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Hill-Mail 12-3-12

Dec 3, 2012|

Hill-Mail 12-3-12

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now teach you to do talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show acquisitions hill man out. -- Oh the street to the absolutely that I can't make it work. On WAA. All mail today broad view. Earlier this holiday season -- giving away over 101000. Irving gas gift cards -- Irving's secret Santa sweepstakes. Just swipe your Irving rewards card at the pump or enter on line. That www. Irving. Dash secret Santa dot com for your chance to win there are dashes in there left and right. WWW. Dash dot dot dash Irving dot secrecy you know you get that you know -- -- -- here are here are the best film mail messages of the last -- well not 24 hours. What are we -- 72 hours -- so. Think we learn -- I. Don't want to compete in the good old and it. Shouldn't. Let -- I'm. On the road. And I. Don't think MM and. I -- download -- and you -- that I don't. Tomorrow. -- billions Madison both began. The rise up against hunger they'll be suspended six to eight stories in the air. Via the magic of a -- cranes and platforms in and security harnesses and all the that it is there they are strapping over three days homeless living on a platform and eighty feet in the air. And yes I'm I'm sure that there will be some interesting moments you're bringing your doubt medication so that god forbid you have an attack. It out up and every now and that now my body Terrence came up from Tennessee yeah. In Nash he's got some -- brought me brought me but don't give the greatest don't pills -- -- -- -- -- days super -- some in the audience let us all it's all legal assertion -- made -- markets Deepak is made from some kind of rooted person not just. Awesome -- -- -- -- package takes the first day -- six bills and my. I bills forward -- street those yeah look I assume I must tell you and I but and that there and in the testosterone may -- stand Deirdre pool camera. -- -- that's the Libyan months scene is the shower scene from the baby makers. According to this 615. Texture Crittenton is the where's the 615. But sounds like Angeles -- -- -- well. -- these body but I didn't. I didn't drive back to match. It mattered most in the mountains that might be the earned on that -- used when he killed the museum last. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think all right David thank god very intense -- guys that I'm resisting talking about homeland can somebody was complaining about it earlier. He did not kill that is. -- you know. The what do you think all of. Great idea being right up against a very good luck with that I would think in that it was LB that -- bad idea because that's what happened last great culture news. Left and trying to figure out a way to rate went up so that not a. Now yeah today yeah. You -- exactly he would like he still meeting the stated -- music. Aren't. Listen now as the cars down and it was able. It was do you mind. Aren't we as it was literally the -- did that that was the toughest guy I've ever. I'm in my life I mean if you wanna see that your pain of it. You should -- go to YouTube -- -- I elect anybody else I'll put it up LB had an accident during the asking the state and some guys caught it on their cell phone camera. I talked like a five -- action. I've also funny Lester. And then you -- it because of the storm like you know we you know whip Letterman knows -- it was rated the second -- -- the ice storm and people trying to -- -- -- So I come to this inertia an intersection and there was a three branching. Laying in the middle of the sidewalk out. And guys like yeah helped me. Please find that that I -- definitely noted that job because I'm fine with that and it's I mean I'm not for not aren't Teresa smiles as joint hammer fell. And we're talking one down like disarmament and gold -- -- -- man. Forty miles an hour pay I got news for this angry 617 there. Misses persons as I've been avoiding all social media to William home from work so I could -- moment today. I did not I just I just an -- would -- that did not occur right relax or maybe it didn't need to kill them -- -- laughs out. Abu Nazir is alive but my talents and practice tomorrow and I tell I'm not and Cameron -- there. Somebody big -- on boardwalk empire yeah I'm not. Yeah. Yeah -- feel like -- Stay up late -- listeners clearly like if you really like a TV show you get I was dead tired last night I was falling asleep. But I stayed out because I like the TV shows I'm probably win the restaurant blew up. So Mike the blue episode behind I don't think so I don't know look -- Yours now get a late hit out of the dreary here you know I don't know -- -- yeah components in the -- LV went down -- -- square you know step down video that now -- we went is that on the left on FaceBook. You don't -- it. And then he's giant and I think thirty harbor next and I knew that already you know -- -- -- -- And -- I'm here and -- can. -- under a quick. And the united. Dramatic colors at the end I had my. Heart that with the Bruins are not. And now instead of but it landscape inline skates don't have breaks I think it's anyone remember -- recession -- -- Entries there to use and I know that all the cars -- block any. He's that I think don't escape -- out of the way and I just I don't know what you at least he regrets soldiers for the next three days. The Haymarket and anger and what's up my. Do wanna comment on -- Let unicorn thing. I do I get legacy Eric and I know -- -- like you know on national telecast Horry here's a unicorn. At a time. -- -- at the unicorn. -- economy and he is empty. This is WA AF could WA AF safety was less robust than WK eight of the WK FHD one -- in Boston. We play your hill mail messages. Every morning that we ask you to contribute by leaving message on any topic that strikes your fancy anything that's in the news or anything that is. We discussed on the show your opportunity. To get the fifteen seconds twenty seconds of -- and express your opinion. 