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Miss Mantown: Ashley Alexiss

Oct 15, 2012|

Miss Mantown: Ashley Alexiss

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. And I am trying to tweet this picture right now. The miss mantown where are they now segment we're about to get. -- -- yourself hopefully that is not going to you on Twitter. Greg he'll WA AF Greg -- WA AF. Follow me on Twitter -- -- and I think we may the big controversy in mean. It is whether or not they're going to release the names. Of the men who were having sex with these -- instructor up -- -- -- -- And allow actors we make columns at times I think we may call up there -- a little bit. And try to see if we can get an update on what's going on up and the main with the zoo mobile and a has I believe we've discussed snow week or so ago the -- box but now. -- With us an old friend and old miss mantown analysts say hello -- you're not old. But Ashley Alexis here now Mario and Gregory Craig to CO yeah I'm hoping that this picture that is created went through -- -- follow along try to do too many things are yet to an -- -- -- You -- go where you miss mantown. Imus meant -- September for this year so it was a year ago that we had nearly a year year and a half ago whatever and a photo shoots and everything else. And you've gone on to -- realize your dream of getting. Getting in the Playboy. Yes Angela came in last time I won the title of the social February for Playboy. And now they came out listing in international version they by South Africa but a whole contest and now income hundreds of women and I runway 25% of them 40000 votes when. -- US economy and -- Mandela in the photo issue with the you're not. -- now gone. Not no no no he doesn't you know Nelson Mandela he doesn't know that I actually got a seven. Page pictorial out of it mentally -- can actually see that on my FaceBook fan page you can't tell I think -- they their innocence in nudity now it's it's none and I think I'm the only persons -- as many of the Libyan Playboy toys and not let you know. We -- Louisiana as a nation where I didn't -- I -- 100 aren't through live with. But I'm an unconventional and you'll beat him none. Com -- Or now if Playboy decides it that they want you who this obviously is as centerfold and you wouldn't. How -- -- not go yeah actually I wouldn't take off and my mom is to become. They announced that they come to me I don't that they come -- yeah I wanna come to them. Yeah I mean I I've enjoyed what I've done with them safari now. Going international of them being known as global mean I got -- -- that on there. Say for work website the smoking jacket the patriots fans Alexis goes global nothing. But you want to ask you want them to come to you and -- taken off and we'll pay you some nudging you know I'm actually paid to do that. Like what's your what's the minimum. What's -- with what's the minimum you look at the numbers -- -- on the attack and you know it's funny story and yeah yeah. Downstairs Ingraham G out of the bank machine for -- -- -- and I don't know yeah. You know evidence tried people. Look at refineries from breast cancer -- speaking and the actually -- -- -- you. What tells a little bit about cleavage for the -- yes cleavage for the cure so. And July and actually June I decided to get my group's done and it's and they rise since I was 16 I am very happy and it and it. And I have. Hundreds of -- and -- shot and that I'm never gonna get to learn and accused on link. You know well at least they're throwing them out in a fairly now but -- -- -- I want it I think -- -- thinking. Why I signed them and auction them off funny guy and you know include the photo of me in the bra yeah so I started it on Monday. The first -- auction last night for 450 dollars now it's time. And our ideas. -- -- -- there. Women even when doing it that what I'm doing is heard the majority of every dollar and donating it towards Susan G komen for the care it's it's. Awesome and I actually found out that you know if you you found me and -- -- -- -- crazy I've basically never sleep in them and trying to get it -- and and it -- international science and it's. I was very -- -- particularly. -- you know these are criminals and that the jerseys and you have to some -- -- you won them yes -- Did you -- That's they're trailing -- I'm in like it's and I shot -- and and the neat idea so many photo shoots in and one out tanner Brock or anything like fat cell as public shoot at them it's it's a lot of fun and it you know it's really cool now is that. A lot of the girls on Twitter getting involved you know I have I have a large following sound I'll say not a retreat ill. And my whole Twitter as well cleavage shots so yeah I mean -- deployment for