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Mistress Carrie's interview with Brent Smith from Shinedown

Nov 16, 2012|

Brent Smith from Shinedown called in to talk about their upcoming tour with Three Days Grace and P.O.D. We also talked about dirty diapers, guns, skydiving, twitter, and The Muppets, with some ball busting mixed in!

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It's just scary weekdays three to seven on Boston's rock station WA AF. RU -- don't really where are you. -- Derek Derek I noticed the other night you got bumped up to a whole other level of cool. -- shoot yeah I would twilight and yet they asked me to come if Meehan my -- very that that view come walker carpet totally nonsensical. You know you hit a whole other level and they invite you'd city premiere of twilight. I would really really nice of them to do you know Atlantic records you know our label that that shot down -- on her you know a over a decade now. They've they've done -- soundtrack for all the films then. You know even that we want on the soundtrack I think that they had just extended -- you know an invitation. To -- and I -- -- California and -- -- not to -- to that -- How many screaming teenage girls were there. It must've been how are radius. Well they didn't get the Nokia. Which is right beside it -- and I wish you weren't you know lakers play so it's a big area. You know using what they do red carpet -- downtown. You know Hollywood -- -- you know make a little bit more quite getting off topic the -- because some of those kids were had they have been waiting in line. And it had been waiting outside to get a glimpse of all the start for like three and a half four hours most of the time. The good and outside at the bears -- -- like an hour before Libya not not here at the beast keep -- electorate after four hours early. There's a lot of dads getting dragged to the movies to see twilight this weekend what is. The worst thing you have done just to be a good dad. I will tell you what -- the strangest I've got to change him. His diaper when he was like an entity would barely four months old is our hectic trip to New York City. To be promo. Her further for her record. And you were armed. A delta fly and the it was before they actually put the changing tables and some of the plane in the -- Burma. So it was just you know Pierre get on a plane to -- really really all you got elected not to even exist then you know I think to the right -- you -- -- toilet. So taking it in the air he need to be changed like having him on the I think it like kind of balance. Cam at the same government you know these turbulent flight that we were taken on the New York that was kind of -- an eye opening experience but I'm pretty lucky enough I had an embarrassing moment and it. See different your life becomes when you have a kid because when you're rock star and you're in a plane bathroom before kids. You're trying to join the mile high club after kids you're just trying to find a way to change a diaper. Exactly obviously trying to make sure you know I'm trying to get a little meant to stop screaming bloody murder. Huh. So you don't get kicked off the plane by the ATF for whatever backward direction that it now. Well you get ready to go on the road again at what what's the longest you've been home for any stretch of time it seems like. You've been on tour for ten years. Well have been on north Virginia and actually I'm going up for that perfection only thirteen years what next year will be thirteen years -- actually were audit right now. We we did we just got back about seven days ago from -- Europe in the UK. And we weren't scheduled to be shown in November and early part of November we get you know we said you know what. Where we're gonna click the rest in November and December off you know look putting -- -- tour together right now. For appreciate great tactical -- we're doing what they haven't DOD. But for the most far right now where we're pretty much off. You know other -- we're doing business as part heading up the -- February of 2013. But we get a YouTube session overdo it on the third of December. And we got the video that we're gonna tell -- volume which is not a single for next year -- comes out January 21. Where it goes to radio January 21. But other than I mean where where -- our car right now on an eight out of scrambling. You can hear my dog in the background just like you know I could hang out about the -- scary and actually get the hang out. How does it take you before you start going stir crazy -- two weeks. You know what I'm constantly. Doing something. And it have to relate to you know. Whether it be good bad or whether it's another project I'm involved and the other foreign side of things we. We genuinely love to tour we love the people. And we love the public and we loved the play alive. I mean -- but you know I really really meet personally I want at this time so. You know I mean -- -- maybe get an up month. I start -- the image. You know this is the first time really -- we'll let you know inventory cycle we want what our record that it is probably the longest break their will we've given ourselves. So I got the call me back I'll have to call again and a couple weeks and day out there are -- like yeah complicate come partners. That got tool -- I was reading about