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Hill-Mail 10-31-12

Oct 31, 2012|

Hill-Mail 10-31-12

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now each -- did talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show resistance pill may help. I was going to Halloween party is LB to. Content to open up I just comment or spoken at 8 o'clock and then it is. On WAA. I knew him back into what was gonna happen on this morning show -- meant nothing to do -- it. You know. Million without fear are right and today's hill mail messages Halloween home all messages. A marathi oh by Framingham board who is that fifteen -- of board of super duties with the absolute power of the Fisher -- mounted in stock. And ready for your job site today. Framingham board on route nine east in Framingham. Framingham board dot com. 49 he had. -- glad -- and they're quick they're getting treatment in -- war we can't put it all without a coat and -- -- -- -- And now pitched -- of those who need on the free tacos yesterday and I Taco Bell payment was just maybe just too much tacos -- -- -- yesterday I don't era. It's not to get out he said everybody's texting and saying it out. It is not. It is not he says it's not to get out polite Johnston. -- -- unpleasant happening. I stole my thunder but he that he could -- some peace but they thought it was doubtful even more disturbing it. Some of the images of the gigantic put but he adds yeah they're just like looked like -- rare breed of some -- vegetable or something. I like like some kind of -- -- And rooted vegetables. That could be proud of what we're asking about the ELB. As -- comments and page and yes. And they make it clear last night and it was you know. Than. I'm 39. -- And all of the duke and -- the. And a most elaborate excuse. This sort of the most -- -- -- doesn't really -- -- huge rally couldn't it was hobbling around me confidence like an old man leaning over I mean. So on and -- and he's a big variable many ads and as well. Pull out a homeless guys I mean. Now immunized if you can give him a foot massage says. Very operated duties hello well. At this track of that -- evidence do plus the move. Now here's a tax there is a doctor. LB has cinnamon onions that's -- he's innocent suffering some cinnamon and onions. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No no -- put your feet not a seven candidates will be -- at least get tiny feet now. Signing a guy hits that is normally -- people sloppiness and that's a tiny -- -- periods of the that is. Hello Josh. Yeah items you're print people die from injuries that followed judge Daniel -- -- They've been not addicting green will not be part of it. Don't forget about it being don't forget about green and -- amount on a ship lately with a bunch of pirates maybe an -- gang green itself they probably asking -- price tag -- greatest act here. I Richie in and methods -- only -- at current. What about now leprosy but Texas a stupid people that -- Let's see he may have got his hair -- is storm door during the I'm sandy no this dissolved. Solid state has nothing to do is there. And yeah. -- you always need to go out there are. And at and around. Yeah. He's gone he is going to the doctor those -- that he is doing today has resentment Akamai network doctors he going to I accidentally. Doctor -- -- Iraq policies get a anecdotes -- if you look at a foot doctor -- with doctor. -- -- I got it on the morning on you. I well I gotta be no real earnings and good morning hey get this correct but this group of about 25 people -- to -- direct draw guy yeah. So we are -- all can get dressed up and carpenter Ali today except secretly. No one really is getting dressed up all week that one caught -- commander of. -- I was is -- there yet. Got broken ought to part time stripper what is -- wouldn't see what is she doing this well -- it -- -- Eric. Hi I need you to hang on because those like to call her out or consume this year -- Well you know such as the boyfriend and I don't like what it does let's just how accurate actually. Korea time money doing you like he can't text pictures and here you need to are you on Twitter -- we don't know what triggered if a child -- these. He's still don't like and you're not gonna get around like company that can tactical Sylvia does and you don't know I -- -- credibility -- Error is and at. Eight the only man. LB -- got scared me from being on stands I. The late stand parziale spa and everything about. The possibility -- after. What's happening. After no. Good. At the jail -- go out golfers out. I'd take us to stroke those I haven't out of and like each oh. Well it's really really good. He does he doesn't I mean he both he and you have that out yet. As Adam Sandler sang about the I'm gonna take it out -- now I'm out there all the thing is in Atlanta based at for putting up. A photo of the foot with three Budweiser next Narnia while he shouldn't be you know with the -- -- I -- Lamp that. Texas says LB has a bad case of the can't see. Who can't see himself that he can't do something coming in the work -- and that's probably when he suffered his desire Nikola neck. Yeah there's -- we get out you know I mean and LB. Of the valley -- -- probably would have dialogue we have what Ellie. How would be something better on the phone can't happen and thank you thank you for preparing. 