because I would. Have sex with one of them. But I mean like not such a nation of as a candidate -- -- -- I really -- senators. -- -- -- there -- been that dismantled at a restaurant and chooses them then now what was the last topic the aftermath of this I think is great this is about the most influential people in the world -- -- -- this president the most influential people in the world and this is this is. People win. From the southeast on May ninth opinions under the influence. And new scientific study. Has figured out the most influential people in history Jesus came first followed by confucius Isaac Newton. -- And Albert Einstein's thoughts the most influential people in history. -- -- -- She west side that says to now -- matter. Like let's face plate Jack is a classy. And that she. -- -- he had signed -- line is it gently today's. Why would people know Isaac Newton -- That's what it -- this might have. Albert -- And that's. Actually -- -- about turn on land something. Confucius. Invented by confusion and they can confusion I honestly. -- and met him like confusion and the the eight kind of like -- on the -- Is eight years. I know. Why we people know Ghandi. Yeah. I feel he was at WW. Is out of play and yet. Look at Leo. -- I actually. Like 48. What is Chinese finishing move in the WW. We'll -- it -- left trying. To hang out in the last time. My guy John -- And -- computer it's well known for creating and confusion. You know obviously. There has been. What's -- imaging and the left. What -- they think she was drinking like what it's everything is like is that sharp scissors publishers -- If -- 67 Jager bombs going to be outraged he's just -- and beer. In Houston market in the world wide.