44 AM. Hey -- as good thing you know how to run now on your family they won't notice you're gone half the end of that it. If it doesn't pay them is -- still -- guys just give me crap or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's 617 text LB waving to everybody is what exit at the. -- partnered up and down play they've they don't they object Graham. I'd like Hank all the room at my job branches gentlemen. Of unknown don't mean. Oh cute old. Well it sounds like truly get a verdict feeling -- -- work bidding war get this message. I -- that Edward. -- had a rough go of it with the injuries this season fight didn't want to see -- if I'm not mistaken he sucked up there and injury. -- I think he he got he rolled an ankle like two games ago. Men. Oh really. I DNA in the USC was he left I'm trying to think what do what he was limping off their -- to this are are left with a hand injury like Don on weeks yeah but there was -- I'm just and I'm just saying and. It's the really unfortunate -- -- in the boot and on the crutches and they cautionary man that's if swallowing down. I talked -- says spasm in his sport luck because his girlfriend made a wash the good life I will not accept that the good wife is not a man who admitted that it is it that it is a manly -- is that it is a -- for whatever Vanity Fair it's it's a it's a mailing for you got the one girl whose like bisexual and mobile sexual animal you only -- private investigator in the in the law firm -- I'll watch the good life later today I go -- boardwalk empire over. Good life on Sunday night one who you know on the man. Akron 0:8. AM. Bike trailer during a delicate PW aren't all -- quite and I'd go a hundred. Who talk regularly -- a -- A black thing it's like they're going to be fighting it. Man in his truck was hanging over a bridge for an hour. When they finally. Save the guys they've got to be at a point five the blood alcohol content -- level. Point five. That's record breaking each week and that's near death stakes in and half to six and then. -- Hello Rick. And Kara and yet. Does watch that video body almighty god yeah he's snag it should be giving you a check for 101000 dollar without one. It's off. I should at least America's by weasels and regions and is just. I. -- -- Robert. That dude collect -- rage that most if we -- it's great news and reject that thing is unbelievable. Me and you posted net national. That would rule that that would absolutely win. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's how it's going to be good and the photo I thought oh how did you help me help me. Content that actually don't spend -- appreciate that they'll gotten any. -- -- -- Joked with various forms and Djokovic and have arisen again reasonable times. I have been suspended for years that. Just watch that LB video as he falls in reminds me of the statue falling she knows she's following yet she still can't help herself nothing you can do it out of it I ask -- this -- is so that I knew all right January is going to be man down -- -- -- -- -- Nice win you're gonna you're alive. -- -- When you're. Gonna is that house was was did I see that -- balling his eyes out at the end of that game and he hugged Roethlisberger for twelve minutes. -- realized you know certain emotional. Pain and having. It kept track probably help. So -- I think you could relate to her emotional. These guys out because he can get off Medicaid and and her credit harder but you know I. -- quite like. Protect -- from a little confused. You're so probably heard again. Our premier business department current. Grunt again all these guy. Very good player. Always get nicked up here you've got a guy. Running you know route over all of freeware -- -- policy work and they get a nickel and darn it. Well. I mean are you kidding me. Believe we will see what happens -- -- -- -- many parents you know you know he's the guy if they locked up that can try to iron. -- -- -- -- There -- there don't trust her earlier they'll block a lot. Quick and and every angle and they haven't done it saying. If their -- order numbers like you haven't seen year -- here -- or Lindsay how. He's been there and people that you didn't -- regular thing and he's just acting very my -- -- that. You find a job. Our field are better cause actual I don't. -- -- What are our own wallet available. But put it right there are certain people don't need to go to the it could. She probably collecting gently on my -- order. I mean I need it usually -- now the issue Armenian outside get your number marriage amendment act hello David. They -- what's up David. I don't. Or another lawyer or more in Iowa are -- -- -- -- -- -- On the last month for a not for sure you don't like to give the big bad deal the end of this year. -- -- -- -- -- -- that my dog ate your cat and you all here we are all all big scale look at our motto always. Yeah. I can I say okay pounding pounding yeah. Yeah. -- and graves they would married it'll estimate help you load the flats and Schindler anybody into houses this year. Things can reconcile. Older. They'll be if you spoke -- -- or unusual. Object. Egg and that broad based. This message the an official all -- -- you'll see two unidentified flying objects in the air over the next three days. One will be Lyndon byers. 68 stories of -- appliance and lighting in Dorchester for three days on a platform up in the air. Suspended by -- the other will be Anthony parziale. Of the of the British beer company in the best western on route nine premium suspended in mid air -- and ask -- This title worst luck. Three straight days. Due to poor old -- and look at what you've. Owned. -- Donate and feel of my commitment that he crossword puzzle as well below that -- -- -- -- doesn't mean it's doing crossword you I'd make him so many. Listening here. Doc I think you can get the times the -- the mall. Well I don't know -- six letter word out for a first chip in John's parents. Woman's right after. Which it's too long as it's. And so yeah. Your -- well massive thank you very much where it is great to call 617779546. Degree in -- -- Don't leave your voice mail today Hill Man Morning Show. Oh man -- guy's name and warrant dot com or. All of a lot of. And listen every morning at 750 to hear your message you knob.