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Interview: Three Days Grace singer Adam Gontier, (2/2)

Oct 19, 2012|

Brighton Music Hall. Brighton, MA. Oct. 19, 2012

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Aside about -- L wild that were planned a ton cool WA. The video is pretty awesome. Whose idea was that was that it was the -- -- walk into the street but it's also focuses on stuff behind you rate. And it was our idea I mean we were you know we've done so many videos in the past and you know it -- UAW wouldn't have a song you send out you know it's on two different directors and you get them to. To -- you know their ideas back his treatments that I mean you just get the same thing over and over again you get. You know you get. It just really cheesy stories of a band playing on you know. -- -- copper mountain top somewhere in the hands on and it's all you know and lightning so -- done. Yeah it's is so we just we're just we're just tired of like. You you know -- the same sort of treatment and where it was the same thing in there and we've done it so much that we just we just said let's regular cells that we didn't even really have to write it. It was a Sunday Ayers is an idea that we -- and it was it was really simple. You know it was just must walk the streets in the song and you know few things happen and at the end of it won't meet up in her room. Brought down that was it having. So you know we really just came up. That ourselves a little variance girlfriend to those guys ask me ask you know his goal here is surprising -- where chemicals and had a dark and then it goes back in the two guys on the ground and she's going enough it's. Council yeah I used suit. Those guys were actually pretty on the on the set there were pretty that I mean the pretty built in their -- One of them you know the one we had a very it's into the tussle with he was here's pretty surprised at how tough Berry was true musician you know to me is only an. Hi this is who knows how to kill existing. Through and through. So Sunday. You're going to sing the National Anthem you have and Gillette Stadium here. That is not an easy thing to do it's not an easy song. I think Francisco -- he hated singers. And this is kind of -- his love of the country it's silly slipped in lower van Johnson as a competitor again maybe MO you're thinking -- Have you ever done anything like that before meeting candidacy in the Canadian National Anthem. No you know I never have I never have -- hum. The opportunity to sing the national intimate. A couple of hockey games. In Canada come up and I wasn't able to do himself. Actually no I've never never done it before you know and being Canadian singing the star spangled banner is. Pressure. Well I mean you know I don't I don't really I don't really feel too much pressure you know at the moment. You know -- says it's actually America's been amazing to me and the band and our success and everything so I mean. We and we spent all our time here really touring and me in everything so I mean. Is -- is going to be -- -- you know it's an honor to have to be asked to do it and to be able to do and so we'll see how it goes you know hopefully I don't. Hopefully I don't get up -- -- the Canadian one -- -- and you know. You know him. That both things take comfort in the. Fact that you know at least 70% of fans will be. Line drawn at that point there are alienating all day will remain where it is a family friendly atmosphere excellence. Yes it's a conference they'll probably be singing along to so it and -- and that it should be it -- before I'm looking forward to you. You follow American football all. Oh yeah yeah a little bit little bit you know I'm Mormon base full hockey guys myself. But a couple of -- big football guys and you know I am I'm a sports Keller really you know. Follow CFO. Don't know -- really jealous of power and -- Canadians don't think this well it's true -- -- -- teacher and and now we're possibly gonna have some kind of resolution with the -- the lockout hockey -- haven't heard too much about it I heard something yesterday. On the table there's something on the table. I don't know but I heard somebody say that it was a step backwards and I hope that's the case meant leaving your. Well I don't know John thorns duties he's in my house -- on some. Do you know schools here. -- well Adam really appreciate you taking the time -- look here in this tiny little sweaty venue brilliant musical thank you for come of the Boston thank you thanks for doing the national definitely look and then do in the free show also at patriot place. Tomorrow that's going to be funds it was early slightly bigger crowd there get a bigger and hopefully rise so yeah. -- an Angel thanks again thank you appreciate it and -- and 93 days grace.