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Hill-Mail 11-29-12

Nov 29, 2012|

Hill-Mail 11-29-12

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAA asp dot com. In 8911. AM. And nick and yet like in the commercial incontinent and technical -- couldn't write it down a much. Only get up that they're technically that I'm a mother and other. And -- I think the same guy Andrea we did you floating right now. In full equipment and now I get nothing for it to grab onto them right well maybe grants victims his ass up before he does -- -- controversial. At at -- maybe those who knows. Are -- any or all of good work. You hear you went into now. -- It that that that video that lady is just it's great stuff. In I mean I think butt implant video today is is is worse but if I -- and -- doesn't turn them in fantastic news. -- will get a check it all an -- vacuum -- man. He seemed like and you know the hands. Looks a little. Or created. I need to tell you the daughter and -- don't comment and I are. The bigger question that you aren't you can't say. That. And you. Know again. Yeah interesting very interesting developments when it comes to big -- We were fascinated by big -- on this program didn't -- Some scientists in -- said they've examined both the DNA yeah and they determined that that I read more on this last night that that bigfoot would would have sex. As as it went online at the other bigfoot were created by the original big but having sex pregnant -- in reading and like. That's obviously. Was created. Pay act 7 o'clock 705 tomorrow we're gonna play were you paying attention our Friday game. At seven money we'll talk to Aaron Hernandez of the New England Patriots with a home in -- And Eddie Money while. Pablo Francisco in the studio we'll love it funny guy. Love having him in hand and that'll be 820 -- tomorrow's show hello Matt. Stake right I don't that it would. It was a night I had a question actually I really wanted to volunteer my services I would like that create perhaps they -- garden. Or some kind of magic beat our projectiles watching device. You take donations to try and hit spat off -- off the -- platform deeply thank you. Product that potato guy an option was brought yesterday that thing guy and I mean tackle gun problem. Is that -- it would be great if he hits -- every time it's a problem that niners ten times you're gonna miss -- and we've got to projectiles. Flying somewhere and I see someone out ultimately helped to Paris. I used that money my buddy rob Rooney. His dad used to have a tennis ball -- -- he used and using in your opinion. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What I'd that we -- -- culprit. I don't want court. -- That was. LeBron has the number one Jersey. It comes to sales Rondo was what that they'll be 66. Pretty good pretty accompanied by that's that's KG gold being. And Carmelo Anthony that Derrick Rose. Where's your army -- It's. Easy entity these things don't Houston. But it's there's money nobody -- him. You know it you know you know the deal as the from their -- thinking about -- never played well probably was not millionaires when he three over money 123 and a half million -- don't like four years. Baloney crescent. -- what's happening. Failure or those two person water balloon launchers and try to chokes as part of its. Stuart yes that -- and -- any kind of -- a lot of balloon is the agony of it with -- people. Yeah it warm water balloons and no running water fountains and Bart -- -- wondered you know each. It's reached the debt. Cologne Cologne Don. Good morning my -- on -- run ball. -- -- man -- caught the pilot to a lot of double corporation or. Have a back or older you upload or are all of -- -- A little bit odd that we you know we I -- The video of like. You know from the helicopter like it's a high speed chase plummet like there's some guy attempting to kill himself. But regarding. The I learned to do that but every that this. Paula Tyler. Hey Greg what you're right now. The solution but he added yet people shoot at Deloitte and an -- story they're not -- -- about project now you know -- I know -- probably had they not gotten. -- not charged 2550. Bucks a Colette. If you shoot at any time that you want -- Listen after that incident with the air soft -- in the -- Homeland Security force yet none of that violence that I don't wanna have those things out in public anymore. You're under investigation those. Orange tips there it's really scary isn't. As air soft guns this -- this is this is WA AF can WAA FHD one less robust than WK -- in WK AF Ph.D. one Brockton Boston. And we are listening to your hill mail messages. Will school thirteen. Joseph Barton -- equipment or not our work. -- -- Out of those three Roy who were agers anybody get in -- Now not this I Clements well you've now yeah but -- it because they couldn't find him guilty in trial if Clemens was going in alone like if he wasn't in the same classes those two guys he didn't. We'll Sammy Sosa arguing before the houses are your toasted one Serena. He's ever bitten and McGuire Marion -- -- McGwire and everything it's nominee swap and suddenly committed -- is completely different business like Jagger at a high anomaly bond yes. Meant what -- -- related bonds and I don't out and not Mark Martin Biron should get in just for the fact that he beat the US government -- -- and that's. That's hall of fame right yeah but not not only let the greatest of all time I buy you. The government I lied to congress and I rely -- barracuda knowing if you think you can convince everyone his wife. It was the right and I'll I a couple of -- Greg without -- I could call the material I'm sorry I'm gonna have to recant my -- tearing them dictate a gun as I -- -- reminded by good friend of mine that in 1996. I've for the most out download one. Oh. Yeah I thought I thought back -- That's one of the signs of a serial killer. Burning houses that -- is starting fires in killing. That's killing small animals. Let's is Texas as you and I'll be here going to be like the eggs in real life game of Angry Birds are. And you guys. -- -- 0:8 AM. It. All right Craig -- out -- that I can't make it didn't know. And just now I'm actually contemplating turn you -- shoot. Or worst case in Wellesley and get out of their plight of the media anytime diplomatic power is not -- buses full of bullet. Yeah exactly is just jumping pace jumped is -- -- no words when you aren't you and I'm -- it's not just die. When your. When your -- -- appliance and lighting -- right now -- that big windmill thing at the you can call -- and you get back. Can can launch it could launch you into Dorchester bay -- -- market you know blowing me up a hundred read on the ground right now urges them Lego -- and then an extra base jumping is like 500 feet. Or 21 AM. And Jack and Greg and Patrick -- are totally