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The Hill-Man Huddle with Aaron Hernandez of The New England Patriots

Nov 30, 2012|

The Hill-Man Huddle with Aaron Hernandez of The New England Patriots: Aaron talks about Performance Enhancing Drugs

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Go joins us right now here on the Hill Man Morning Show brought to you by an anti connectors ago but delicious Nantucket nectar or your local -- food -- Also brought to you. By working -- Hey Aaron. -- -- -- -- -- how what year did you have a delayed Thanksgiving celebration. That's my family's been they -- gloomy -- the that's our primary could start to overcome more week. Yeah first Thanksgiving for the daughter though that's nice beer. I was a little one cots you don't. Our assistant in a -- that night that my parents or brother of. The idea that has that that would girls wouldn't be working. Yeah that's urge to. -- -- it but. I know I hope other -- Like what do you you don't do diapers. I attribute -- -- not so good news in the audience bronco indeed I. You look -- anything -- yeah it is today throughout the prized -- Britain and fit fit that. It. Personally committed. Bottom line well. And you guys gonna go big on Christmas sometimes new parents overspend on Christmas because the little lots of of body mass could careless what they get -- guy's gonna spend time Christmas. Well there's some truth is something very cute. -- -- -- not know what it is on the untrue would be a little bit to look. I will it look big game this weekend in in now Miami and the guys have the opportunity to clinch the division. Is the big game. Our own excited sort of little either -- -- integral -- tonight brother -- been great thing cola -- yeah both. -- -- Where -- -- -- Miami cheerleaders. Over they were -- it's bigger feel a bit. I don't know if you -- do I go home. I don't have trouble they have cheerleaders. I would have I don't know I don't know right now it is if you say anything to -- You'll be getting up with the baby does it really -- -- No little Credo we've beer note -- voters. You live you go to work -- Belichick you go home you got your life. But that's where you for dead. Their book vote it's very. -- apparently. Quick quick serious question here because I'm just curious what your guesses and and you know -- look around or think about the league. What percentage of guys. Do you think in the league. Are using. TED year I've used the easy if you had to guess. I'd say. 40%. Of our space program. Mum and it does this so idea. I would say -- -- in numbered but they got it right there are people out there are good I don't know -- -- like -- -- -- I think -- -- obviously -- -- -- Yeah yeah hi I just yeah I I think it's such a -- don't you find aides tell you what let me ask us. For you is it -- -- do you make a point of keeping up on what is he legal what's not like. You know before we had you one day like today do you do you can probably hear creating commercial. You know we're you know I mean I because this is my biggest team. Is that they have GM sees people are always coming up -- a legal or something that's not banned yet drug to make you stronger faster better. Do you pay attention to them. -- -- duke figured that they I was bringing in just so I don't have that as soon weather's so great things that say. It's it's legal and you can use it like you just said than you Philip it's right. Not a realistic dedicated I'm -- state and some of the -- 400 prisoners make sure it's. Bomb what do you think guys so far when he when he get a chance to see him and if you're if you're not focusing on the offense but where what you're gonna do next time around -- happens what -- -- -- to -- so far. -- integrate houses being these good. -- -- an -- -- very well and then that puts a lot of Corvette. And a bit long arms so it's kind of he he worked throughout the artist immigrated here. That you get -- review the -- fight footage yet. -- I did it well could only brother and I will you -- the look at it there's. What do you think about the basketball guys when they fight you -- just to -- laugh at that are. -- Of bit who have said that there -- -- Greg in the -- and there is indeed could a couple of years now considered the that the. I gave -- do it now obviously you're you're playing median C gadget G viewing get his dollar -- He got whacked pretty good idea ever ever ever read your bell -- pretty good what's what's the worst case scenario did have you ever been like knocked up but still stand -- up walked around the field. And in a part of the game pastor behind. -- -- I felt our standard they're from remarks are doing is. But perhaps this before he's got to come back and appreciate you guys there are. Certainly learn do so definitely exposed. Will look good luck in Miami nice opportunity for you guys to clinch the division. Hopefully they'll throw the sprinklers on mid game again on -- Sunday here -- Have have fun down there and and that we can expect to CU in full action cracked. Yeah of hope and -- don't care of I got them I guess if we do to question thank you reviewing -- I love you may end up high but listen Chico Fernandez nice to have you on the show. -- in other.