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Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament Talks To Mike Hsu

Oct 15, 2012|

Perl Jam Bassist Jeff Ament talks to Mike Hsu about his new side project RNDM and gives a PJ update.

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They -- in advance of acts. And I'm listening to all weekend and I love it oh it's it's fantastic musically and much different from. Your other side projects. That's different from three efficient -- mountains. Yet its power trio. Like those others of what brings you back to that formation. I think I think because in in in the big band Pearl Jam it's it's 560s. Stuff but I think. It's just you know kind of grass is greener for a little bit of time you know like -- go the other side there's -- days -- And you know we're recording. It was kind of a concerted effort to. Keep this from glaring things too much in the try to keep the space in there and be fine with it just being drums -- got an impartial or something -- Wanna ask you about the -- you spent four days recording acts Zaria. And numb. I read in the bio on on the website that. You told drummer Richard that looked. We're just going to be Joseph Arthurs band at first lead until Joseph that so you kind of kept that from him why did you do that. I don't know what it it was just something that I was. Trade really premeditated. I think. I don't think any of -- really knew how we -- gets started in and I thought that might be a good way to get started to see if he had any songs and he did. I mean I think each span NGOs and they have all like thirty of his records her husband whatever it is. And I'd never heard of him until I -- acts and and read about him and then I went looking for some of his music he does have a lot of stuff out there. Yeah yeah yeah incredibly prolific and and I think the one thing that I I always wanted to hear from from from him is just perhaps some teams that. Maybe rock -- more maybe you know and about maybe that might be. You know. And might put him in a might put us in in this situation that we've never been before because he has such a pop sensibility in. The combination of kind of way you're right and the way that Richard and I can play together I -- and things of that that was that was Naomi angle on an initially missed. Maybe put ourselves in a place that where all streets that are bad for. Make a little more spontaneous. -- Yeah I guess that that lends itself to the power trio too when you only have three people to bounce off of. Yeah and I was not trying to make that trio sound big you know and so -- like that so is that the hard thing you know like. That definition -- And that -- the local stations that your. And another thing I -- ask is what's up with news if you go to randomness. Website and you'll see it's R&D M. Not spell out throw all caps like it's being shouted out yeah. What's -- the orange. That was kind of well -- and I pretty much every day sheets some crazy idea back and forth to each other and and that was kind of one of the ideas that stuck so we've you know it is ideas. You know at some point when either either with -- you know -- photography here videos there which means that these votes that we. We somehow. Saturate the screens. Completely complete origin and yeah that that's kind of been is that the whole project -- might just throw crazy ideas back and forth and trying to make each other comfortable on and and so if you let you know in the videos like. It's basically like scared after barely -- -- which Avery had or maybe that the -- -- -- shape part sir it. And so that that's kind of what it's just been a big creative. Scare the whole project. Kelly -- before kind of taking a sells out you're safe place. A throwing you guys and you're cells in the water and seeing what happens. It comes -- very gang life especially with the the ski masks. To an -- little little Devo wish. That's. You know I think all that all those bands that seemed like games to -- you are -- always like my -- -- the clash captured these our. You know guys it. Look like they're having a lot of fun together and has to be creative melting pot that was happening that's. And we really only been in the same room together for 78 days we made the record for four days and then we we're in New York for three days -- -- didn't start in Libya's and it's pretty early and that honeymoon and so we'll see you. What it's like pointed to her. Yeah I was gonna say so you know because is shows like he's in New York you're your Montana. Yeah this is Richard when he got there is he in there Richardson Richardson Oakland coach sees. Sure all over the place so you you'll find out what it's like to be in close quarters here in the next few weeks so by the time he gets the paradise Airbus and hopefully won't be trying to kill each other. Not only get an early you know before linemen about four. It is there anyone else in the future I know you're just starting this now so maybe too early to ask this but is anyone as they're like a bucket list of people. But you would like to work with maybe start bands with a few projects with. I think there's off and you know there's all kind of people I mean you wherever you are right and somebody's assistant. Really creative streak in them -- -- or maybe there's somebody that. You know they feel like he did. You know question. Just ever so slightly in different directions just. Usually it it takes me seeing. You know