everybody. You know unit after this you can do what you can do dumb person for -- and you can do panties. -- -- What are you suggesting that after asking answer. Actress just ask you raising money in the same I think with the one. Wouldn't want idea of the pack and so what size are your rest now the new ones. I Amy 36 double -- now double standards -- I honestly it's the and the best -- -- and it was something I did for me yeah and on how much how much -- -- -- how much where that. Then there right now I would imagine ten grand 868600. Dollars. And five cents to you know he 600 dollars while Spanish had a -- to Philadelphia for an -- simple now they going and under the move away I actually got -- and demand that. Through your arm and so they blew the C leaning in through the time. Yeah it was like it was the weirdest saying you know what I went in there I -- -- -- -- and joining as we know that appointments I have this thing until pat. And brought in with me again don't ever have ever had surgery. And I -- like can -- hold him like. No problem mom Mike like I had a walk myself into the operating room and I am laying there with my penguin like. But carrying -- -- I wake up and he's still there my own. But he's only been up there yeah. I was sitting for -- -- -- -- -- and I day and any difference when it comes to sensitivity. Now I'm actually it's really important sense that. In and so you know happened there and loses and I think Iraq at all times. And they interact all time. That they have to Alter the nipple at all. They would keep the -- sing yeah yeah. I am I love them now Austin my name and -- going Chanel. I don't know Coco which it which is which left there and we hope Kaiser idol goes around lunch and Els club and it contains an respected -- the equipment that. All right so if they have one would like to buy your abroad. And help raise money cleavage for the cure what's the best way to do it should they follow you on Twitter. I'm you can follow me on Twitter you can follow me on -- that actually Alexis to asses and it was emphasized accent and it was it's one we heard but yeah and he could also go on. And typing cleavage to secure clean hands for the cure it comes right up and I mean any questions that you have. Hopped you know answer them and -- hopefully. You know other models and stuff like that that have done the same thing I eventually want it to be. You know I think -- meals -- liberty broad thing I mean Danielle critical this this is coming in I say I did I was cleaning -- -- and -- if -- you with all of these and you know -- it's it's gotten like wildfire expert at it matters is what is it and I didn't expect is to be as. Amazing as that is written text assists for 8600 they should -- -- real -- penguin at the end of the. If they get fat and all my god us. Anyone knows like I mean I said OK I needed in a Playboy now can have a -- -- -- Here's a Texas does not much for -- on the 1 AM on right now and I. -- -- they'll be losing my I have fun and a half -- Oops -- and donors telling. Didn't mind hands celebrity's. Does the Brad -- They're great they're a victory seeger or accurate to cut sizes. And I was -- abandon its. Right -- -- FDA by gentlemen have de Yang the bra on mum on the frame. Now my tennis. Just says that they thought Playboy didn't do fake breasts but they do right -- I don't discredit instantly. -- but that and a certificate. He's just also based on -- and I'm also hosting a nighttime that rain nightclub called -- for a carrots also for Susan G. Komen. Until local artists. President item nine. I'd deluxe and entertainment are all putting us on I'm hosting it. I think I'm -- I'm hoping that I have my Playboy and magazines. And I'm gonna probably signed summon an offer you know whatever money and the confidence what's what's the date of that October 20 fed up to green and mold and excellent well. We a delighted that you've gone from being September this this year's September used mantown. On to Playboy. Hopefully porn is not that far away. Never and I could never you never known him. Let's talk I can I am right now I have that I -- -- let me get a cardboard box that my pillow pet penguins did it. Look at -- that support them but instructor and yet. She blacked out into get a -- and hi Tom it's great to see you thank somebody I think that's. So check out I mean it's salute you all kidding aside it's really really important October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It's really it's really really important to yes self exam or -- may be LB LB was -- he did my disappointment for and I mean for grass and I -- yeah. -- -- -- -- You know every time these are that if you put my -- on the Internet. And I'll listen thank you ash Ashley Alexis Richard -- all right.