that YouTube session you guys are doing an and you are hinting about may be sound. Different covers. We're gonna do an acoustic version boat full band of and -- means we're gonna do an acoustic version stripped out of the army ever go to. We're gonna go in because it would do -- and and studios so I don't know if anybody familiar with the young lady metadata Carol -- which you wrote it's amazing record back in the day called passage. -- -- That would according into the studio sort of undercover of that first track which is called -- -- Move undermines our democracy. Which is a bad ass off of that record but we're gonna do it all away and we might play branded -- -- -- Did you Muppets fan like I did and how cool is that the to get to go to Henson studios. To me that's like. Enough yeah it's a big deal oddly enough this a little bit trivia murder for everybody. Legal whisper which -- first album which actually we're going to be celebrating on the ten year anniversary of legal expert next here in June. All of the drums. -- legal whisperer will recorded instance. So bury bury courage. Archer. His first major label record studio session whether -- insincere. And that's another reason. That's another reason why we're we're doing it and then. But we are talking about possibly do that version of the rainbow connection -- We thought that that might actually be really really cool toward got to work and -- -- right now so there might be a little -- to the Muppets that we do on the thirty year. Yes I love a good Muppets cover. -- but that's -- you know what if you go back on that fault that the great well. It's actually like lyrically it's a really beautiful fall. I think everything with the Muppets is beautiful I think -- showed should come back weekly and that you guys should go on the shelves that's what I think. I we wouldn't have a problem I look at Muppets it I would like it's neglected to you know it's like to speak. You know and I -- the Muppet babies around the kids love them out there so I was all about opera. What you guys are gonna literally Three Days Grace and at POD you're going to be at the song -- on February 20 and tickets went on sale today yeah. We're extremely excited about this one. We done festivals. Before it creates great -- hugely bigger fan I'm a big community and Cuba they're looking forward to working with. Was -- the boys from street courage prolonged. But -- to go headlined tours and where you know it's want to get we're gonna raise the bar when it comes to production and when it comes -- how we're gonna present. They show to the public and I I hope everybody ready I would not wait very long. To get your tickets everybody knows that comedy it's cold and you know what we can warm up period for -- at certain to come see it it's going to be a big one. What else is going on with you now the double down timer you you know looking and so you know just just enjoy the holidays like like today before -- -- in the studio I went took a firearms class which was costs late easy is there like our. Ali you -- -- on Twitter and you're always doing something that involved blowing something up it's being black or jumping out of -- -- Or you know or or your hang out with the military and you're like defusing bombs. Or here I mean what's what's video court. Yeah you may not like you're weird crap. And I. Necessarily copy it we're I would just call it tenacious he's operated the obvious that every time I see it like something they'd like. Did -- amount of like you know you know like you're beautiful woman but coming you have gotten through it all as. Athletic stuff. Tests -- I've got to let you do exactly. What. It's like highlight things X bread it's not a full. Not cool not being aware you know where it -- -- -- is really important for right now. I'm gonna demise you know I have a lot of time with my son. Coming up next week come through the holidays you know it's really really important for me to be with him as much as possible. You know Myanmar girl we haven't had a chance to decorate the house. You know that we you know we moved in you know I'm here in California so -- probably do a little bit Rebecca Gooden and domestic stuff you know and and -- You know be be the man and -- -- and take care my family. I think it's important thing out. The pouring in and everything British I doubt it will be there next year you know not probable of course but you know it's important to take -- family. What do you keep in touch before Twitter help our economy cricket call me your tech. Like you keep tabs on you at least now I know where the hell you are on any given day. -- I mean I know which airport you're -- now and whether or not you're gonna go commercial or you're gonna like jump out of it. Well I can't wait to see you in February -- super psyched about the tour. I'm glad you finally got a little bit of downtime so enjoy the holiday is. Enjoy being domestic and we'll see you on the twentieth of February at the Tsongas. At all which we are have a wonderful wonderful Thanksgiving and and a wonderful holiday and not much left to the station -- all the love and support and especially use Rudy and not. I'll be at February. Absolutely. All right enjoy yourself and good luck with the -- rainbow connection. There are. -- scary weekdays three to seven on Boston's rock station WA AF.