like I've seen -- probably a dozen times -- -- years and every time. Almost every time religious and so once Amazon banned it in the back my head I'd start. Bigger records and please keep pecking away and eventually they gave him. I just kept saying make your voice is so -- like it doesn't need to be -- you just don't need to you know like you so much texture and so much soul records. But wouldn't you know that I think in that regard it's sort of like putting on a little bit like producer patents saying. You know let's try something different here and and and me included you know like. Like that's kind of where it's all about this point. Involved making 2030 years decent. Some things makers in view of them comfortable and sometimes. Something great -- this record felt that way it after the first day it was like while this is really easy. And it's not making music easy you know really great physicians great chemistry -- Yeah -- chemistry that's really what it's all about. In the chemistry assembly should do it just trusting. Just not not feeling like you have to get yours here. Whatever you're that you're there kind of for the the greater did you know whatever whether hearings songs. That's so cool about this thing really wasn't any. I don't think anybody had any predispose. Ideas when it was going to be there wasn't anything. Done. This just knew completely you know. I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't ask just a couple of Pearl -- questions care if I could. Last night read I think was Mike McCready said this recording of new stuff is on hold right now. And -- that's that's pretty much worth that we're we don't really have any dates. Planned. You know we're I think we're talking about maybe turn. These you know these things and whispering that I think by the time it. And in -- sound garden stone Bratt and news and them I think it and we're done. Will probably just wanna take. A month there. Month and a half off a -- for everything and in I would guess at some point first year. But I expect pro am we always we. Once the ball starts rolling there's such a schedule there's a year two years schedule they -- looking at and so whenever we get property and not have schedules are so. Grades not having. Anything planned -- We're kind of at that point right now like in terms -- -- and I think. Only don't think it. That's up is gracious South America march. And you can move your own pace pretty much you even have a label now do you. Now well I mean mean we have we have a label overseas but. Yeah -- I mean it's -- position that you always wanted to be -- when you were finally able. There's a lot of -- -- kitchen telling supposed to be making records into earnings it's and so we've had a salon that we can. Kind of know or actor and management everything organizing things they can know or actor and so. Kind of at this point we're we're just happy not having things that are not have much schedule so. You guys still -- you still have some proof. Despite your your great success as far as Pearl Jam goes. -- you know I think it's. I think as long as you don't ever play. Quit the business we're a period of time. I always feel like we still haven't made her best record we had. -- press honor. Any kind of like -- hope that he your like Neil young and here. You know in -- sixties in years ago. Making your record likely noise or something yeah still in Macon and it isn't good news and some super exciting. At the bit that that's that assesses that and that is that it keeps me interested like if it was just. Touring in. You know and play in the -- adulation and all that's I don't really care much but that's I mean I bailout plan I love playing Nissan. But is that the best thing that keeps me gone like getting back -- these guys. In music. And and finally are a music director. -- talked to Matt couple weeks ago and asked in the same question. So you guys a price -- back together you said may be beginning of the year. Maybe. Have something a little later in the years -- gardens not gonna tore right away for their new album coming out. Wondering any possibility of Pearl Jam sound garden string of shows. Maybe -- Temple of the Dog thing thrown in there. I it does not be possible. You know what physically I don't know how Mac and nine and they -- And I injure ago played for four hours site may have goes thank. Sit down folk music he could probably get that yeah it's not it's not a walk in the park in I mean it's special you know probably him I mean. It's twofold like this -- step is really physical and with facets. It's psychological forwards like okay. We have a 130 side there were playing we don't know which ones are going to and right yeah. That's the part that that's the part of us that is and occasionally going to be. Yeah I don't -- -- any. Will it be possible I mean I'd -- you know on paper are sounds awesome I mean. Nothing relative to those guys you know it's I would that would be that's Matt yeah that's been that's been so incredibly solid like. That must try to most solid and neither. -- dislike. He just brings it every now today I wouldn't want to put that in jeopardy. Right absolutely. All right Jeff thank you very much appreciated. Just new band is called bullets announced random but it's R&D M all caps the album -- comes out on the thirtieth. Yet on the thirtieth. And is highly recommended by me if that means anything so I appreciate you calling them a problem thanks marriage affect you if it.