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Hill-Mail 11-30-12

Nov 30, 2012|

Hill-Mail 11-30-12

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAA -- dot com. What are you couldn't -- -- -- follow up what you always. Oh well but we expect you -- water. I -- know. Listen to. Nobody -- to give me guys who danced naked guys we learned on the show this morning. That it is best to be naked because the naked person always wins a fight yes. We learned that from a Florida man this morning naked guy always wins the fight or naked person in the case of the Catholic. Make it person always wins a fight. Six 27. -- It badly Columbia -- -- is good at his girlfriend and and American -- -- -- -- little -- yeah the yeah but I don't now that I know of I -- October -- I think in the -- It's -- five tenacity cheat sheet problem and Clemens -- like many teen book that she's been there if there. -- rural older. Don't bother I have to tell you that question anyway you can -- get up and an -- an -- night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On our FaceBook pages mourning the British will. Who is participating in more members she's going out her full beard she has some sort of medical thing that. Has led to her having a beard and she's growing out from -- member you can see your picture on our FaceBook page you're talking about the placed on woman's body where you would least like find me here I think. I don't know if it was the and the polls is the primary beat today the somebody. Linemen a live web moneymaker the vodka on the other hand Miami command is steadily. I understand. 645. He had. I don't want a cup belt and that he would not let. I'm donating gravitate. And definitely don't need gravity. And don't get that and kind of get that one at all not your friend there helped -- down a bit yeah but what what was the Opie & Anthony. Us had any yet is that we -- and a nice and Allegheny Anthony. -- I'll be visiting opening on LL be an opening and Anthony plumbing yeah I -- again and that on May need to be rejected. It's 640. Old. Now. Hold on our premiere Olympic connected. You guys you call yourselves LB and Anthony and a beauty -- that is in the morning and afternoon and yeah. All I like him average and more. Into the well on the Internet without -- the culprit. And -- overnight house. They -- me any at the beach. This is W the WA AF -- -- and less robust than WK FW de AM PST one Brock did the 70. Fine old and. Baghdad two -- everything all the wrong. More money you're ready and I indeed thank you all could go on the pick up quote hit the. Independence. I -- they come down yet it's going to be cold up there are no Joseph does will does three days of the hole goes on and -- -- -- -- -- noticeably I don't think he cared about. -- -- Dot com. Julio again. And it mom who would you -- -- -- and I like this at my kick my mom's like the first time ever what it must. The more I I ever taken and negotiate because it and if they don't like your mom. I want I -- my policy so why -- -- but just it's we have Jimmy you know so my brother -- -- and I are by the -- you know who that is and he goes yeah. That's my that's my dad's mom. I would you hit the Athens. Is -- -- like who is you. Can't predict meal on the -- and and older. That's don't get -- credits and Kirkuk and that's how you get I think. -- I don't like it now ask her one. This poor lady a definite -- he's innocent. Innocent bystander he doesn't need to be attacked like this and I'm OK with that loves. It's all about the money I'm Gordon and -- brings me up a level you like her because of her money -- lawyers today but I think it's all around she likes his money -- -- well -- money right I like her money you know and I also like being on the same playing field. As a patriot movement temple in case you don't know on and I'm constantly reminded that I knew remind people things that have happened on the show on the past espouses. The love of his life now -- that was with -- Ryan now -- this -- -- when Dennis Shanahan. And I can't -- that facts straight and now. Although -- did not remember her on our show. I mean it's not maybe how can accorsi would say that because he got arrested Ayman -- that's why I'm with this girl -- Like -- what a lot I don't amendments. Seven sixteen and older. Article let me get this direct link below and -- felt good and kept it. And that make sure racist if you disagree with some -- -- how to get I don't get beaten and give -- it was quite happy life but not great how do you. Don't let racists. Personal Gypsy isn't really race is it. And I am not -- particularly darker ski you wanted -- but that doesn't mean that there -- not from again particular. He would be anybody I mean that he had not yeah management and anybody who is the most famous Gypsy of all time Zelda. As it Zelda and. And I only. Kinda come on the bottom and then you've got an opinion I don't know anything about and what movie that's been removed -- thinner we'll those. Is scaring. The irrational here is irrational that I need to do is insult to Gypsy on some points. Now on and I I think Gypsies. Tended to come from a region. Of the world right. Which is a lot like. Albania. Romania Romania death. One of the ES I think Romania Albania yeah. But I don't know necessarily that because we can loan and called this. Psychic Gypsy lady agency that she's that it's a racist attack my Lindsay Lohan. -- Fourth and twenty pearl they want. Eric. Oh culture on com. Hillary if they have. Although they want to do our student papers are. Except they're starting lineup. Oh we should mention. I -- well. And -- do you want. And we'll get a little bit. Information on the Jeremy Hammond the all the -- protesting model development. No but Aaron Hernandez occasionally does diapers. Yes that that's it now. There out there Aaron reveal earlier that he occasionally does his little daughter's diapers. The