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Are You Smarter Than a Power-Ball Addict: Horace

Nov 29, 2012|

Are You Smarter Than a Power-Ball Addict: Horace from Roxbury

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Yesterday in that he was in Roxbury. At giant liquors. But hanging out with them hanging out with -- power ball addicts and meta man. Who is. Named Horace -- -- the stores we. We love you -- giant -- -- Odyssey a -- -- was over Dudley square yes very there was a shooting while you're there there was a shoot it I don't know maybe as few sheets over no big deal -- -- I'm -- Anderson -- -- -- get the story. If you enter your life given another whales -- Let's meet. -- the powerball attic the star of today is are you smarter than -- powerball. I would. How to -- -- aren't they are you. -- -- -- Grant. That avenue met them in the grand. What do we met avenue I work it out that -- know a lot of via. No did -- that Bianca back and he got mr. -- you re playing powerball oh well obviously have found Bob Robert not wrong why do you see now at seven noon. And I. That's 70 come on why we match them where if you win -- ball well we you do with the money. Well that they -- that back -- would have put out that they after Libya Libya that. It did not Dave David paid that back both of them. I think what I heard is. Out of that. He's gonna pay the rent and the bills if he wins that power now more united. I'm he works at -- does he were to the beer Crocker what was it takes a guy did you brings in the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I generally and you have to have one. That's -- Sounds like a very nice man and fantastic spot in -- sixties I would say is these these communities drain on the ground -- nice guy that's got no teeth is that a bit of -- about the problem credit perhaps as high as I would say from the game because alcoholic. And you don't know what he does drug breath hello hello Chris. Good morning how are you Chris. -- a good. On average. What state sells the most powerball tickets a year I think this is an obvious one if you think about a person. It's -- tactic that back yes. Say Maradona. Arizona -- and let's see if you're smarter then Horace. Today's power of all panicked on average what state sells the most foul ball tickets a year. Where most it is. How about. Okayed to one away that Motown where -- now I wouldn't I would I'm not allowed them to clear. Well we're allowed -- -- afternoon -- asking me. We have a night -- you find time for women well it BI at night and day out now -- when Dan are there. Whereas I'd give me a -- may have been one that we are from that I am partner. This guy I don't know Larry -- because it -- a signal there is just and right round. Obviously obviously on a game I'll pop in and around little bit Democrat and not just him. -- that. You know little work eleven to twelve record brewers twelve hours that they -- doing an okay. How did. Some cash -- I hope we bought this week I'm at the moment Yemen obviously is ten -- and seventeen dollars on it let it get that -- -- Florida. No surprise them via most most probably canceled in Florida hello Cory. What's happening. Not mark. The other ball it goes through the commonwealth of the fickle state wherever the person. -- excellent -- let's see if you're smarter than forests a powerball ticket costs two dollars one dollar goes to the prize money. The other dollar goes to one. Way out go to the well went went on Ottawa and relative of they've they have that that go to Europe. They'd probably -- an attempt at Columbia aren't asking them well he had yet to be used is you aren't we you've got we want to -- -- now yup. Yes it used to take the EDT -- is that into the grocery the -- -- that's that's Niagara is this grocery store -- who -- the un EB. The grocery -- -- as a pastor wants -- A store Sanofi got to do a dummy would at seventeen dealt with stuff that I'm from the the that goes to the state where the ticket is sold which is may be what the horse was saying it as it gets in this funds. But that it. -- that you're throwing fastballs and catcher would know -- at. Is that I is that farmer. Farmer brand the effect I think that if the -- quite awesome I can understand a single -- that Obama doesn't answer a single question about who put gentlemen I -- have got to look at the. Hello hello Eric. But I am not -- -- Were echoed beautiful doubt about that rhetoric. Powerball has a total of six balls five white balls in the powerball what color. Is the powerball. Because the problem and all of this and I would hear coach -- all bridge. Groups log into our confidence -- good. Obama has total of six balls. Five white balls in one powerball. What color is the powerball web rabbi of. They -- -- immediately being billed as they. And why do you think the other five balls -- why do you read about where we're aware of ways through -- -- -- to pull back to food -- anyway. -- that lightly about red rock give Democrats who that's who you think it's something race despite a lottery to not have any black hawk. Guy and a man number and number about a dollar into The Who do you even -- -- bit -- to be -- but no I mean that's arm. And that would do you look at them in a car. That that he actually got that right because he said -- he -- read it through like five -- my commanders agree I don't remember. -- -- was -- -- whom. The. Football is all the balls go -- a moment ago. And we talked about like we have to find women in -- this -- this instance. Into it's -- it was read hello Lisa. My power Elise. Yeah. Did you know that down -- ended up with the ended up seventeen dollars richer yesterday because that's even -- seventeen bucks. Times are you play what is what is the power play option enough powerball please. She let it -- that double. It behind them. Give credit where credit is that woman wouldn't. I yeah I mean work. Some good mood. Let's if you were smarter than Horace. Today's power ball. What is the power play option when playing powerball. But he -- non Christians come Andrea Bob Barr Brady didn't got numb and that's -- -- one would you use any of the money to buy a woman weigh about one go down our guard our power and Webb Allen and where. We is a good place where is a good place I could go to get myself away. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cambridge Dorchester while Brokaw you know on city. The farther this goes them and I understand that -- more able and have. For president I goes all the spots. And waiting time to be great managers or if you combine a woman -- -- all wrong or you can buy a woman in Cambridge if you -- just a if you wanna do. Yeah the answer is it's a special feature allows a winner and increased the original prize amount. And I thank Brinkley's it was all the time double except that the ten grand -- that goes to forty hello Jim. What got better and are you waterfall. Where you from Jim. I've ever. Ever purchased a woman and grow taller. And a -- had earlier in Cambridge okay. How much money do you win. If you match the five white balls in any order. To order -- OK -- if you are smarter than -- today's power ball addict. From Roxbury how much money do you win. If you match the five white balls in water boy who live I think. -- -- -- -- You cannot think Japan with the current rumor that you turn to write it. Why are you are lucky numbers when an economic drag bond. But I haven't -- bond they bond foot bomb went back to bar and who's your favorite team. Well there's not that is that had been a bit. Mean there's that -- -- That's tomorrow. It and loves basketball in enough numbers. At favorite numbers are baseball. Football. Basketball and at and the old man with. The slate Melinda. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh. Boy who knew about it. I think her -- Ten I think we can. Fix. Them the answer is one million dollars. Yes there's -- was initiated the Clinton and you in. Off a little bit and 25 people not in that country last night -- -- -- 1000001 of them here in Massachusetts yet -- without the power power play and people want to. Playing live I think. I think there -- fifty. Ten I think the fan but I said he said that Dublin house and gorgeous there. I and an idea can do that again and somewhere. Doubt about. Doubt anywhere -- out now. It's supposedly a very good wings wings wings. Wings it definitely -- him doing that limit revelers internal arguably that's going to six bucks a boy who live I think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think he turned up -- a it's a but but but. It's. Sorry order Paris nice man he was that -- -- it was a giant liquor -- and some substance abuse years ago in the mean he hung out CNET now horse polls that -- in jail and -- currently incarcerated come up -- one on 100. Al in in jail for all of -- percent.