tribute to look at an equal and being dedicated to it. And underwear and -- entity. Under -- age I am not act. One of the movie is the -- on the way I am scared governor and the employment. Records for our former. Highway safety administrator here in the state are missing plated record our they Wear they can't find -- they don't know. Is placed in a move ages dissipated apparently. So I don't know that we don't know what happened to -- The governor for trying to get to the bottom but he says I'm sure that's cute line that even in the states don't know she came to be hired. That your. -- -- just works for another great driver camera yes. I don't know -- probably has nothing that's not a joke not a the sister sister used to work for him -- for. Some time. Enough to get me. Elected and the other person -- when it comes to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts the so far. The State's new casino gambling commission has spent one point six million dollars. On consultants travel and credit cards that oh that's one -- thanks apparent -- bottles points as in yeah it's edited on two hill and what is its name that would at the new travel to Vegas and see some of the other casinos and done. That. Should help I need to be your job BS artist that's technical -- is centered. Vague ridiculous game consultants and heartfelt consultants are people who have never done a specific job. Come in and tell you how to do -- this. I'm very familiar with them yes it -- -- -- birth they've never successfully done the actual job by which they commitment you do. -- -- -- -- And now. You know it's a good show about consultants that -- Don Cheadle. On showtime yes general watch at their best. As with the -- -- lot lie. With that room and I just doesn't -- what is a -- -- -- pretty good job. And his that are watching a film that was kind of lost -- everybody so I just wanna play when those great again. This. -- And the everybody knew it was about. People love the my thinking and me and I -- yesterday just absolutely. It's hard when -- -- not to start early sir Leon knows the lyrics on the screen. I did your -- yet. Four when all he had. Hey hey -- have won powerball. About money in my that the donate that very greater our apartment bank. Have you -- And now they don't come down until we raise enough money sent. I spend puzzles -- -- like a hundred -- yeah I'm -- its stock -- to put a cap on it and I -- -- means yeah. It worked hello Chris. Talk about -- Battle. Well. And or break. I've got what network that are available at our board our country -- it. -- remarked I'll be here operator. -- Apparently. -- Nebraska. You can also find some and I cutie dukakis' liquor cabinet meeting at Hannity over there. On twenty G Ian and -- we gonna buy condoms in the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think Bobby will answer about seven seconds probably listening to the radio. And -- In Cleveland Indians. A Mexican won the powerball web site that you that it can't broadly watered. Under any candidate I've got him into. Message policy managed joke and I that's LP is saying that because one of the winners was from Arizona -- odds are that it's a new American but I don't know that wait just wait many Americans are not about one jokes fans shop and I don't know that that's true I think -- -- -- now. It would together on violence I mean do you think that some of these are new Americans would cross the border just to buy our. All tickets I mean is that is that while it would usually be and and win -- and -- diet that trailer not paying any taxes and leave a guy and I don't think -- that. Twenty weeks. I might agree. -- -- a little. You and that's. Ten I think he -- -- -- Mean. After. Hours didn't. -- What's happening now. Well Greg you're a consultant. Probably has never done -- jobs ought to. Tell you about it Eric yet what you're describing the white like from the wedding not talk about humanity and all that. Is the text there are 978 Dexter I'm a consultant I'm not sure what my real job responsible -- -- a it was committed to the -- House allies all they do is committed how about your places -- collect their money and then get the hell out out of the box view we're seeing things I normally don't there's a recommendation. -- -- didn't need him to be able militants everything sucks but if you keep me around like six months off yes everything narrative -- and it'll be today. 728. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sports and edited basketball that the ball eight ball. Those people. And favorite number baseball. Might not gonna say bond they bond foot bomb and back tomorrow and -- who's your favorite team. Well this guy that is that. The Red Sox to just on its. -- he -- he had. You know what you are being sick I think we found that an X Europe -- for a proper orbit into. -- -- Or instrument. -- I doubt anywhere on death row have been dark and guarded about. Cambridge and don't forget about it the -- by -- Cambridge course. We will teen. And it won't change that. -- -- movie yet myself. To. Out of movies on the weekend are the man and sometimes there's just nothing last. I'm mad I burn through all the television -- like hey guys yeah yeah yeah yeah dignity and thank you master does something what does -- big -- -- well is that as. Amazing and mastered. And analysts had no idea one of those channels and hundreds of discovery -- -- -- these people and they compete for the best in master hundred grand. And I didn't that's answers to these people -- they make themselves human campuses for these guys. Maybe Chico two nights ago two guys that. 0:2 -- -- -- -- pick on rural. -- Google. Or Asia. To have my tobacco. I don't know if you've probably already know -- like you'd order a ragged guerrilla war. I was very nice to the lady who was the guy buying these sixty powerball tickets in front of me that was causing -- -- -- -- is saying if -- -- sixty tickets in which every number has to be. Punched in separately. Could you ask the person behind you buying attended that it is going to influence. During an off our well I mean you know I don't know they buy their tickets or whatever it. The guy didn't win and I don't think I mean. He wasn't wanna and by the -- correction for people want a million Massachusetts last night after -- to -- -- area or in math for people want and that really is right it's powerful network. Hey if there's a process. Thank you very much were participating this morning that are hill mail -- -- It is the joy of the holiday season gone when you can't hang your middle finger Christmas lights anymore. Call 6177795463. In need time. -- believe your voicemail for they Hill Man Morning Show. I -- -- that -- heard about it spell big bet they'd probably. Then I'll -- its proper I have. And listen every morning at 750 to hear your message your knob.