Gypsy on actor Daniel -- those text messages down because -- is -- The almost famous Gypsy of all time. He'd gone the wells all -- Masco now. I know. About it and so -- -- -- organ -- day. Most famous Gypsy of all time and 298. How but patriot Larry at the wet did not get blue -- I don't -- I. -- 40% that you ran it 40% of FL players. Do. CD's. According to Aaron Hernandez to locate it. Eight you see there like three or four different categories. And -- not come remedial like Cabrera and eat and then all -- -- -- that come from like. And are fairly New England that are very creepy creepy how he looked me. And where that the ones who pay your driveway where they predominantly from. -- -- -- she can only -- so much information that. As elegant as the men penalties. The Gypsy hello art. Hey hey I think everybody wants a month. So like so like but it beats -- I got a lot of information and yet he bought. It. While out Romania of course that from a media but Hitler to Obama concentrations -- -- death and executed. Did he did he go after the Gypsies also. Yet he didn't collapse did you -- they were torn -- yeah. Just pray a lot of the. -- your German so it is it is not racist and on that Lindsay Lohan called this lady a Gypsy. -- all -- It's tight races and correct and he's in my grill near an involvement. On. Uh oh between me and him. That's right ever got them naked and what that I would work one night into -- played I walked about so I looked in the Marek. -- -- -- And that now. Yeah. The best advice from an Indian man is that the best way to win a fight. It has to be naked and could make it personal always wins the fight holy Brian. It's not good with them they get their Christmas good -- -- actually. You. Hey -- just curious thing about it Gypsy. Is that it you're average I would gunships and wrote down don't want broke analog -- what are you never want to listen to -- and I. Excellent excellent musical reference rate there. Let's see the Gypsies who do you driveway are from Pittsburgh. That there. Displays -- -- them all over America what about the ones who do the roof. Or -- but they don't really sunset. Now I don't mean yeah they -- the top but yeah and they rearranged your your -- You every ball I mean style every ball we get the Gypsy wizard though Gypsy warning is a series then just go to. It's a unaware of unlicensed contractor that maybe brackets that go around and try to pretend you were on a ten year warrant an article -- -- two different sides deal on. Hi Derek. Yes there. Obama supported what's -- man don't I wouldn't share the most Andreychuk -- -- about it. Yes Gypsies tramps and fears of us the name of that time. What then we will -- And then the country wagon gap for the patriots. At saint Pete. Yeah I own. App update opponent completely. From -- It is currently a bunch of NFL players used by Ankara and that helps -- -- out as a performance enhancing drug at some of the that would members. Without the drug was medically established it'll be accurate sentences think that it wants it's actually here over the bar -- out of control the unique control and I happened and -- It's -- and see any DN you know who else uses Viagra Ryan mallet with Tony's girlfriend. And to change. -- Of them -- I was vital elements of an objective. It's like. Is there -- AG are. -- -- -- -- It probably is by air -- and abuse steroid makes it disappear anyway. The Paulson saying that that follow bill. -- -- -- it's. Barbara when he calls -- the ones that. In 9311. Day after if you elect to be the show today Pablo Francisco coming up. We have some new movie trailers for you in just about ten minutes at 820. So it's what is it 8809. Now it when he is when you'll hear Pablo Francisco in the studio yes Chris. Our -- so watch out this weekend and let the getting called for fifty yards LT for poking on the tight end. It's absolutely. Same thing for Allison page congratulations let's see we Gloucester Virginia l.'s greatest army in the month. What was that and tackling -- -- products they -- on alert today. And I just mad men I know that it. -- Johnson and the slope in the middle was a -- that was at a dad like I have been on Fire Island sneak empire did it that it that it but there. -- -- model and that's. That's that's gonna be thrown allowed a lot of baby is that sleeping. Creative that's not -- game and weather up there. Where guys and up against hunger Bailey and you don't like to rise up against hunger as. I -- the date that throws out a -- -- -- from stupid so stupid show what you can do. Yeah and I think to say you're China. Do how would do well beyond them and if you -- my -- but I got a bacteria sort of doesn't on the regular jobs and in that you throw me into in their -- -- a brilliant and I like that. Maybe indeed. And I -- that. Denied it and those lowers -- -- and it may need to -- -- that -- and -- They're a dangerous thing the current date if you are eighteen that was -- dealt with me at the the good thing. -- -- That we are doing these days you -- yeah I got story about the Gypsies yes. I was ripped off I am believe it not only -- I eight -- I can do it like those without match. Well I mean that's that is an excellent excellent skier reference as is I believe this is correct there's one in the where will wait a minute Gypsy in original we'll put that what does this prison time and about. So 617 and not Wear wolves of not one where we're from London movie. The ultra -- thing as information. More information on that -- PU percent. -- -- -- -- -- Appeared game last more than 40 -- solid. And and all right hey thank you very much for participating today during normal call 6177795463. In the don't leave your voicemail for they Hill Man Morning Show -- And then the number 100 in the world at what that by about that we've brought to ocracoke. My belt or collect. And listen every morning at 750 to hear your message you knob.