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Comedian Pablo Francisco In-Studio

Nov 30, 2012|

Comedian Pablo Francisco In-Studio

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Pablo Francisco this year we were just discussing. -- Lohan who. Row referring to a woman as a Gypsy and the fact that that is a racist word -- Gypsies are racist word yet it Gypsy is a racist where Gypsy movies. Little was a true moral man don't you say that in new visual what I got to do you -- that was -- good. There was just all about who's doing and you due -- movement. -- The pavement would you just get all the pork Gypsies get out the report gives. You. All you guys owners that it mattered much Egypt -- out -- but Duke -- and when Isaiah in Canada who put it up. And I'll put on the back at you did. That is the effect that. If these include the now Pablo what's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That easy you can lose still way it's. Yeah. Michael do you did you cocaine and wash your clothes at the same guy that it's day that he doesn't he has not seek okay. It does not go up just like I got to tell snorted Tony Padilla optical. A total current I don't strike started. Are in the world form way commercial with this world that Jay -- You're a true original and large you don't you learned harpsichord. -- You know I'm Sosa the Alia that the guys are largely gonna -- your list is Sosa the guy. Who calls up. When pony kills the -- any less money. Something happened today -- -- it was not supposed to happen -- well let me tell -- what what what's most of -- social credit card. Listen to me monkey. Krugman. Monkey eggs ethnic blood that was accumulated two Lilja Elantra -- today Tony he was not supposed to die -- are here are larger story. Death and helicopters. A few. Donors is definitely want to come on down do the will weren't these accidents in thirty -- theater. And there at 10 o'clock show it to us via. Ligaments funnyman yeah you have -- laughing at us now this -- -- -- -- mr. You know for his New York a believer in who we are drunk last night president. Mr. Ferguson is going to be on the show monster Fergus and also of course. John -- -- who figured he sees little brother. Ron Ferguson and John guard Ron Ferguson and job which you go last night -- you know -- let's were at the worth wouldn't low. Angeles went to the diamond cabaret common trait they changed their name used to be behaves but he changed her name at a party and. I'm -- department that. That you have to have the best thing about we were I would get it -- -- of doing the porno convention in the he had been hostess the topless bar convention and so when it is. All topless bar owners get together about the kinks Italy appraisal when they come and they did they drink you water. On their bills and their money on the covers he did indeed in the war on proposition likened. Yeah. Lucrative fight the club -- got to -- -- -- about drinking a lot of Mikey and I don't angle to the problem provoked a multiple. Great and that -- sort of guy -- and -- creepy -- I just had time ago days he's you know I'm very nice. That's my technique cookie -- And I think it can be nice to you like me in them that data and human. Right do Brad Gilbert and go watch him on the said recently that and he drives. Of league the one of those in and it jumpstart I swear to god in my life yeah that'd jump start jobs is like a big hit the next day -- -- greatly in the Potomac. And I go our users in my for an. -- mad -- goes his eyes -- ago would you or would you at least around the whole day. And now him in any nausea and Indiana gremlin. We'll start differently. -- -- I mean I don't know and it's gonna have a three point seven big ones mob like you get a -- into tires the united yes the -- engine we're itself. Well corporates that's got us here is that -- -- The night for two shows 730 and and go to be Wilbert dot com the Wilbert dot com to get tickets and you'll love the acting alone all by. Myself I didn't get a clear. Multiple techsters -- that they screw up the appointment. Countries -- so -- -- Sosa was angry because he didn't kill room and and and if I remember that's. It. Okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And there. There you go there's -- -- That there -- a lot of trailer music for you guys. That injury we asked them -- movie trailers for use it to the press. Now listen these are based on things that are happening around here movies that are coming out about Boston things Boston people on the army here. As best -- as the guest and appropriate music here for public and. Is that movie always guys named Donald wanted and he's passed away yet passed away is that the number one request to get voice once yesterday as I do I've been doing -- for a regular TV shows little it. -- -- -- ones but when Menem and relies YouTube to reduce thousands like he's doing better than I do me. Can you be doing me do you. Connecticut and -- -- -- unit and any really cool. Now on what they like asking you to do him actually on some -- yes -- trailers it's it's kind of by different really get us in the same room he is is like really. Like so that game he -- go to a comedy few minds -- their little -- different but it is when you listen to it hasn't really authentic is like. Do you get sober has he written all over it. Catching on -- -- canal that -- he made millions. Correct yes see. Takes me downstairs in those -- something real quick and takes two sisters polonium and getting those. Does -- Keith absolutely in the box office books dvds -- does that mean. And -- -- by the -- -- linking these after the I've got -- -- -- the play will hold -- -- Lies -- an -- to know that a legitimate competitive nowadays. -- in his gives him a little glass dome that little backs comes in. And resist in the music plays through the the studio Macedonia while he's doing it so it would help if while you do these trailers -- is playing. -- Him. We've continually -- in danger without being able to understand them -- sentences. That he's here to. -- who did a successful speech deliverance. To be speaking to audiences. -- and OK here is -- a speech to lose. So don't you know you're responsible for the music. Did you turn at the doubts of cumulative I mean yes I look at mr. mean news. So it slopes happens that the -- to inconvenient to. Anthony. These kids it with Beckham. -- those feelings. -- -- -- -- -- So look what happened at the most inconvenient. Things. Are exactly. And everybody boring existence into the loop with a woman with such simple movement patriots. Did did you do Stuart. He's in Rhode. That happens with a little acutely user who. And I used. That's not now saying. What are you doing our own thing. That does not. -- you want more -- a couple of you can hear your view lottery that is what is. And music. What is you she'll serve excellent that it really goes back. She still happen as a as if it didn't -- or