7:31. AM. Would make room -- intimate group and local want to get more I don't know whether I don't look in. It will not -- a ball back. And each policy now you can be tough -- these you know -- -- -- it's just basically. To make some joke about your life. And about the fact your ironing shirts. Six. I don't -- And get -- and I think. And we can't have. Been doing some commercial endorsements I heard them on. Osama fidelity it was out in my assessment. Here among these immigrant -- he has now so -- really is. Our -- now it is -- he's doing great. -- -- They have called out LB yeah. Yet they are people where they are Eric and he called them both but in very I'd go to get it down. No no you're right I mean he does it I got my campaign launched into the building and asked difficult. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ever get. Buried a go -- it up I went. That's. It would -- And just let them. -- us. People like being mean you know it's -- 24 AM. And how old are Ramallah area and -- voted on -- and been sold out already and -- producing and you don't get it. Thinking little nine Iran after retreating and I am I can't wait this is going to be happening mystery -- -- my XY eighth herbal or France and is it. I. Brilliantly and anti the alimony gather JS dad -- -- -- Some what -- eat grass is he dressing this year is a well adjusted to a child. The -- that's an interesting is that what does -- dressing as this year I he's going to be by you're supposed to be Mario and now he's going to be the white. Ninja quietly get it I don't want you I -- 1 way and I am I apparently my kids for reasons that. -- -- That's reasonable -- I wanna be the white ninja has to be the white ninja. Show -- needs is a -- jog around town and canyon Dojo. Here is Eric hello Eric. Good morning everybody. I concede that -- man pushing LB to work. I like I did it or try on the map on how we looked upon wave and everybody. Without regard. But Texas says in Rick's shop like you'll be boring but I ethical deal with it. Again and which tamale -- for it began. Anybody can do it my own it and polo pony. Well it's easy where are what I would know it might see radar and flight number oh. Severe foot problems. I had just 10 AM. -- -- Related revenue. Could get current. It'll take. May want or -- standard message not Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane sandy. The commissioner me just -- there last night but it was being booed anyway so. And again I don't know what those Miami people are doing about. They got LeBron James LeBron blew off the small market team. Brought him along paid him big money -- bankrupted there nearly bankrupted their whole franchise. And they got there LeBron James on an ally they're -- David -- last night. Thanks forty -- I don't want to have a moment all may I know one course in all it would. I know. Mean it's -- it's one game. If people are unbelievable. -- then everything is negative why -- everybody -- integrity I love ride going into this low level that everybody says and he is I think they're gonna do great this year. And you know yeah and year you're talking about the -- talking about Chicago. And the bulls being either I don't even know if they're gonna have their -- here now that's that that's a -- economy -- I don't -- it when whenever wrote back if they're fine but for the most part. Is. -- wants their vacation is tiring and going as the white guilt of ninja Israelis. Is that what he's going -- the white to heal the media through -- John. Mature and I've heard people suffering from it are actually excited yeah but I I tee up on being obese separate from. And are happy. Yeah. But there are fascia is that's like one part of you put her stamp that. It's I've -- it's due to access exercise -- and so what you get from Alan when I was due on March when I was -- hired over at. Global fitness I had that but you decisive it's not it's not like mommy can't walk yet he's this thing in place. Heals all day today like he can't even move eventually punished by six. Of course. Here's -- Ryan hello Ryan. -- wanna -- -- Riyadh Baghdad in an attempt to get all your attention tonight what's bad stuff but the pseudo family. He whispered an -- here which means cramped pod that it broke the ultimate regret by right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He anonymity hands though he had a -- nine spot that I don't know -- brother and I you know are you are you're not ours Bob none of us are what non Arabs have some -- Afghanistan ever go god. Am sorry I must follow Obama a. 7303. -- -- Halloween. You know isn't -- -- -- a -- LB dressed up as a month after a long and. And you can actually. You know address here accounts that -- is -- if it in. The address their dogs of the -- never looks like it's doing now of course. I was as a plan B they spend -- baby you know an underdog. And -- I don't think we'll spend millions of the cancer I mean if if at Reagan National League and -- throw an orange bow around a black kitten to be cute that -- is that something. -- -- -- What is -- I don't know what is LB Halloween I don't know what we're writing -- Business act. MI out. Him and just let him himself and he's got more coming. He's got more -- this bad humor right coming your way on this morning show. -- -- On the bulk. One thing work and that you -- you know he's a way to create a legal port of actually going. -- -- our panel Oreo. Oreo. The. And just let you guys and everybody on the outcome of the dancers finding any other than any other fathers I have not taken -- -- a win there any fixing going on in. Youth -- in the youth movement. Thanks a lot for participating in this morning during. And Halloween. -- mail segment call 6177795463. In need time to leave your voicemail for they Hill Man Morning Show. Group -- that it Petroleos when we get it's not -- but liked it. An epic that's OK you had no connection -- -- you know. And listen every morning at 750 to hear your message you knob.