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Interview: Three Days Grace singer Adam Gontier, (1/2)

Oct 19, 2012|

Brighton Music Hall. Brighton, MA. Oct. 19, 2012

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I don't it's Mike Hsu on here that -- Conte from Three Days Grace here at the very cozy. Brighton music call and beautiful Alston rock city and Adam thanks for. For joining me today because have been doing this little intimate club tour. Warming up and stuff like that have you played a place the Somalia. Yes yes this is this is the smallest -- relatively Liane I think the smallest. Smallest venue on the tour so far. -- was about 300 capacity. I think they -- in about 500 that was pretty it was pretty net -- for a period. -- and Saint Louis there is Saint Louis was pretty small many of 400 people. Saint Andrews hall industry it was a pretty small thing it's too so. But you know this is one of the smaller smaller engines. We're sure this is because you really you know you guys are you can play like -- theaters you played Arenas but here at the crowds right there you get them. In your face the smells. Yeah that's that's kind of why we're we're doing this you know it's it's a cool thing is we you know to it it just released the record -- out there and play for the you know play for the hardcore fans and just play the new material you know with some old stuff but just in that intimate sending us his -- so. Now -- have a good time in this in this room. -- -- -- sort of a transit of Venus here I was like to guess -- film titles mean -- and I'm. Transit Venus and -- Venus goddess of love. You've been through. A hellish relationship and come on the other side. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well they think they get things that he can take you can take you you can take demeaning anyway want to really at a school it you know you to give me you know going in thought about it that way. Or your super space stance. He had to and no no that's not it either so. No it's it's one of those things. You know play the crazy thing is that album we made our last record there was a rumor going around and we are gonna call record Venus and now it's when we made life starts now last record. And we don't know where the rumor came from and people were just talking about over and over and we we thought about it -- right now. And in this year's the transit of Venus is actually something that happens you know only once and in our lifetime where you know you actually see -- -- past you know -- So it it you know it happened this year on June 5 and that was about the same time that we finish the record and we relief you know we've revealed to you know the release date of the record all that sort of stuff so this year the transit of Venus actually happened on June 5. In it all Signet two two to fall in place you know. And it's it's obviously you know a record that we're never gonna make the end it's you know witnessing -- record there woo woo -- -- points in our lifetime and the -- mean this is something that you know we Ole miss he wants their lifetimes so it I mean it all really just kind of found a place that way we didn't you know we're we didn't. We tried not to over think it too much and making you know like Verizon. Well a diving he had just yet we're not like scientists are evidently has so we're not like we you know we were really. By assisted deuce is an equally everything happens here. That's for some kind of mind and stuff gone right there. And together here. Three it is race may have some kind of clue into the apocalypse which is common in the summer. May -- right here. Clues are in transiting Venus you have to listen closely right there and play backwards and do you know I don't know yeah I get the vinyl -- here.