true -- soon. Pulling down in the American booty. The conference is that's okay. Maybe they do very much is good to be we do boot camp and my -- a that you those over the vehicle to implement in the baby's. A couple of wouldn't babies. And there you innocent there Arnold Schwarzenegger would have would have principles celebrities that babies. Jimmie and those can be. Current rule double -- Chris Brooks little baby. -- -- Chris Brown's little baby. While -- announced -- he's saying don't one. Relatives there that's a there's a couple of moreover there -- baskets in the that would do want to more maybe get -- that they Britney. They copy ones of those there and give it easy for you went through whatever if it's arterial iPod best -- These holes books room -- -- -- who knows whom to -- indisputable in the bill drew it to us. They get to you dismissals that never seems -- think the bill that. His condition is he willing to explain you know the rule goes into his plea and sustained. Action to. So super cool news. -- it's the future. Could we expect he'll -- that you actually political. Between silver medalist put the pieces that won't quit school group. -- And there at the end tag. If -- him. That's where you'll. -- Amelio was some kind of reference system the yes Amelio. They have become virtually -- little -- longer want to bring back think. Yes -- number -- the -- saying in the big song and it's -- Pot yeah yeah I think so yes that particular day it there we're -- -- didn't think think the thing painting got a product any other words you've got to be brought back. Brian from our youth. She she seemed to separate machine. Need. Fugitive infamy. We'll be I was I was doing when the -- -- -- the apple has now I have lower all the people that are not happy yet they -- they would get to -- put off some other shows so they were at the at harrod's casino and I happen to be there. And I was a little buzz you know -- who've written into walking a limousine that's what -- on -- car and our kids are a big electric in there tonight. -- And a and deputy -- that she should get used his gambling is losing his money. Raiders go that's a that's a bid to midget losing so that Atlanta -- Can you. Somewhat governor go man I would I would split goes through the woods but those. She will she. And since -- took it a little -- a couple of -- -- and losing and -- Obama and the -- She and -- Is wondering whose -- was Duchscherer today and getting into and the Internet medallion -- a -- there's -- when -- -- a certain you know if you look like him that his coach Wright added there is an accident had come and had a -- you know. I -- I -- you -- a little or moral or look on our. -- And they came too -- contributed at a put the blue seems he's the. Not a good time doing this off the cuff him in July and I just like you to say that -- -- -- -- please call -- and that it now Ali -- Miller I'll -- is the trailer music and the and ask you if you'd say that. -- and Thad Allen. Against horse needs a movie about. I think -- super yes thank you news. Room and kill themselves 600. But you live I think. -- -- -- And I think his time here. And this is having a bad -- it. I tried that. We lose we lose well the good movie is a man who is that it was addicted to our laws we have trouble understanding when he was saying it probably powered -- part of via lottery thing that is all also a lot of crack. And obviously multiple potter. -- -- He's gonna win the future without a ball. Problem do little tortilla. Refuted. It really does super. Please do. Who what when and where did -- even though he's given to -- home though. Put the extra -- it's really Arnold Schwarzenegger. And you've got fluid that you do have to begin the second thing. You know get what this -- place. Also proven to us in the presentation of supposed to slow -- -- -- some story. The quality guys. Police global agreement that she will. -- -- -- -- And that a problem there with the children who were there. -- -- -- -- And don't read the that is rainy Travis. -- and this properly and and we look explain what. Action movement desire -- from these blue. Problem. Was that sifting -- that but yeah. Actually -- -- that -- that reference that Cordelia the big. The global Francisco who will move from Olympic. You can comment. Below. I have the will bears theaters this evening 7 o'clock and ten Erskine B 730 and ten. And he can get to get. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't think I'll pop up. I don't know -- and I don't think it's I don't know I don't know -- you and have a relationship is supposed to defender -- what you would yeah. Probably still up partying in the clubs at all. I you know I went down. Q this club you guys have periods they get three story kind of a topless naked clubbed to -- And then that we care which lazy time you write -- called -- down over years it's all nude on his senate -- snapper Boone national. We take. -- you went to the the point where everybody else to. I. Jack Chico a series of -- only. -- -- -- don't have one VIP room with a Brothers just keep on sticking with that. And they're men of millions who -- in his blue and the -- job Secret Service like my dogs that you protect him this he's important Ryanair has program grants will be road to -- if he's. Woods who grew at a time when gossip about the so you've got colonel Robert. Two minutes of -- arguments what do people down students who news -- -- it and yeah right if he knew what is it that in like another two minutes that the Armenian. You're allowed to talk to that girl there. -- -- -- -- -- And then we're going to be happy that you better -- a good that it that it that the city -- -- yeah. Significant to me. It's always going to be -- -- money going to be -- -- about bill -- will be the when -- going to be in when he was just this Saturday and Saturday and it's a day that can't rule and loved and honored with a cookie cook with well. Do you allow you I love what. Play with the food and it's all kinds of and that includes rice who think that the walking though of the century. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't touch of food that you go puppy and equal to about a cup what's that that would but with the gas and they haven't asked who would -- be today -- it's Amber's voice if you didn't have apparently -- WB today dollars pizza delivery. And not a bad job annoyed did that money got too easy access them. And it's meant that anti Kabila here. Stereo sound David thinks I have no problem thank you you. Is the best if you would dialect goes to publicly do so tonight. He is at the Wilbur theatre and tickets -- on sale would go to -- It's very impressed that his music. Man I love it you kind of volume economies like that -- back and I'll get around us and just play the music polarized they just played just -- just on the off a couple of them right. -- behind you. Problem here on the Hill Man Morning Show I had the WA.