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Tom Menino Guy calls 12-3-12

Dec 3, 2012|

Tom Menino Guy calls 12-3-12

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. -- -- really really helped a lot actually. And I never fought rehash thereabouts. Yeah. You abolish calling ya know I alchemy out. Good place to be over bawling and we're glad you're rehabbing. Do get an opportunity to go watch the patriots yesterday. There are allowed to recant a lock -- Out quite well we're mostly hype for I don't have all -- oh yeah. -- operating out. It really really. I don't know oh -- where I am golf and handled the -- really it was a lot a lot of feel what you we're we're equipped well we'll paltry. While -- Immelman is great receiver generally we. So athletic on the -- Or else I assume that what you've been laid up you've been able to watch some TV what else to be in Washington lawyer in the hospital that is the real bad. Well aren't equity that is they are really don't get too much time. I got my aunt and now. And I and watch it I will watch -- Really. -- -- shop I don't want it on court. Yeah yeah the bombs. What the actual hours I -- -- you -- you know right off the court. Sixty minutes another another one of my favorites is as well mr. mayor Bob. Now would be a holiday coming our you have to adjust your diet because your illness is when it comes holiday food. I have Christmas if I usually walk out and. And -- issue I should practice shouldn't let out a lot -- allies in all up right whoever. And I. I really really -- -- much watch. -- And it's and that is -- great how they stuff that really. That is that is is really great yeah. Well your signature effort you know you -- sound very -- and I'm sure that you know -- you'd like to get back to working and that this city is -- -- operating well and in your absence. Well public. LA -- really got beat today no I'm a couple of nice. -- -- Are you are following it all because as important here when it comes to our economy in Boston and general feeling of well being are you following the NHL lockout at all. He -- got real disappointment oh. Arugula in cultural change for a comic. You know OK -- trying to work lies. You know that don't work in an -- all the the Metromedia. And he'd go out wide commitment read area not. They're trying to work out. I do think it's that the -- -- I'm sure you feel like government has -- place this Aminu under the overall war. And Google -- are right well as in win and you certainly when you get better hope you're able to work it out yourself back in shape in and get yourself going. Why you're coming up trapped held out. Yeah I'll -- a lot. Of you know -- I. Eight British operation is not. Lighter color now. -- -- -- sneakers when you're working out. Everybody -- Something light -- outfit is. -- right now -- you know. Goes great I'll take I'll go to our mr. mayor thank you they act well and -- The mayor on the day you're here at W.