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Mike Hsu Talks To Dennis Christopher

Oct 18, 2012|

Mike Hsu talks to actor dennis Christopher about his role in Quentin Taratino's new film "Django Unchained" and his first breakthrough movie, Breaking Away".

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Anything from Boston man you really like Boston I love Boston. Fantastic. You've done. A bunch of what really a lot of movies he's done a ton of great television but and you're in a new Clinton into new movie genuine change but really what I wanna talk about is your portrayal of -- wrath. And deep space nine up -- follow. Because I am one of those people. Good for you yeah so I want to spend the next ten minutes -- talking about Star Trek. I'll say. Under the best Baghdad that there. Yeah you've done you've done tons of TV and great some -- on deadwood and succeed under and movies but it really. It all comes back two of kind of goes back to breaking away real and that's what everybody seems the wanna talk about they wanna talk about -- Stoller -- when. My name comes up and and I know you've been asked this a million times but. You know why do people still love that movie in that story. Can be put into a few simple words. You know it was a time -- was a period of time in the late seventies early eighties where they just made and you know look at movies you know. And it was really before a lot of specialist that a lot of PG. And people were telling smaller simpler story. And we just look out you know we had a great group by -- tested and masterful director PA. And they just made an American classic it's funny to -- Europeans would be able to make an American class but I think they have the perspective what ones like. And how much heart areas in the hinterlands of this country. And they were able to get it up on the screen and them it's just a classic I'm very honored and I feel. Very lucky to have an apartment that's great story. Plus an amazing cast yeah so. Well as it turned out yeah -- the chemistry there was was pretty amazing that it wouldn't get issued. For a magazine. -- its weekly. And that we had a reunion. The four of us last. Paul Dooley and Barbara Berry yes and it was just really great -- -- it again it was everybody you know he has the or mentally guys squeezing the cutting teachers apple. Trying to -- -- up there in the photograph but that. It was great to see the guys began handing out and whatever chemistry PDAs put together with the four of us. Actually six including the parent it was just back there again like. Two we just up and running all over again. I was always kind of hoping in this I think you know the more I think about what kind of ruin it but. Like some kind of sequel yeah like Dave Stoller gets to live in Italy in -- a beautiful Italian woman but his son. Wants to be in NASCAR driver. -- up up up up yeah yeah well you know at the end of breaking away you hooked up with the French girl -- let's make this other crazy all over again so. I kept thinking there was going to be some kind of thing that happened in France one -- it. You know listen it was it was perfect the way it is and you know they tried to make it live longer by doing television series about it and you know when I registered for the television if they would just trying to recreate the feeling that we've -- a movie again and again and again and again. That'd take note characters and going further and and I think you know. It's funny everything starts with the word it all starts with the right. And you know we had that going into great way to try to recreate something is. You ever work. Yeah I totally agree completely if you've never really shied away from the challenging roles. You know they're ally -- are completely different and now you're in -- -- Tarantino's new movie and which is genuine change. But watching the trailers for this is a few out there it it's. Kinda comes across similar to what in glorious bastards. Yeah -- in a way it is I mean. I mean if you have to. Break it down write -- at the simplest. English -- with a Jewish revenge fantasy and I guess you could say that -- -- change in the way that slavery. Revenge fantasy. Could gaming flop comes back and turn the tables on everybody -- makes it right. Now the character you play. Is the lawyer to. Leonardo DiCaprio is plantation right. Yeah I'm sort of -- -- area I have -- back to the whole movie. And the guy that does the business and runs all of that aspect the bad patient. We'll see how much -- that do remain in the movie but -- the -- I think it is they convicted him what -- is back and make sure. Turns out okay. Does is any special preparations. For this kind of character. One of the greatest things about being an actor is it was surge that you get to do so. This stuff that you learn. You know it may not appear in the movies but you gotta go you gotta walk into that fully loaded. You've got to know what the mores are of the time you have to know how people speak and time you have to know your history. And you have to know it as if you -- a person living in that time now with the perspective that we have now I mean we can look back and at the antebellum south. And -- You know we have our all of the information that we need about it in my opinion about it all of that kind but to go into it. And to read the material what people were writing about their life in those time. Is so illuminating and it just. It is it is part of the richness of being an artist as being an actor to be able to go back and read that history and then. Make a marriage between bat and the fantastic. Script it couldn't you know. Yes he's he's really is a master dialogue and he also adds that that tennis seventies. Boom boom relaxed -- blaxploitation angle he did that with a glorious bastards -- even though it's a period piece. He slips and a little bit of that funk and there which. Yeah all of it on in this movie is leave me. There's a lot of confidence that he would leader James brown and yet is it your mind. It's amazing how we can just make those two things work somehow. -- had any luck -- gain ground just. Mac and I'm down did you look. You worked with some amazing directors and as to which Robert Altman when -- favorites of all time. And and Frederico Fellini. And I'm -- and a -- -- -- compared them but what did Quinton Tarantino do. To bring out a performance and you are others on the set in and just with -- your experience of these other great directors. -- Arrived on the you know people. I've had questions about him and his crazy in here all over the map that you would expectancy. You know that kind of -- And I think people confuse passion. And great great love. -- being off the law you know I mean is this thing in the crew and some of the the castle on this movie for eleven months and it's a small army of big budget movie. And what walk in there every day with energy and enthusiasm and love what we're he wasn't what he was doing. It justice surrounded everybody fired everybody on the set. Bubble and also created a very. An atmosphere that says that conducive to you being better than you normally would be it's like stepping up to. Join the master. -- stepping up to doing whatever he he did it that director that writer want you to do we need you to do. And while you're surrendering to his vision here also invigorated by his energy. I mean you don't hear the word love bandied around. When people talk about Quentin Tarantino but he's got one of the biggest part -- there. And every day on -- was infused with passion and joy and -- and down you know. I can say that about -- and I can also say that about -- Robert Altman. Bob you know Bob well for me. Those three directors in particular with people that saw something in me ever had to try to help for any of those rule it. You know I would talk to them they would see something in me and -- would bring on board all three of them and them. When people do that -- you when you're not competing for something usually get the best out of a person. That's that's an amazing talent to to just. Talk to someone and say OK they're perfect. -- question has an encyclopedic knowledge. Not only film and television as well and down. You know he wasn't being nice guy when he told me that he's done everything I've ever -- he -- At CNET every keeping the guys that that is the good and the bad because believe me there's been a lot of bread and butter movies in between working with these. Once in a -- time masters and he's seen the good with the bad and he wanted to. So he got it. While they Dennis Christopher thank you it was a real pleasure talking to you and and talking about breaking away and the new one. A genuine chain we're looking forward to that too so thank. My -- and everybody had too much Christmas cookies. And then unwrapped all the present is that the kids in front of the TV and get out there and it Quin Tarantino bat you around their -- -- gangel and change. Because it's the anti Christmas movie that you just cause. It most certainly do and it's not coming for Christmas is that you had to because I'm wrong. It's right they Dennis thanks a -- -- might thank you.